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Google think 3.27.2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Google think 3.27.2013

  1. 1. Think Insights
  2. 2. Google’s (self-promoting)* hub for digital marketing insights & inspiration. Marketing data & stats Marketing research & information Marketing tools & products • self-promoting because Google is showcasing evidence that supports its R/D & products efforts
  3. 3. What’s good about it: • Tons of info broken down by industry, from automotive and consumer goods to healthcare and education. • Neat case studies with ZMOT tie-ins, like the Dermablend video campaign that went viral in 2011. • The Perspectives section contains a neat, informative library of cross-industry articles that discuss trends and topics like “who really owns what’s published online?” • The Marketing Objectives section provides insights into how audiences recognize and remember certain brands.
  4. 4. How does it benefit us? • Be Smarter & More Informed • Did you know that in the B2B world, 57% of the purchase process is complete before a business buyer (our customer) contacts a supplier (us)? Read it in B2B's Digital Evolution. • Did you know that 55% of moms buy products after online research? AND 1/3 of moms who search, do it so well, they never make it past the 1st page? AND when a woman becomes a mom, her online search time doubles? Didn't even have to read it - watched a video. • Did you know that, for the automotive industry, the digital world has merged pre-, in-, and post market phases of the buying process into a single cycle of constant consideration? In other words, though 64% of consumers enter the market with a brand in mind, only 20% wind up with that brand.
  5. 5. • Broaden Our Horizons • Learn how adidas created an online-to-offline mobile campaign by adding location extensions to their online ads, which then redirected to store locator pages. This allowed them to better understand the revenue potential of mobile campaigns in terms of both direct mobile purchases and in-store purchases. • According to this video, most college students think tree-felled textbooks are going the way of the stone tablet. • In another video, Jeff Lavers, VP General Manager of 3M, tells us how his company keeps track of content in social spaces and engages with social opinion leaders in order to understand where customers are searching for products.
  6. 6. What should we do now? • Go to at least once a week and see what’s up and trending. • Sign up for the newsletter. • Talk about the stuff that interests you … in your blog entries, in social, or right in the office.