How to grow users into active community members and get your community more engaged


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This was a presentation I gave at the Open Source Summit v3.0: Communities for the Open Forum Foundation on June 25, 2013 in Washington DC

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How to grow users into active community members and get your community more engaged

  1. 1. 1GovDeliveryHow to grow users into active community members and getyour community more engaged.June 24, 2013
  2. 2. 2What I will talk about• My background• Be clear about what you want and take actions to enroll others• Ask the community cause they have the answers• The engagement formula and five tips• Expand the perimeter of engagement• Track engagement activities towards outcomes
  3. 3. 3My background3
  4. 4. 4I wanted to make my neighbors saferPhoto credit – Boston Globe
  5. 5. 5I wanted to remove myself as bottle neck
  6. 6. 6BPD wanted to encourage people to meet theirneighbors
  7. 7. 7Dan and I wanted to reduce waste
  8. 8. 8I wanted to empower neighbors in Boston to askfor and get and give help shoveling from DC
  9. 9. 9I wanted to make sure people had a place to stayafter the Boston marathon bombings
  10. 10. 10FEMA wants to create a more resilient nation
  11. 11. 11NIST MEP wants to drive economic growth and job creation
  12. 12. 12Carolyn helped me learn SnowCrew was addressing asymptom and not a problem
  13. 13. 13Members transformed anger into productivity
  14. 14. 14What FEMA learned from members last yearAnd so this year (in a couple weeks):We are going to be introducing communities of practice were we willfacilitate the sharing of knowledge, resource, the creation ofpreparedness playbooks – AND – where they will get targeted andrelevant notifications.There will be deeper regional engagement from FEMA and emergencymanagement personnel.• The want to know how to prepare• They want to know how to educate others to prepare• They want to engage with others like them• They want to engage locally with each other• They want to engage with FEMA and emergency managementpersonnel• They want targeted and relevant notifications
  15. 15. 15The engagement formulaMotivation + Supports – Obstacles = EngagementIntrinsic Motivation:Extrinsic Motivation:Self-fulfillmentSelf-expressionAltruismAccomplishmentPleasure of sharingEfficacyCuriosityRewardsRecognitionInfluenceKnowledgeRelationshipsAffiliationFearSupports:SegmentationRelevanceTimelinessValueObstacles:EaseRelevanceTimelinessValueENGAGEMENT =Meaningfulandvaluable actionsthat producea measurableresultTechnologyTimeAccessKnowledge+ - =
  16. 16. 165 tips to increase engagementTRY – You will never know until you do, failing is learningASK – What is working, should we do next, what would be helpful, what ismissing, and would you be willing to help make this happen - who elseshould be involved?MATH – Send/post more engaging messages to more peopleMETRICS – Analyze metrics to guide activitiesITERATE – Apply lessons learned to improve
  17. 17. 17Expand the perimeter of engagement
  18. 18. 18AWARENESSFindingPERMISSIONJoiningORIENTATIONKnowingENGAGEMENTConsumingLEADERSHIPCollaboratingOUTCOMESMission ObjectivesWeb:• Increase intotal pagesviewedEmail:• Increase intotal emailsubscribersSocial:• Increase oftotalfollowers andlikesEmail:• Increase intotal opens,clicks, andsharesWeb:• Increase intotal pagesviewedOnline:• Increase incomments/feedback, event orprogramregistrations, orsignups foronline services.Offline:• Increase inprogramutilization oreventattendance• Increase intotal activecollaborators,partners, andtrustedmessengersadvancingmission yourbehalfIncreases in• Youth engaged• Flu shotsreceived• RevenuecollectedDecreases in:• Drop outs• Crime• Doctor visits• Operating costsTrack engagement activities toward outcomes
  19. 19. 19Joseph PorcelliDirector, Engagement’s stay in touch!