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AfSAE Speaker Summaries


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Speakers from the AfSAE Education Day

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AfSAE Speaker Summaries

  1. 1. 124 MAIN ST. ● JOHANNESBURG 2107 ● SOUTH AFRICA ● FAX +27 86 664 9767 WEB: HTTP://WWW.AFSAE.ORG/ Speaker Bio Summaries Trends and Best Practices in International Association Meetings Site Selection – Key Findings from the recent ETC/UNWTO Study Bruce Redor, GE Based in Paris, Bruce Redor is an Anglo-American who has seen his international career develop over a 25-year period in a variety of sectors within the hospitality and services industries.He hasledseveral consultingprojectsacrossEurope,RussiaandSouthAfrica. Bruce has Master'sdegree fromU.C.Berkeleyandcame toFrance as Directorof Marketing at the American Hospital of Paris. He then joined the CEGOS Consulting Group in Paris, leadingprojectsinstrategicplanningandmarketingformulti-national corporations. Best Practices/African Models Concurrent Sessions Governance and Strategy – it Still Starts at the Top Ibrahim Bangura, ABPSF (bio) KelvinEsiasa, ZSPA KelvinEsiasais the foundingchairmanfor Zambia SocietyforPublicAdministrationand Family Business Society. The Zambia Society for Public Administration is a nonprofit organizationformedtopromote networkingamongpublicadministratorsinZambia Kelvinhas BA (Hon) Business Management,Universityof Sunderland,UK;Postgraduate Diploma from Chartered institute of Marketing, UK; Master in Business Administration (MBA), Cavendish University, Zambia and is a PhD candidate in Public Policy and Administration(PolicyAnalysis) atWaldenUniversity,USA.
  2. 2. 124 MAIN ST. ● JOHANNESBURG 2107 ● SOUTH AFRICA ● FAX +27 86 664 9767 WEB: HTTP://WWW.AFSAE.ORG/ Megan Kuhman, ASAE Megan E. Kuhman, M.Ed, CAE is the senior manager of global development at ASAEin Washington, D.C. Ms. Kuhman works with U.S. associations, executives and suppliers/industrypartnersdesiringtodobusinessoutside of the U.S.She alsoassistsnon- U.S. association professionals who wish to establish business relations and learn about products,servicesandopportunitieswithinASAE. Ms. Kuhman has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Education from Old Dominion University, School of Arts and Letters. She obtained her Certified AssociationExecutive (CAE) designationthroughthe AmericanSocietyof AssociationExecutivesinJanuary,2015. Ms. Kuhmanvolunteerswiththe GirlScoutsof Americaandavarietyof civicandcommunity service organizations. Diran Onifade,AFSJ NigeriantelevisionjournalistDiranOnifade isthe immediatepastpresidentof the African Federationof Science Journalists. GreggTalley,TMG Gregg has a broad range of experience and over 29 years within the Association/Event ManagementIndustry.PriortofoundingTALLEYMANAGEMENTGROUP,INC.(TMG),Gregg worked in a DMO. Since inception TMG has grown to over 40 national and international clients,the majorityof whichare inhealthcare.TMGprovidesfull associationmanagement services, strategic facilitation, consulting and a host of contract services. . For 30 years Gregg has personallymanagedone of the largestconventioneventsinNorthAmerica,the 50,000+ (11,000 peak room nights) attendee International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymousandotherlarge complex citywide events.WithofficesinSouthernNewJersey and Washington,DC,TMG, has 50+ full time professionals.
