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Flash Professional CC: Multiplatform Creativity Engine


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With Flash Professional CC 2014, it is possible publish animations to a wide number of targets - including Flash Player, AIR, iOS, Android, HTML5, WebGL, and even custom platforms with the most recent releases. There have also been a number of new creative features included such as custom brushes and a set of all new features for animation guides. We'll go over all of the new targets, improvements, and features within the Flash Professional CC application and perhaps even talk about Adobe's plans for the future of Flash Player and AIR!


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Flash Professional CC: Multiplatform Creativity Engine

  1. 1. Flash Professional CC: Multiplatform Creativity Engine Joseph Labrecque | March 27”‘ 2014
  2. 2. Joseph Labrecque <9 Senior Interactive Software Engineer Adjunct Faculty <9 Principal and Sole Proprietor <9 Adobe Education Leader Adobe Community Professional Adobe Influencer <9 Author EDUCATION COMMUNITY LEADER PROFESSIONAL
  3. 3. Flash Professional CC 2014
  4. 4. ®<><><><>é><><> Flash Professional CC (2014. 1) October 2014 Custom Brushes Animation Guides Custom Platform Support SWF Import WebGL Audio and Scripting Support Publish to X86 AIR Android Publish AIR Shared Runtime Acct»: ( L W. F l Flash CC u_x»-is. ..
  5. 5. <><><><><><> Flash Professional CC (20142) February 2015 Masking Support in Custom Platforms Timeline Audio Splitting Canvas Export Optimizations Flash Runtimes version 16 64-bit AIR for iOS
  6. 6. Demonstration
  7. 7. Webinar Video: The Future of Animation <9 A tour of the latest features in Flash Professional CC, such as native support for HTML5 Canvas & WebGL, Custom Platform Support (Cocos2D, Starling, AwayJ S, OpenFL etc. ) and much more. https: / / youtube/ KwezcicTlUU ornfil
  8. 8. Publish Flash content on multiple platforms <9 Flash Professional CC lets you create animations for virtually any use case, . . WAdbFlhPf‘ ICC device, browser, or platform. Natively I 0 e as [0 Mona author and publish your content to various formats using the tools and . - A interface you already know I , , ‘fir ‘ -A> Til .7“! Publish Flash content on multiple platforms Flash Pmfessional cc lets you create a7|lrl1aI‘l0HSIDVVll’tuaIIy any use case, device, DVDWSEY, 01 plalform Nalrvely author and publish your content lo vanouslomials using the loolsand interface you aiieaay know (Watch, l4 min) https: / / helpx. adobe. com/ flash/ h0w—t0/export«flash~multiple— platformshtml
  9. 9. Animated Infographics with Flash Professional <9 Learn how to create animated wv~~c= o~~-Mum INFOCRAFHICS WITH FLASH PROFESSIONAL infographics using Adobe Flash -. .. . Professional, the authoring environment for creating and delivering immersive web experiences, applications, games, and _ v~ -— _, __ , 7 multimedia content. 5' <9 Part 1 - Easy: https: //edex. adobecom/ resource/ flbS0d43/ - _, <> Part2 — Advanced: https: / / edexadobe. com/ resource/ ddl 64al 2/
  10. 10. Snap. svg Extension <9 Extension to export animated Flash TVDE content using Snap. svg! ~ mwis cm. W. ” . . http: //snapsvg. io/ , W‘°c”Q"‘°"7 Hrwgh: ; 9. A£! IU"5(Hn( 30 gm" “N” n“ A V Ni (01 Des-(Ina Au: for Android "3"" W’ i '1“ <> Source Code: mm -05 am, .., m mlor g https: / / github, com/ c1'gammon/ Flash-P1ugin—SnapPlatform 3 , (,, ,,. ,5(, ,,, , 3 0 cm, Nuke Lama: H Amansmpx an um-me ' . I Ammxm «me Q Vldeo Demo‘ 3 Flnhlavazzrpa We Ducnahun https: / / voutu. be/ RETNfl< odhQ7t=38m16s Sr-apvlmm (Custom https: / / twittercom/ cjgammon
  11. 11. <9 j_(_jjVn ' ‘ 0 ': lIi‘I‘I‘I1 X f I‘ Sei'tiii: es Charige ng -lone i About About Burrrn IS a free online application about giving people what they want For example vou love to use Youtuoe but iou miss the feature to download VIGEOS7 Then we add this feature for you as simple as that We start small and step by step we will add more ‘eatures about many more online services andior we will create those services ‘tom scratch i‘ they don't already exist
  12. 12. fl 4’ V : l-, .:l, = , l|l: (Il9,I1|I, = : i:(-iiili-tat. .1-izkt-t: li; l,= ;HII. Il§‘ ‘till; -i ma. -k 'l! llI. H;ll‘ : l,l". |1|l Discoverall there is to know about the business and technology of onine vide Pumping AIR into the Flash Debate Even on mobile devices. Flash isn't really gone We talked to Adobe to clarity how Flash Player and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) continue to grow together By rim Siglin Posled on March 23, 2015 Page 1 Back in 2011. i wrote an article about the demise of Flash Player tor Mobile The article "= lash Into Wot soi Thin All? " declared that Flash capabilities on mobile devices weren‘t dead but rather had morphed and continued to live on in a new lorm—the Adobe Integrated Runtime or AlR—which would continue to be developed Despite what I thought was careful wordsmithing to show that Flash Player capability was alive and well. the matter itselt seems to have taken on a we or its own Part of the issue may have been in the way Adobe announced that it was ending additional development on device-specific versions or Flash Player tor Mobile leading to the erroneous assumption that Flash capabilities were no longer available on mobile platrorms
