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Introducing Adobe Animate CC


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For the Hawaii Flash User Group - March 24th 2016.

Published in: Technology
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Introducing Adobe Animate CC

  1. 1. Introducing Adobe Animate CC Joseph Labrecque | Hawaii Flash User Group | March 24th 2016
  2. 2. Joseph Labrecque Senior Interactive Software Engineer Adjunct Faculty University of Denver Principal and Sole Proprietor Fractured Vision Media, LLC Adobe Education Leader Adobe Community Professional Adobe Systems, Inc. Apache Flex Committer Apache Software Foundation Author, Train Simple, Adobe Press, Peachpit, Brainbuffet, Packt, O’Reilly, video2brain
  3. 3. Adobe Animate CC
  4. 4. Animate CC Resources Joseph’s Personal Blog Adobe Animate CC: The Evolution of Flash Professional What is Animate CC? Turn a sketch into an animation Edge Animate to Animate CC Create Realistic Movement How to Create 2D Character Animation Work with Vector Art Brushes Add Life to Adobe Stock Graphics Convert Flash Ads to HTML5 Adobe Animate CC Team Blog
  5. 5. Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional CC)
  6. 6. Animate CC (2015.1.0) [1/3] New Paint Brush Tool Brush Library filled with vector art brushes Vector Art Brush Editor Tagged Swatches CC Libraries Panel SVG Import dialog Improved drawing experience with Brush tool
  7. 7. Animate CC (2015.1.0) [2/3] Color-coded onion skinning Improved Object Drawing Mode Representation Stage Rotation Tool Stage contents scale proportionally to Stage size New buttons for commonly used operations in the Properties Panel
  8. 8. Animate CC (2015.1.0) [3/3] OAM publishing support for AS3, WebGL, and HTML5 Canvas Publish text as outlines in HTML5 Canvas documents Video Export to multiple resolutions Custom Platform optimizations
  9. 9. Animate CC (2015.1.1) March 2016 Update! Relaxed HTML5 Canvas template import restrictions. (no strict checking of tokens) New icon support when working with AIR for Android. (144x144 and 192x192)
  10. 10. Adobe Capture CC Gathering Assets for Animate CC
  11. 11. Adobe Capture CC - Colors
  12. 12. Adobe Capture CC - Shapes
  13. 13. Adobe Capture CC - Brushes
  14. 14. Adobe Capture CC - Brushes
  15. 15. DEMONSTRATIONS Animate CC
  16. 16. Wrapping Up Recent Publications
  17. 17. Adobe Animate CC: First Look LYNDA.COM/JOSEPHLABRECQUE
  18. 18. Animate CC Game Development TRAINSIMPLE.COM/COURSEDETAILUSER.ASPX?ID=228
  19. 19. Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media AMAZON.COM/AUTHOR/JOSEPHLABRECQUE
  20. 20. Thank You Email: Web: Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: Amazon: