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My Architecture Portfolio 2015


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This is a mini portfolio of Architectural projects I have designed and developed from the initial thoughts and ideas of what a development and it's buildings can be, what style, what look is most appropriate for the site, the city, the region, the context: traditional or contemporary or a blend of both; what are my options, what do they look like, what is best and why? This is the essence of my design process and it is not complete until ideas are more fully developed through the masterplanning, site planning and Conceptual Design process: integrally, intimately, drawn, modeled, studied. So, just as in mathematics, you have your variables and constants, your knowns and unknowns, for each project and you have your formula for discovery, for the solution. My projects are a reflection of these considerations and each represents a unique solution, compatible and complimentary, for each site.

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My Architecture Portfolio 2015

  1. 1. 原餐饮立面设计 original restaurant elevation scheme
  2. 2. 9 号会议中心概念设计历程 1 9# conference center design progress
  3. 3. 9# conference center perspective