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Adobe Animate CC: Tool for the Changing Tech Landscape


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Joseph Labrecque, author of the best-selling book "Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media" will facilitate a lively discussion of the Animate CC animation and interactivity software with a focus on producing content for educational purposes. We'll start with an overview of the software, its history in education circles, and the impact it's had on the changing technological landscape. We will also have a beginner's demonstration on how faculty and staff can use the software to design and produce useful animations and interactives to supplement classroom and online content.

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Adobe Animate CC: Tool for the Changing Tech Landscape

  1. 1. Adobe Animate CC: Tool for the Changing Tech Landscape Joseph Labrecque | COLTT | August 4th 2016
  2. 2. Joseph Labrecque Senior Interactive Software Engineer Adjunct Faculty University of Denver Principal and Sole Proprietor Fractured Vision Media, LLC Adobe Education Leader Adobe Community Professional Adobe Systems, Inc. Apache Flex Committer Apache Software Foundation Author, Peachpit, Apress, Train Simple, Adobe Learn, Adobe Press, Brainbuffet, Packt, O’Reilly Media, video2brain
  3. 3. Flash Professional (and the Adobe Runtimes)
  4. 4. Flash Player in Education
  5. 5. Fallout / Scramble / Flounder
  6. 6. Edge Animate
  7. 7. Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional CC)
  8. 8. 2015. Animate!
  9. 9. Flash Professional -> Animate
  10. 10. To more accurately represent its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond, Flash Professional will be renamed Adobe Animate CC, starting with the next release in early 2016.
  11. 11. Animate CC will continue supporting Flash (SWF) and AIR formats as first-class citizens. In addition, it can output animations to virtually any format (including SVG), through its extensible architecture.
  12. 12. "FutureSplash Animator" to "Adobe Animate CC"... 20 Years of Flash!
  13. 13. By the way…
  14. 14. Formats and Features (Animate CC -2015.2)
  15. 15. Supported Formats
  16. 16. Supported Formats
  17. 17. Supported Formats
  18. 18. Supported Formats
  19. 19. Supported Formats
  20. 20. Animate CC [15.1 February 2016] Vector Art Brushes Integrated Brush Library Creative Cloud Libraries Tagged Color Swatches SVG Import Improved Brushes 4K+ Video Export Colored Onion Skinning HTML5 Canvas Templates OAM Publishing Projector Publishing Stage Rotation Tool Typekit Integration Timeline Audio Splitting Whole-Stage Scaling Adobe Stock Integration Enhanced Drawing Objects
  21. 21. Animate CC [15.2 June 2016] Graphic Symbol Frame Picker Vector Pattern Brushes Enhanced Brush Editor Layer Transparency Bitmap Snapping Responsive / Centered Canvas Merge JavaScript in HTML HiDPI and Retina Publishing Updated Libraries Panel User-Defined Onion Skin Colors Transparent and Responsive OAM AS3/JS Pin Script Canvas Preloaders Transparent Canvas Background Advanced Ps and Ai Import Latest Flash Player and AIR Windows Performance
  22. 22. Live Demos (let‘s play)
  23. 23. Wrapping Up (where to go next)
  24. 24. 20 Years of Resources! Adobe Animate Team Blog • Night and Day: Easily Create a Landscape Alteration in Animate CC • Using HTML5 Canvas In Animate CC: JavaScript Basics • Easing and the Motion Editor • Mysteries of the Bone Tool • Leverage Typekit Web and Desktop Fonts within Animate CC • Using Animate CC HTML5 Canvas Templates with Multiple Publish Profiles
  25. 25. 20 Years of Resources! Adobe Learn Tutorials • Draw with vector and pattern brushes in your animations • Turn a sketch into an animation • What is Animate CC • How to Create 2D Character Animation • Create realistic movement in your animated characters • Work with Vector Art Brushes • Add life to Adobe Stock graphics in Animate
  26. 26. Book and Classroom Guide Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media Peachpit / Adobe Press (March 17th 2016) • First book on Animate CC! • #1 Best Seller on Amazon! • 4 ½ Stars on Amazon! • Over 6 hours of video tutorials!
  27. 27. Publications Adobe Animate CC: New Features Learn Adobe Animate CC: The Basics
  28. 28. Thank You Email: Web: Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: Amazon: