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Sca Event In Lucca


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Article written for International Paper Board Magazine

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Sca Event In Lucca

  1. 1. OPEN HOUSE IN LUCCA FOR SCA 32 Italian heading Article Open House CELEBRATING ONE MILESTONE MAKES FOR A GOOD EVENT, CELEBRATING SEVERAL MILESTONES MAKES THAT EVENT SPECIAL. A A report by fter a couple of tough years, SCA SCA for making its home in Lucca. He stated that Joseph Hoye Packaging in Lucca, Italy have plenty to businesses like SCA played a great part in alleviating celebrate and did so in style during their the effects of poverty felt in the region by the recent open house. Customers, suppliers and special downturn of the economy. guests were invited to the event in Lucca, Italy’s Signore Stefano Bacelli, President of Lucca traditional heart of paper-making, for presentations, province, related how he had been present at the mill interactive modules and an exclusive walk-through when its roof had collapsed in 2009. He mentioned of the paper mill. that he was both amazed and impressed by how the The event acknowledged the complete staff of SCA Lucca managed to turn the disaster refurbishment of SCA’s PM2 and celebrated the around, returning to peak productivity in just four INTERNATIONAL PAPER BOARD INDUSTRY JULY 2010 return of their mill to full productivity after the roof months. He too thanked SCA for its continued caved in one year ago. The introduction of two new presence and economic input into the area. products to roll off the paper machines was also The open day was was also attended by Michael greeted with enthusiasm by customers. Cronin, President of SCA Packaging. Mr Cronin Participants gathered at the stylish Villa Rossi just opened with the concept of sustainability and what it outside the city of Lucca. Introductions and means to SCA. At heart, sustainability came down to congratulations were held over a light lunch before a three factors: environment, cultures and profitability. range of speakers addressed the participants. After a “Without these three significant ingredients, we don’t general welcome by the Managing Director, Claudio have a successful business for the future,” he said. Romiti, the audience listened to two of Lucca’s He went on to say that SCA is fully committed to leading public servants. Signore Alberto Baccini, minimising its environmental footprint by leaving mayor of the Porcari municipality of Lucca, thanked the least footprint behind and maximising the scarce
  2. 2. Italian Open House 32 resources at hand. Mr Cronin then spoke about the need to balance the sustainability issue with a responsibility to shareholders to do the best for them. Where this most actively combines is in SCA’s continued dedication into researching new technology. SCA has the advantage of growing resources, producing the product and then throwing the waste back in to the cycle. He went on to talk about the role of packaging in an increasingly “green” world, noting that packaging is often maligned as a great producer of waste but pointing out that the packaging provided by SCA and the containerboard industry in general protects products from damage Stefano Rossi, Marketing and Sales fundamental points. during transit from the producer to the Director for SCA Containerboard, Lucca, 1. Security of Supply. This is the most consumer. Precious resources do not made the keynote address. Speaking important element to SCA – making have to be recommitted to producing eloquently about the containerboard certain customers realise they have the another shipment. business, Mr Rossi reminded the audience right to be guaranteed supply in the In terms of resources, SCA is fortunate that while SCA as a whole was comprised normal course of events. to have good control of its primary of more than 1,400 people across six 2. Validation of the Offer. Creating and resource, that of fibre. However, SCA still European nations, it spoke just one matching the best containerboard had to remain committed to seeking out language: the language of containerboard. product to the customers’ actual needs. effective methods of marshalling its second SCA Lucca alone accounts for 16 per cent 3. Effective Communication. Ensuring most important resource: energy. Mr of Italy’s containerboard production. that supplier and customer speak the Cronin added that much care and attention Like any business, SCA seeks to same language. Communication is not must be paid to reduce the cost of energy become the ‘Supplier of Choice’ to the just about confirming an order of a and reduce the cost to the environment of corrugated industry. Rather than pay lip- particular product but also ensuring that energy use. To combat these costs would service to the concept, SCA has the