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Cross-Country Roadtrip with Mazda


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New digital strategy for Mazda to help gain awareness of the what it means to be "The New Mazda"

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Cross-Country Roadtrip with Mazda

  1. 1. Big Idea and Target Audience Mazda is a company that has been experiencing a serious upshift in profits and success as a global brand in the auto industry.This has been accomplished through the change of their entire marketing campaign and change of slogan to, “Driving Matters”.This campaign is designed to target a particular psychographic, referring to those who truly enjoy the art and experience of driving and have an emotional connection to their vehicle. This is opposite to the normal demographic targeting that most brands use when selecting a target audience. The big idea for the digital strategy I have created is to maintain the success that Mazda has already created with their creative marketing campaign, while adding a new twist to social media and internet marketing to attract even more eyes to this newly reinvented brand. My idea will include a cross country tour with a small group of promoters and salespeople that will visit different spots around the country and post their
  2. 2. experience to social media and the website. Others will be able to post their experiences as well and it will become an interactive campaign to gain awareness. In essence,bringing “Driving Matters” to life with the help of Internet marketing and new media. Social Media and Website As it pertains to social media, Mazda has been successfulin reaching the audience they were looking for and raising awareness of their brand. Although it is not always a good idea to use a lot of pictures to get the message across,Mazda’s social media is mainly catchy pictures that brings emotion out of the viewer and for that reason I think they do a great job of using social media to their advantage.This tactic is not always the best idea with the older generation and for that reason they have chosen to use reviews, new technology,and Mazda’s roles in giving back to reach this crowd. This idea is brilliant because although they are targeting a specific psychographic,they haven’t neglected the importance of different demographics. Their website is straightforward and allows future customers to navigate through their selection with the least restrictions. They use a red color scheme which is represent love and emotion and use tags like “explore” and “learn more” make answering questions really easy with just a simple click. In terms of SEM and SEO I would use their website as a landing page but customize the page that allows you to create a name for your current or future vehicle that will making shopping more fun and a more emotional experience. Internet Marketing, Blogs, Email This is where Mazda needs to be careful. It is tough to set up blogs,emails and other internet marketing without coming across as annoying or creating clutter for those you are trying to reach, especially in the auto industry. Through the landing page I was referring to before, I would put a small info box that will allow people to sign up through email and ask to join Mazda’s blog. The information being sent through email and posted in blogs would not be the usual clutter that most brands send out in bulk but instead an interactive, personalway for people to receive deals and details on the product line while keeping the vibe loose and casual. This can be accomplished through telling stories about the individual’s experiences with their car (Mazda or not), creating a positive environment for online shoppers.Also,websites like and are a couple websites that men and women visit respectively. This would be a great place for many of the Internet ads that could boost Mazda’s exposure. Travel sites are also a good idea to advertise on, due to the heavy amount of users looking to travel, which is who Mazda is trying to attract. Show Me The Money! Many competitors in the auto industry have been upping the Annie when it comes to advertis ing spending. Each of the last three years has shown skyrocketing increases in spending that Mazda must be able to compete with. I have chosen to go with 10 million of ad spending,an area Mazda has been neglecting for many years but now understands the importance of. Each quarter I plan to see a 1% increase in exposure and sales to make sure that Mazda is on the constant climb to bridge the gap to the “big money” powerhouses in the auto industry.This means yearly, Mazda will be up 4-5% from the year before, a substantialjump. How Will We Know That It’s Working? To start, Mazda has been able to see their success through sales that have been skyrocketing since the brand reinvented itself in 2013. This would be a valuable tool when seeing if the campaign is working because if they are buying, that means they like what they’re seeing. Also, Mazda can see how many clicks have been assigned to each of their platforms and monitor their success and views by the patterns in clicks on each one. The Timeframe will be lengthy to fully capture what the campaign is trying to achieve. The most
  3. 3. important time to launch this campaign would be during the summer months when the weather is the nicest in most states (June-August).