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  1. 1. CultureProcess Tools Mgmt Info People Balanced approach to capability uplift
  2. 2. CultureProcess Tools Mgmt Info People Mgmt Plans Strategy Work flows Policies Dec. Mkng Roles/ Resp Compe- tencies Values Perform -ance Success Meas. Collect/ Acquire Use/ Access Storage Security Quality Plan / Identify Inte- gration Archi- tecture User Exprnce Main- tenance Func- tionality Capability uplift focus areas
  3. 3. CultureProcess Tools Mgmt Info People Comms Mgmt Media / Public Info flows Comms Policies Knwlge Mgmt Roles/ Resp Geo thinking Place Perform -ance Success Meas. GPS / Link Relate Sharing Accur- acy Visual- ise Overlay Display Mobil- ity Map Exprnce Main- tenance Draw Connct Applying a location lens…