product develops as the customer’s require a great degree of innovation, which centralised it, asking itself what ‘Supplier needs develop. was another reason SCA remained of Choice’ really means to them and These points revolve around the dedicated to it presence in Italy. creating a programme that accurately principle of developing and maintaining a Italy is the second most important represents their beliefs. Becoming the close relationship with customers. Mr market for containerboard in Europe, ‘Supplier of Choice’ is built around three Rossi then shifted focus to the rebuild of which is why SCA continues to heavily invest in Italy. Italy’s history of innovation ITALY IS THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT MARKET FOR as a culture made it very attractive for CONTAINERBOARD IN EUROPE, WHICH IS WHY SCA CONTINUES companies like SCA who share that TO HEAVILY INVEST IN ITALY. ITALY’S HISTORY OF INNOVATION culture of innovation. Winding up, Mr Cronin gave his AS A CULTURE MADE IT VERY ATTRACTIVE FOR COMPANIES LIKE INTERNATIONAL PAPER BOARD INDUSTRY JULY 2010 thanks to the local authorities for all the SCA WHO SHARE THAT CULTURE OF INNOVATION. assistance and support they had proffered to SCA Lucca up to this point. Thanks also went to SCA customers for their perseverance during a time of turmoil for the mill. Mr Cronin also paid tribute to the staff for the vast amounts of effort they had made to restore the mill to full working order, recognising the commitment of both management and general staff in returning to full operational status.
  3. 3. 32 Italian Open House the PM 2 and what that meant for both SCA and its customers. The rebuild was focussed around two major phases. The first phase was driven by the desire to improve the surface characteristics of the paper product. A new top-ply liner former was installed along with the replacement of the press section with a Shoe Press and completed with the introduction of a could have sounded a death knell for the Lucca team for a quick introduction to the transfer belt to create greater surface mill. Instead, it galvanised everybody to process of containerboard making. smoothness. Final printability is markedly make the mill stronger, both structurally Particular attention was paid to the newly improved by the process. and in the minds of the people of SCA refurbished PM 2, which can now run at The second and more difficult phase Lucca. 1,200m per min and is capable of involved the following: Twin interactive modules were producing 250,000 tonnes of • Insertion of a Gap Former available directly after the presentations. containerboard per year. Of note was the • New drying system In one, customers were given an new automatic conveyor system for • Insertion of a Size-Film Press to improve opportunity to talk with SCA’s customer reels, provided by NE the dry characteristics communications experts and delve into Engineering of Lucca. The conveyor • Installation of a reels conveyance system the user-friendly SCA website. In the system is the widest to be installed in • A new winder to improve the finish other, technology and product Europe and has greatly reduced the With the completion of the project, SCA are development experts such as Jorg Strauss handling time at the end of production now fully able to drive the development of from SCA Germany were on hand to while significantly increasing the safety new products that will surprise and satisfy discuss and show the various products factor for employees. Also of note was a its client base. Two new products have and electronic tools that customers can side trip to the R&D laboratory, allowing already been made available: expect to enhance the quality of their visitors an opportunity to see how SCA go • SCA Medium HP corrugated board. about improving products and solving • SCA White Top testliner Following this, guests were problems that may occasionally occur At the close of his presentation, Mr Rossi transported to the SCA Lucca plant for an with their products in production lines. introduced a video showing children from exclusive tour of the mill. Small groups of The day was brought to a close with a the Kindergarten School of Marlia using guests were guided by members of the dinner hosted at Villa Rossi. SCA Whitetop Testliner for art. “The creativity, use of colour and endless imagination that these children express in INTERNATIONAL PAPER BOARD INDUSTRY JULY 2010 their paintings is what we also want to offer to corrugators, converters and their clients.” The video went on to say this about their range of presentation liners. “Our presentation liners enable brands and companies to strengthen their image, create visibility and differentiate themselves at point of sale.” The video also revealed some of the damage that the plant had received in the past year. The collapse of the roof in May 2009