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033021 jrs making_socialwork

It’s time for businesses to take a strategic look at their marketing activities with an eye towards analysis. Intended to support and educate business owners, the webinar is intended to provide immediate, actionable ideas small business owners can use to improve their online marketing.

The webinar will focus on the importance of a strong social media presence for small and medium sized businesses. It will cover key basics, including:
• How to leverage social media to generate web traffic
• The essentials of professional digital profiles
• What your online presence says about your business
• Ensuring your business can be found online
• The importance of a mobile responsive website
• Social Sharing

Learn how Social Media can impact sales strategy and lead to greater awareness, serve as a tool to educate buyers, expedite the purchase cycle and ultimately increase referrals. Or just turn your existing customers into well trained advocates as part of your sales force.

Ways to implement measurable campaigns including:
• Increasing Average Order Size
• Increasing Purchase Frequency
• Improving Conversion Rate
• Encourage Sharing

If you have yet to give Social Media for your business a shot, or have had missteps in the past, this is a can't miss conversation. Come with your stories of social media success and/or missteps. We will discuss ways to improve your results or launch your first campaign. We will share some of our own!

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033021 jrs making_socialwork

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS: • Who • Service • Product • Not-for-profit • D2C • What • Paid • Organic • When/Where • Why • Social media targeting • Follow your customers • How • Customer journey mapping (Awareness, Evalu, Interest, Decision) Follow us @jrsmarcom
  2. 2. Q: Who is on Social? A: Your Customers
  3. 3. Who Does Social Work For? • Business to Business • Business to Consumer • Direct to Consumer • Advocacy Groups • Nonprofits
  4. 4. What Is Our Purpose? Organic Goals and Paid Goals
  5. 5. Organic Goals: Engagement Increase Audience Increase Msg. Frequency Customer Service
  6. 6. How To: Organic Social Media Cost: Time (20 min/day) • Like, Comment or Share on pages of interest to your target audience • Engage in Groups of relevance to your target audience • Actively participate in the communication surrounding topics of interest to your brand • Curate News Feed • Messenger Outreach • Ask questions • ‘atta boy/girl • State an opinion
  7. 7. Create
  8. 8. Paid Goals: Awareness (1st brand exposure) Increase Audience (Likes) Retargeting/Remarketing (pixels) Targeted Frequency
  9. 9. How To: Paid Social Media Cost: $$$ • Select a Goal • Awareness • Engagement • Likes • Video views/app installs/messages • conversions • A/B Test Creative • Action Based Viewing (web visit/video view) • Pic the Winners and Double Down
  10. 10. Social Targeting Facebook Objectives LinkedIn Objectives
  11. 11. Create Follow us @JRSMARCOM
  12. 12. When Do I Start?
  13. 13. ?’s To Ask For When? Is there seasonality to your business? Have you run similar promotions in prior years? Do you have data? Google Analytics Prior Paid Ad Spend Have conditions inside your business changed? New Staff New Product or Service Are sales Up/Down? Do you know why? Have you developed a strategy? (Trend Report, Search Term: Golf Cart)
  14. 14. No Time Like The Present Follow: @jrsmarcom Call: 312-339-9359 Visit:
  15. 15. Where Do I Start?
  16. 16. Project Strategy Map • Keywords • Geography • Business Description • Products/Services Offered • Competition • Goals/Measurement • Which Social Media • Etc… • 2020_v2.pdf
  17. 17. Start With The Why?
  18. 18. Domestic Social Media Use is expected to grow to almost 260 million users by 2023 Social media usage accounts for 21.4 percent of total mobile minutes in the US. https/number-of-social-network-users-in-the-united-states • It’s measurable • Relative to other media, it’s cost effective • It works!
  19. 19. Transformative Technology hit-50-million-users/
  20. 20. 06/12/19 SOURCE:
  21. 21. Where Are Your Clients and Prospects? SOURCE: social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/
  22. 22.
  23. 23. In Summary: How Do I Make Social Media Work?
  24. 24. Start With A Plan • Website Built/Designed with Conversion Action • Social Media Channels Established That Meet Demographic Goals • Frequent Engagement • Content that grabs attention shared across multiple channels • Remarketing/Retargeting • Optimizing Funnel By The Data • project-strategy-map-fillable-2020_v2.pdf
  25. 25. Visual of Plan
  26. 26. Don’t Get Overwhelmed Start With a Plan. Who Maintains Your Website? Do You Know Any Creatives? What Are Your Goals? Do You Have a Budget? Where Are Your Clients?
  27. 27. QUESTIONS? Next Event: 05/25 SEO: Online Community Building 9:00 – 10:30AM @JRSMARCOM