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23. Final Project Iteration II


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Published in: Education
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23. Final Project Iteration II

  1. 1. DataViz (9) GenArt A (6) Games A (8) Games B (8) Games C (8) GenArt B (5) Classroom Front Iteration 2Presentation & Feedback Pick a first speaker,! and proceed clockwise.
  2. 2. 5 Minutes The Speaker! • Demonstrate / play-test your progress! • What are your next steps?! • Where do you have challenges?! ! The Audience! • What works? What do you like?! • What doesn’t work? Why? How could it be improved?! • Any other suggestions or questions?! ! Record the feedback. When your group finishes, work on your projects, & help each other out.
  3. 3. For Next Time… By class Wednesday, turn in Iteration 2 via email:! 1. Your code, data, assets! 2. A document (.pdf) summarizing:! a. the feedback you received! b. your concrete goals for Iteration 3! And please re-arrange the desks!