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  1. 1. J O S E P H A L A N R H O D E S OBJECTIVE To obtain a position in Records Management/Document Control performing data entry, processing, mining, analyzation, and records management tasks, processes and protocols with hopes of crossing over and learning to become an Engineering Technician and/or Geosciensce Technician in the Oil and Gas industry while continually working and learning with computers in assorted environments. EXPERIENCE 2014-2015 Primary Services Well Log File Clerk  Contracted out to EnerVest Ltd.  Tasks include:  Lifting and moving box shipments of anywhere from 50 to 100 boxes weekly.  Filing, sorting, making copies  Prepping assorted well/regulatory documentation within the boxed files, removing all well logs and reboxing them before boxed well files are sent out to be scanned by an outside vendor.  Updating assorted well files on data divestiture list for all boxed files that have been prepped.  Applied barcoded labels to file folders from multiple filerooms and scanned them into a shared spreadsheet. 2014 Office Team(A Robert Half Company) Document Controller  Contracted out to RCP Inc.  Tasks include:  Document review workflow management  Detailed reviews of various transition pipeline documents including: Pressure Tests, As-Built Drawings and Alignment Sheets, Material Test Reports, Purchase Orders, Inspector Books, etc.  Utilizing Google Earth to confirm locations of pipelines and other relevant data.  Extraction of relevant data from source documents and inputting data into RCP’S MaxOp™ database software.  Performing quality control reviews of other’s document review work. 2006-2013 Canon Business Process Services(formerly Oce’ Business Services) Houston, TX Records Lead/Document Control Specialist  Contracted out to Exxon Mobil Corporation  Multiple tasks include:  Performing data entry, filing, and handling customer requests for oil and gas
  2. 2. 2 related technical data such as well logs and reports, seismic data, maps, etc.  Creating procedures for records center and revising procedures regularly.  QC(Quality Control) checks for my staff’s data entries and keeping an error report log. Also was responsible for submitting group’s timesheets.  Performed monthly KPI(Key Performance Indicators)reports for my filerooms and submitted them to management.  Running checkout reports for any records checked out for an extended amount of time in an effort to reconcile any missing data and/or outstanding checked out data. This included following up with clients to whom the data was checked out.  Performed administrative tasks such as placing CAFM(Computer Aided Facililities Management)tickets for office furniture moves, ceiling light fixture replacement, shred bins(pickup and delivery, locked and unlocked), courier delivery/pickup of boxed data coming from/going to a different ExxonMobil location, etc.  Participated in audit preparations which included updating all records on the shelves as well as in the database, updating checkout reports/outcards, preparing inactive data for offsite storage, etc.  Requesting and handling offsite data and boxes, preparing transmittals, etc.  Maintaining the upkeep of records and customer requests.  Giving guided tours of the record center to visiting clients, affiliates and records staff counterparts, giving them a thorough explanation of the record center’s process and procedures and answering any questions that they might have.  Ordering office supplies and maintaining copiers and printers for copy room. 2005-2006 PacoTech Houston, TX Records Technician/Document Control Specialist  Contracted out to Exxon Mobil Corporation  Multiple tasks include:  Performing data entry, filing, and handling customer requests for oil and gas related technical data such as well logs and reports, requesting offsite data/boxes for requests, refiling and interfiling.  Maintaining the upkeep of records and customer requests.  Performing a daily activity log of all duties. 2000-2005 Carlton Temporary Staffing Houston, TX Database Management Technician/Document Control Specialist  Contracted out to Eni Petroleum (formerly AGIP and British Borneo) and Phillips Petroleum in 2000 through 2001, and to Devon Energy Corporation from 2002 through 2005.  Multiple tasks included:  Performing data entry, including searching for files within multiple databases, updating files and reports, generating printouts and quarterly analyses, etc.  Delivering requested materials to customers within the company complex.
  3. 3. 3  Assisting with the processing and shipping of orders.  Maintaining the upkeep of records, reports and customer requests.  Assisted and worked extensively on acquisition/divestiture projects which including preparing selected records from lists for sales package, creating and updating an inventory listing of sales records, and packaging and relocating sales records for review by potential buyers. 1997-1999 Houston Community College Houston, TX Counseling Assistant  Assisting college students with admissions, testing assessment, registration, financial aid and peer counseling.  Performing office tasks, including faxing, copying, filing, answering phones, etc.  Determining appropriate stage of processing and status of enrollment for students, entering test score data, assisting with financial aid, transcript requests and program completion processing. EDUCATION 1996-2000 Houston Community College Houston, TX  Earned an Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Publishing  Completed a Certificate in Web Page Production  Developed a strong proficiency with computers, particularly in Windows and Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 1992-1996 John H. Reagan High School Houston, TX  Earned High School Diploma INTERESTS Music performance/composition (piano, keyboards, percussion, guitar). CIVIC Former Sergeant-In-Arms to former Harris County Precinct Judge Lula M. Rhodes Worked and participated in many Harris County precinct elections at various polling locations. Assisted with setup(and takedown) of voting booth and machines, collecting and locking up ballots and returning them to polling center(s). TIPS To contact, you may call: (832) 247-3131 E-mail: 12800 W OOD FORE ST B LV D , # 1 203 • H OUST ON , T X 77015 • PH ON E ( 832) 247-3131