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Whatever You Do Don't Stop; A Case For Continuing Marketing Through These Crazy Times


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We’ve got ideas and resources to help execute them. The only path is forward, let’s be proactive in this time and lay the foundation for our future together. Could you revolutionize your business by having a digital imprint worthy of your venture? We’re here to help with professional expert support – better yet – Digital Marketing Superheroes!

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Whatever You Do Don't Stop; A Case For Continuing Marketing Through These Crazy Times

  1. 1. Whatever You Do, Don’t Stop! ‘A Case For Continuing To Market Through These Crazy Times’ Co-Hosted By:
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Strategist, Joe has been helping businesses “Be Seen” and “Be Heard” for more than 20 years. Industries Served: Service Hospitality Manufacturing Not-for-Profit Publishing Memberships: Crossroads Chamber Valparaiso Chamber Crown Point Chamber Arlington Heights Chamber The GOA Regional Business Association Crises Survived To Date: Ebola H1N1 Great Recession Challenger COVID-19 My Why:
  4. 4. Agenda: -Crisis Communications -Social Media Opportunities -Things You Can Do To Help Your Online Presence -Industry Specific Examples *Service *Restaurant *Manufacturing -Q&A 312-339-9359 #WYDDS #BeSeen #BeHeard #InThisTogether
  5. 5. Crisis Communications: Remember; Times Change 312-339-9359 The crisis affects you, it’s not about you Assume your message will be drowned out; choose carefully Customers aren’t concerned with your challenges; it’s about them Remember what you say will live forever; Be Mindful
  6. 6. How to Plan For a Crisis in a Crisis 312-339-9359 • Is it a priority? • Does your customer need it? • How will it be remembered? • Do you have a plan? • • How will you measure?
  7. 7. Communication Responsibilities Who is the face of your organization? Is there a Marketing/communications Team? Who can say what? Have you communicated to your employees about what they can/can’t say? Think of the tone of your communications. Is Legal Involved? 312-339-9359
  8. 8. Are You Prepared To Respond? How will you respond? Are you monitoring your brand? Do key communicators have access? Are customer lists up to date? Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Home Page 312-339-9359
  9. 9. • Be honest and transparent • Ask for help (be vulnerable) • Know your audience • Focus on them • Choose your path: • Informative • Responsive • Humorous What to Say? 312-339-9359
  10. 10. Review • Proofread for spelling/contextual errors • Past Communications on the topic? Are they tasteful? • Cancel non-relevant posts • Avoid the following: • Taking advantage of the crisis • Being tone deaf to audience • Politically charged messages • Unauthorized employee cmnctn. • Overcommunication • Don’t Let Fear Take Over 312-339-9359
  11. 11. Things Are Looking Up! Social Opportunity
  12. 12. What’s App has seen a 40% increase: Coronavirus sparks huge jump in social media use, study finds: study-finds/1677276 The coronavirus pandemic drove life online. It may never return: never-return-n1169956 Snap Reports Usage Boost From Covid-19 With Increased Engagement: covid-19-with-increased-ad-engagement Facebook Focusing on Live Streaming As Usag Spikes During COVID-19 Lockdowns: on-live-streaming-as-usage-spikes-during-covid-19-lockdowns/357884/#close • Lest We Be Accused of Sounding Like a Broken Record • Our Stance: More Social Is Good • Why: The more people who know what you’re doing, the better 312-339-9359
  13. 13. What Can We Do? 312-339-9359 #WYDDS #BeSeen #BeHeard #InThisTogether
  14. 14. Do It Yourselfer’s Rejoice Here’s 10 Things You Can Do Now To Take Advantage: 1. Update your website 2. Install Google Analytics 3. Create a Faceook Company Page 4. Claim Your Google My Business Profile 5. Create a Twitter Account 6. Create an Instagram Business Profile 7. Create a LinkedIn Company Page 8. Film a short, live video 9. Start a Youtube Channel for your Business 10. Go Live on Facebook Stories 312-339-9359
  15. 15. Do It Yourselfer’s Rejoice (cont’d) Here’s More Things You Can Do Now To Take Advantage: • Research and use a hashtag relevant to your business • Post an article on your company blog page, include the link in a post • Run an ad for your business on facebook • Run an ad for your business on Google Ads • Start a Hootsuite Account Download a Bingo Card with all items listed at: 312-339-9359
  16. 16. Industry’s Getting It Right Service Restaurant Manufacturing 312-339-9359
  17. 17. Service: Printing HVAC Auto Repair VOIP Signs • Contactless Service • Online Order • Touchless Payment • Cutting non-necessity service • Pickup/Delivery 312-339-9359
  18. 18. Restaurants • Carry Out • Touchless payment options • Gift card promos • Liquor delivery (make your own Marg) • Meal Kit Delivery (pizza night DIY)
  19. 19. Manufacturing • Adding/Subtracting Shifts • Altered Capabilities • Repurpose Staff • Essential Business • Inventory Review (what can we make?) • For more success stories:
  20. 20. Q&A 312-339-9359
  21. 21. “We run on dues, sponsorships, and events. We cannot market events that we have yet to reschedule.” 312-339-9359
  22. 22. “How often to provide content and what are people looking for most?” 312-339-9359
  23. 23. “Getting the message to the correct audience since we are a very unique and specific service provider.” 312-339-9359
  24. 24. “…not being able to complete cold calls and get out to my market and get new business?” 312-339-9359
  25. 25. Q&A 312-339-9359 Download your Bingo Card here:
  26. 26. #WYDDS #BeSeen #BeHeard #InThisTogether