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Sustaining a social media presence


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Manage Personal Brand Via LinkedIn and using Plum Analytics

Published in: Education
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Sustaining a social media presence

  1. 1. Sustaining a Social Media Presence In Higher Education Leadership
  2. 2. Personal Brand • Brand is in the eye and emotion of the beholder • Your brand exists despite your best efforts • You can promote your brand, and influence it, but your stakeholders define your brand • Need to go where your stakeholders are
  3. 3. Higher Ed Leaders • Students • Faculty • Other Higher Ed Administrators/Leaders • Alumni/Donors • Corporate & other employers • Need to go where your stakeholders are
  4. 4. Stakeholders Use Social Media • Students – Use Twitter, Instagram, Google, Wikipedia • Faculty – Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google • Alumni – Use all of these, depending on age
  5. 5. Stakeholders Use “Old” Media • Students – TV, newspapers • Faculty – Scholarly journals, times cited, impact factors • Alumni – Newspapers and magazines, web sites, TV, radio
  6. 6. LinkedIn as Branding Tool • LinkedIn is your contemporary CV • Dynamic • Multifaceted • Who You Are • What You Do Now • What You Can Do • Who You Know
  7. 7. Show Your “Traditional” Professional and Educational Experience
  8. 8. LinkedIn Enables Us to Brand By Showing Who We Belong To, Who We Follow and Who We Know
  9. 9. LinkedIn Presents Your Skills, Publications and Academic Experience
  10. 10. Managing Your Brand • You need to be found to maintain your brand • As an educator, you write for publication and distribution • You need to know where you are appearing • Traditional metrics (print journal and times cited) are not enough • Need to measure non-traditional or alternative metrics
  11. 11. Alt Metrics • Measure presence in traditional and “alternative” locations – Cited in scholarly media – Mentions in press – Tweets – Reposts
  12. 12. • Usage - clicks, downloads, views, library holdings, video plays • Captures - bookmarks, code forks, favorites, readers, watchers • Mentions - blog posts, comments, reviews, Wikipedia links • Social media - +1s, likes, shares, Tweets • Citations - PubMed Central, Scopus, USPTO The Plum Print Tracks Your Presence in All Media
  13. 13. Personal Brand • Traditional Metrics + Alt Metrics = All Metrics • Fill the channels to promote your brand • Manage the channels to manage your brand • You can’t manage what you can’t measure • Alt Metrics are a measurement tool Measure Manage