2. Processing


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2. Processing

  1. 1. From last time… • We learned the basic shape and color functions! • Please see / email me if you have any health concerns (e.g. related to flashing lights or light patterns)
  2. 2. Processing CAP
  3. 3. “[Processing] targets an audience of computersavvy individuals who are interested in creating interactive and visual work through writing software but have little or no prior experience.” Processing: A Programming Handbook! for Visual Designers & Artists! ! Casey Raes, Ben Fry
  4. 4. On Hybrids: “On the one hand they don’t want the programming code to get in the way of their designs… on the other hand, without hesitation they write sophisticated computer code to discover new visual pathways.” Processing: A Programming Handbook! for Visual Designers & Artists! ! John Maeda, MIT Media Laboratory
  5. 5. Installation! http://processing.org/download/
  6. 6. Exploring the IDE! “Integrated Development Environment”
  7. 7. Syntax Basics // Comments, To-dos, and Deactivation /* Multi-line Comments */ ; (semicolon) Statement Terminator! , (comma)! Reserved Words (e.g. int, String)! print(), println() (print line) Print to the Console
  8. 8. Function Basics “functions” vs. “methods”! functionName(argument1, argument2); 1. either “lowercase” or “camelCase”! 2. arguments are passed in via parentheses! E.g. size(500, 500); rectMode(CENTER);
  9. 9. Nick Hardemon, ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’
  10. 10. Matt Pearson, Various Projects
  11. 11. Review size() colorMode() point() // comment background() stroke() line() /* comment */ smooth() fill() rect() rectMode() print() noStroke() ellipse() ellipseMode() println() noFill() ; (semicolon) , (comma)
  12. 12. For next time… ✓ Shiffman, p. 1–29 (Pixels, Processing)! • Install and explore Processing! • Respond to my email! • Final Project explained on Monday