  3. 3. 124 MAIN ST. ● JOHANNESBURG 2107 ● SOUTH AFRICA ● FAX +27 86 664 9767 WEB: HTTP://WWW.AFSAE.ORG/ Marketing is different in the not for profit world. Do you want to know why? Clare Fincham, SASLAW Clare Fincham has been involved in association management for 24 years. Clare went to Rhodes University, did the IMM Diploma in Marketing Management, and worked in Zimbabwe for12 yearsin sales andmarketinginZimbabwe andMalawi,before movingto South Africa in 1999. Clare is the national manager for the SA Society for Labour Law and runs the Gautengchapter since 2007. Clare has done work withSAPICS, Round Table and has offered association management assistance to other associations. Clare has been involved in organising conferences since 2000, and has presented at the last two CARISA conferences.Clare ismarriedandhas3 childrenandlivesinJohannesburg. Juan José Garcia, Barcelo A native of Barbate, located in the province of Cadiz (South of Spain), Juan José has an extensive experience of more than28 yearsinthe meetingsindustry. Career-wise, Juan José holds an MBA degree and is highlyskilled in project management. He joinedthe PCObusinessin1987 andhe heldvariouspositionswithinthe sectoruntilhe settledinhiscurrentpositionasDirectorof SalesandMarketingof BarcelóCongresos,one of the leading PCO's in Europe and Latin America. Besides the mentioned skills, he is an expert and professional consultant in business development, business strategies, planning and managementof bids,destinationmarketingaswell asassociationmanagement. The Evolution of the Membership Model ChidoNwakanma, IABC Chido Benedict Nwakanma is a communication strategist, marketer and scholar with extensive mediaandindustryexperienceconsultinginNigeriaandAfrica. He has 29 years communication management experience covering roles in media, industry, consulting and education. Nwakanma’s specialties are in communication strategy development and execution, branding and identity, content development, custompublishing,mediaengagement,editing. Nwakanma holds an Upper Honours BA in Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, MSc Media and Communication of Pan Atlantic University and MSc Sociologyfromthe Universityof Lagos.
  4. 4. 124 MAIN ST. ● JOHANNESBURG 2107 ● SOUTH AFRICA ● FAX +27 86 664 9767 WEB: HTTP://WWW.AFSAE.ORG/ Martin Sirk, ICCA Martin was appointed as ICCA CEO in July 2002 after thirteen years in a variety of senior meetings-related sales and marketing positions with ICCA member companies. For the sevenyearspriortothatat the start of hiscareerhe workedasa leisure tourismmarketing specialistwiththe BritishTouristAuthority(asVisitBritainwasthen known). He has extensive experience working in national and city destination marketing organisations, congress centres, and with a leading global hotel brand, and is an acknowledged expert in the design and organisation of international congresses and the trendsthat are shapingthe future of the meetingsindustry. Association Growth and Development Workshop Gary Grimmer,GE GainingEdge isa global consultingfirmfocusedonconventionbureaus,convention centresanddestinationsales representation. Gary has consultedindestinationsall overthe worldandwas one of the leadconsultants onDestinationNext,aglobal studyforthe DestinationMarketingAssociationInternational (DMAI) whichdefinedthe futureof destinationmarketing. He isaformerChairmanof the Board of DMAI and wasone of the firstsix inducteesintothe inauguralDMAIHall of Fame in2014. He alsoreceivedthe AsiaPacificIMEXAcademyAwardin2007. Keynote - Role of Civil Society in Building a Stronger Africa Thebe Ikalafeng,CEO of Brand South Africa Thebe Ikalafeng is arguably the foremost global African brand and reputation architect, advisor and author. Named one of the 100 Most Influential Africans by New African Magazine,he summitedthe 5895m highMountKilimanjarowithateamledbythe Nelson MandelaFoundationonNelsonMandela’sbirthday(18July2015) and hasbeentoover60 countriesacrossAfricaandthe world.He isthe founderof the award-winningpan-African brandand reputationadvisoryfirm,BrandLeadershipGroup,andhasworkedonover100 diverse brandsacross Born in South Africa, Ikalafengholds BSc and MBA degrees from Marquette Universityin the USA, completed executive education at Wits Business School in South Africa and Harvard BusinessSchool andisaqualifiedCharteredMarketer(SA).He writes,speaksand advicesonbranding,reputationandrelatedmattersaboutAfrica.