  13. 13. Flash Runtimes 16, 17, and more. ..
  14. 14. Flash Runtimes Stats: January 2015 2.5 BILLION AIR application installs over the past year and a half. 145,000 mobile apps build with AIR. AIR supports both Android Lollipop and the new Apple iOS 64-bit requirements. Great strides have occurred in support of Stage3D on both mobile and desktop platforms in the past few months. Flash Player is updated 1.5 BILLION times a month from adobe. com. Flash Player is deeply integrated with Windows (even the upcoming Windows 10), Google Chrome, and ChromeOS. at lama: ' yiiviaa e’sVrdm aaotrmm lI§a| .l: dINI! o-updated on all new WindcW§t§l'l‘fViI '’ ‘ (grated Into All aoogi. Chrome imaiis and Chlalrl as Java l tedwith Mlcmsurds riewvlllnnaws in medial _l 1"’ l
  15. 15. Flash Player & AIR l6 <9 iOS 64-Bit support for mobile AIR applications <9 Stage3D wireframe mode support for AIR desktop <9 PPAPI Flash Player installers for Windows and Mac Chromium based applications <9 Stage3D standard “constrained” profile support
  16. 16. Flash Player & AIR 17 Flash Player Control Panel Improvements Flash Player Mac Installer Improvements ADT Packaging Time Improvement with Support for Parallel Compilation for iOS VideoTexture Support in AIR for Windows, Mac and iOS (Android coming) Stage3D - Standard Extended Profile for AIR Mobile
  17. 17. Adobe AIR VideoTexture Demo <9 iOS demonstration of AIR's new VideoTexture API using iPad AIR V17 DEMO: https: // youtube/ EKMspIkx8SU Source Files: https: / / files. acrobat. com/ a/preview/90 lb8393— 8609-42197-be47-2fl d8bc720b2 11%! . = , ._. L:+w _ gage»: -§‘>*"I'” ‘ .
  18. 18. Zzavirolrril‘ . H3131; ‘blillllliiiillfllg ioi 1’far14tq_: i rim’/ i fiifillllili’ fimlii Lflhitiii ; r'1}uvar"; iirr’/ .. ‘£ um : ]_, i1ihlI= ' "lite itllame Iittw itii ‘Jim it rum: mi‘; gnrlttiaifir 'IJI! {!l~Y#}, We wll ‘i_1II! hlg; _fi)r ~lhasit; ' ‘ Ellilfllll ’. b1!: V' Adobe Developer Connection Flash Tethnolegy Developer center Adobe road map for the Flash runtimes El’ K714] all ii, i, izt a, :s- imlbotim i<s'i rins doruinant ployldei an OJEI’l9t‘i' ortiie Adobe‘ Flash‘ iuntiiiias aiid a ioadniap lot their development The priinan goal [5 to Diovide guidante as well as insight into Adobe s (urleht thinking and plans around (ole Flash lulldlollalllv (olllalned l-iitnin Adobe Flash Pl3‘/ El and Adobe‘AlR‘ olei a lime iraiiia ortiie rlextyeai Note rins dotuirient is (ulleillas pitria publl(a1loi'i date and (onlains inrorrnation tnat is subiaa to (hange Thefulthei out trio tiina rianie being distussad trip more umertain the spatirirs ol the roadiiiap are ii triaia aia SIgnl‘l(all triangas to plans aiound itains distussad Wllhlfl tire i-itiita paper the dO(. llWElV1"dIllbE updated in a tiirialv inaniier rtia latest version ortiiisdotunianitaii always boround Sl= Ct/ Ja , t.l‘ ta la. ‘ tlava dd i aa Summary Forthe pastdecade, Flash Playerand more recently / adobe All? nave played a vital role on ll’iE'. ‘E‘b pi, providing Consistent platlornistoideploving llch expressive content across browsers, desktops and devices Beginning as a plattorm torenabling animation the nasn runtirnes have eiolied into a cornprehensive multimedia piattorrn enabling expeiiemes tnat were otherwise not possible or leasible on the web Lookinglcrward adobe belieyesthat Flash is partituiariviieli suited lor addressing the gaming and prerniuiin video markets Although general motion graphl(5 are iiifleasirigly being deployed Vla standardssbased ternnologies, such as HTMLS and C553, Adobe continue to work to erisurethat Flash (ontent can be viewed atross a wide range or operatingsysterns
  19. 19. Flash Runtimes Roadmap — March 2015 Stage3D — Standard “extended” profile support for the latest generations of 3D hardware (AGAL3) Stage3D — ETC2 support for the Adobe Texture Format (ATF) Stage3D — Support for AT F (J PEG—XR compression) for rectangular textures Stage3D — Runtime compression of textures
  20. 20. Flash Runtimes Roadmap — March 2015 AIR — Concurrency for iOS AIR — Packaging time improvements with support for parallel compilation AIR — Support for hardware decoded Video in Stage3D content with the new VideoTexture class AIR — 64-bit support for Windows and Mac applications AIR — Improved HTML5 support
  21. 21. Flash Runtimes Roadmap — March 2015 é> Flash Player — Improved installation and settings UI workflows <9 Flash Player — Hardware video decoding for Mac Chrome (PPAPI) <9 Flash Player — Multicast video support for Chrome (PPAPI)
  22. 22. Thank You.