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Mag analysis


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Mag analysis

  1. 1. This is the mast head andwill be the first thing that a This strapline is used becausepotential buyers eyes will if the magazine is stackedsee first so by using red and then the customer will see itwhite which really stands and see what the magazineout gives the magazine a has to offer which in this casebetter chance of being is loads of new info on all thebought. Also it lets the latest gadgets. This will helpreader know what the attract customersmagazine is called These are once again to letThese are used to let the reader know whats inreaders know hats in store for them but this timestore for them and it is pacific objects so isas it says 147 tech more known as the bestgadgets for every bits in the magman you know thismag is aimed at men The main image is placed in theThis is just the dead centre and is of an attractivebarcode and will tell women holding a phone while itthe reader the price seems to be taking her clothes ofand issue just above it Even though this isnt a this will help the magazine because, it is just a tag which direct music magazine I it is a magazine aimed at men andtills will scan and is found it copies the look of having a women on the front willthere for easy access a music magazine ‘Q’ make them want to buy it
  2. 2. This is slanted but stands out The iconic icon of Q is bright and bold because of its bright yellow and and stands out very clearly also it has tells the customer that there the singer from cold plays arm going recapping everything that through the q showing that this is my happened in 2011 ( to do with bands issue of q music)Uses the word ‘secrets, byusing this it instantlyattracts customers becauseeveryone loves hearing The straplines areother peoples secrets and big bold and clearbeing in on them . and really stand out and need toThe picture is of the singer of because of theColdplay and he seems to be hectic backgroundspinning which is an activething to do like there new The background of the mag is notalbum and the background . its usual white showing that this isMaybe it was intended to link a special edition + the backgroundthe three together is of the new album by Coldplay mylo xyloto so just reinforces its about ColdplayBarcode there for easy scanning
  3. 3. Asking a rhetorical question making a potential reader think about it then want to buy it toThe title is black and red see if he/she was right This says to a potential buyerand is the theme of the that this magazine is real andmagazines text and look about real people and musicit is big and most likely and not fake in anywaythe first thing potential building a trust between thereaders will see magazine and the readerThe title Eminem comes clean Straplines just let theis bold and bright and stands reader know there isout + readers love to know more in the magazinewhat he is actually like so and should buy it tomakes a better selling position find out about all the latest The picture of the rapper is kind of gritty and makes him look tough and that he shouldn’t be messed with and lets the reader know this magazine has a focus on him
  4. 4. Referring to the title and This just lets the reader now the issue and date letting the reader know this is the contents page This will be the band on the front cover mostly and willThe layout is the same as give a page of where to findthe front cover really them and more often thanblack red and white and not will be a double pagevery tidy it just keeps a spreadsense of organisationand familiarity about themagazine. Lets the reader what to look forward to next The picture will be of the first band or month and lets the singer to get reviewed normally and readers know that it is buy adding in reviews in its own a monthly magazine section makes it seem like it’s a must read
  5. 5. Barley visible but just noticeable the first letter of the title of the magazine it is subtle and just matches the rest of the page while still letting the reader know the name of the magazine The background is black to white and is the theme for the contents Big and bold and stands out page and the colours blend really well making the magazine look aesthetically pleasing to look at Very clean and minimalist notA attractive women laying on overpowering and easyher back with her legs on to look at and find outshow draw the readers whats in this issueattention in on her letting thereader that she has a part toplay in this magazine plus herlegs make a V shape whichonce again references thetitle
  6. 6. The title of the magazine is here but unlike theothers doesn’t mention contents anywhere alsothe title is the only thing that isnt following thetheme of black and white apart from the bluebanner at the bottom signifying these may be This a quote from one of themore important. people and just gives the reader a small insight on whats to come from this pair in the magazine The text is also in black and white and also very minimalist and neat and The image and the is easy on the eye so background are all in black readers are easily able to and white and give it a pick up whats in the classical look to the magazine magazine the picture is of a man and a women sharing a stool which shows there partners in singing or just very close to one another or both and these will also probably be on the double page spread
  7. 7. The big L once again makes it look good plus lets you know that it is about lady gaga Lady gaga letting you know its about herBig picture of gagalooking at the readerseductively whiledoing a sexual posedraws the reader in The layout of the page keeps with Q’s style white and red and black keeping and order to it
  8. 8. Saying that she is know in USA and this is going to be about her in USASitting on a usa flagstriking a seductive posewith the red hair andthe red flag linking intogether it is also part ofthe text and isntseparate and blends invery well Text is simplistic Makes it seem more dramatic
  9. 9. Lets the reader know that it is aStill quitesimplistictext that’seasy toread Captions explaining pic Lot more hectic and pictures dotted everywhere makes it look very interesting and the hectic style probably relates to the bands hectic life