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Evolution of the Bush Brand


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Over more than 35 years and seven of the last 10 presidential campaigns, the Bush family has built its family name into an enduring, globally known brand. But note the radical change this year: Instead of continuing to focus on the Bush name with the familiar colors, Jeb Bush's campaign identity actually tries to be a new brand extension with its red Jeb! (with an exclamation point) moving in a new direction, looking very different than the Bush brand voters have grown used to. Note the 1980 slogan and colors used by Reagan-Bush (Make America Great Again) has been appropriated by frontrunner Donald Trump). One result: poll numbers for George W. Bush have climbed since the Paris terrorist attacks while Jeb Bush's numbers have continually fallen since Trump entered the race. Turning Jeb! into its own brand extension hasn't helped him. Trump routinely criticizes the Jeb! brand (calling Bush Jeb while other candidates are called by their last names) even as other contenders praise Jeb Bush's brother and father for their presidencies.

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