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Stages of Startups & Their Tech Stacks


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Founders often struggle with getting their tech stack done right. Here I classify startups into three stages and offer some guidelines to choose a tech stack.

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Stages of Startups & Their Tech Stacks

  1. 1. @jjude
  2. 2. @jjude Scale Customer Segments Optimized Product(s) Multiple Stacks App MarTech Support Product/Market Fit Target Market Price Points Minimum StackNo Stack Compose a solution Problem/Solution Fit Problem worth solving Viable solution STAGES & STACKS
  3. 3. @jjude 3 GUIDING PRINCIPLES
  5. 5. @jjude Idea ValidationStack Faster Deployment Quicker Feedback HAVE A SYSTEM
  6. 6. @jjude DECIDE WELL OR FAST Problem Tech StackSolution Culture Think well Iterate Fast Important More money won’t fix Money will fix
  7. 7. @jjude KISSKeep it super simple
  8. 8. @jjude Just StartingHave good traction Easy to test / Easy to convert Hard to test / Hard to convert Blog SEM SEO Ads Email Marketing START BUILDING TRACTION
  10. 10. @jjude KISS PRODUCT I launched with zero custom software. I used Gumroad, Zapier, Memberful, and Campaign Monitor to basically duct-tape my own product together.
  11. 11. @jjude TRACTION WITH KISS PRODUCT Just StartingHave good traction Easy to test / Easy to convert Hard to test / Hard to convert Product Trade Shows Speaking Engagement Community
  12. 12. @jjude BUILD real PRODUCT WITH KISS STACK
  13. 13. @jjude KISS STACK?
  14. 14. @jjude KISS STACK = ? php? python? node.js? go?
  15. 15. @jjude KISS STACK = what you know
  16. 16. @jjude KISS STACK = that validates your idea faster
  17. 17. @jjude KISS INFRA
  18. 18. @jjude SCALE WITH ELASTICITY
  19. 19. @jjude MONITOR / ANALYZE TO SCALE
  20. 20. @jjude TRACK ANALYZE ITERATE
  21. 21. GOOD SPEED @jjude