Game Design with Adobe® Flash® Professional CS6


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Slides from my #AEL12 workshop.

Joseph Labrecque shows you how to build a simple game for mobile devices that teaches concepts. You’ll assemble components into a mobile game that can be deployed to multiple mobile devices. We will cover Timing, Mouse Interaction, Character Movement, Object Rotation, Scrolling Backgrounds, Obstacles, Collision Detection, Game Loop, Scoreboard, Player Health, Asset Skinning, Sound Managers, Game States, Movement Constraints, Packages/Classes, Randomization, Garbage Collection, and Game Cleanup!

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Game Design with Adobe® Flash® Professional CS6

  1. 1. GAME DESIGN WITH ADOBE ® FLASH® PROFESSIONAL CS6 Joseph Labrecque Adobe Summer Institute | July 26th 2012#AEL12
  2. 2. Joseph Labrecque, MA Senior Interactive Software Engineer University of Denver - Office of Teaching and Learning Adjunct Faculty Proprietor / Owner Fractured Vision Media, LLC Adobe Community Professional Adobe Education Leader Adobe Influencer Author Packt Publishing O’Reilly Media video2brain Adobe Press Peachpit Artist An Early Morning Letter, Displaced shivervein#AEL12
  3. 3. Joseph’s Books, DVDs, & Videos#AEL12
  4. 4. Here is some more… Published in: Appears in… Adobe Inspire Magazine Adobe Developer Connection Adobe Developer Center ZDNet LifeHacker ActiveTuts+ The Flex Show CodeBass DU Today InsideRIA The Clarion UX Magazine The Source Flash and Flex Developer Magazine Runtime Expectations …and channels like YouTube! …and more, and more.#AEL12
  5. 5. Great… what about games? ?#AEL12
  6. 6. Flash Gaming#AEL12
  7. 7. Adobe roadmap for Flash runtimes Adobe believes that the Flash runtimes are particularly and uniquely suited for two primary use cases: creating and deploying rich, expressive games with console- quality graphics and deploying premium video. This shift in focus for Flash does not mean that existing content will no longer run, or that Flash cannot be used for content other than gaming and premium video. However, it does mean that when prioritizing future development and bug fixes, gaming and premium video use cases will take priority.#AEL12
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Big Names in Flash Gaming#AEL12
  10. 10. 2D Game Libraries Starling [] CitrusEngine [] StarlingPunk [ starlingpunk/] Flixel [] Axel [] FlashPunk [] SmashIO [] AS3isolib []#AEL12
  11. 11. 3D Game Libraries Away3D [] Alternativa3D [] Flare3D [] Unity [] Unreal Engine [] Minko [] Sandy3D []#AEL12
  12. 12. Adobe Sponsored 3D 2D#AEL12
  13. 13. Flash Gaming Concepts#AEL12
  14. 14. Game Loop • Anything that needs to occur as the game is running. • Often used for movement, status, tracking. • High level – invokes other methods.#AEL12
  15. 15. Background Scrolling • Used to simulate movement and add depth to an experience. • Normally used with a repeated bitmap image. • Recycle.#AEL12
  16. 16. Player Movement • Can be done with keyboard, mouse, or touch. • Obstacle avoidance. • Aiming before fire.#AEL12
  17. 17. Obstacles • Used to impede the player. • Often will decrease time, or remove player health. • Sometimes can be Destroyed for points or as an avoidance technique.#AEL12
  18. 18. Score / Timing • Keep track of player progress. • Life remaining. • Score. • Time. • Points.#AEL12
  19. 19. demo#AEL12
  20. 20. Flash Killa’#AEL12
  21. 21. Flash Killa’ States#AEL12
  22. 22. ActionScript for basic gaming Concepts covered: • Game Loop • Timing • Scoreboard • Mouse Interaction • Player Health • Character Movement • States • Rotation • Constraints • Scrolling Backgrounds • Packages/Classes • Obstacles • Garbage Collection • Collision Detection • Game Cleanup#AEL12
  23. 23. LET’S DO THIS!#AEL12
  24. 24. Mobile Devices#AEL12
  25. 25. DROID3 + Transformer Prime#AEL12
  26. 26. Mobile Considerations To be considered: • Touch + Gestures • Device Sensors • Scaling [StageScaleMode] • CPU vs. GPU vs. Direct • AIR Version#AEL12
  27. 27. Play time!#AEL12
  28. 28. Thank you. @JosephLabrecque#AEL12