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How to Excel In interviews - master 4


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How to Excel In interviews - master 4

  1. 1. HOW TO EXCEL IN INTERVIEWS Presented By: The Resume and Interview Studio
  2. 2. WARNING: This presentation contains Advanced Interview Techniques and WILL SHOW YOU HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WAYS TO Excel in Interviews
  3. 3. This During This Presentation How To: You Will Learn: How To Sell Yourself With Confidence & Poise
  4. 4. How To: How To Move Beyond Superficial Answers
  5. 5. How To: • How How To Know And Articulate Your Value
  6. 6. How To: How To Blow Away The Competition AND WIN THE JOB
  7. 7. The interview skills in this presentation Are the insights of a Senior Vice President Human Resources And are based on thousands of interviews Conducted over a 35 year career.
  8. 8. The Resume & Interview Studio We Help Clients: Win Jobs
  9. 9. By Being The Best Candidate The # 1 – Top Candidate
  10. 10. And Making YOU Stand Out From The Crowd
  11. 11. The Resume & Interview Studio When You Want To Stand Out As The BEST Candidate.
  12. 12. The Resume & Interview Studio Resume Writing Interview Coaching
  13. 13. At The Heart Of Every Winning Interview Is A Single Driving Force
  14. 14. A Force More Powerful Than A Raging Hurricane
  15. 15. It Is A Simple Question WHY SHOULD SOMEONE HIRE YOU ?
  16. 16. Let Me Introduce Myself Joe Fallarino Senior Vice President Human Resources Executive Coach Business Consultant
  17. 17. I’ve Interviewed & Hired Thousands of People CEOs Vice Presidents General Managers and Directors Managers & Supervisors Technical & Support Staff
  18. 18. Why Candidates Win Interviews They Know How To Articulate Their Value In Powerful & Dynamic Ways
  19. 19. My Only Goal … Make You Stand Out From The Crowd
  21. 21. Did You Know Interviewers make up their mind about you in the first 5 minutes
  22. 22. If You Don’t Win their Heart & Soul In The First 5 Minutes You’re Cooked The Interview Is Over You Are So Done
  23. 23. Did You Know Qualifications Alone Do Not Guarantee A Job Offer
  24. 24. Skills Experience And Accomplishments Are Not Enough To Win The Job
  25. 25. Here’s What You Need To Know
  26. 26. Interviews Are Performances
  27. 27. As A Performer You Must Act the Part Know Your Script Be Emotionally Convincing Make Your Audience Respond To You
  28. 28. Act The Part “Get Into Character” Believe You Are The Person You Are Portraying Think, Speak And Act Like “Your Character”
  29. 29. Know Your Script Know Your Speaking Points Keep What You Say Simple BUT MAKE IT POWERFUL
  30. 30. Be Emotionally Convincing Be Animated Act The Way You Want To Feel Appeal to the Interviewer’s Emotions
  31. 31. Make Your Audience Respond To You MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR Personality Confidence Competence MAKE THEM KNOW YOU ARE A PRIZE TO BE WON
  32. 32. REMEMBER … Jobs are not won by the person with the best skills and experience JOBS ARE WON BY THE PERSON WHO GIVES THE BEST PERFORMANCE And happens to have the right skills and experience
  33. 33. So … Before You Go On the Interview “Get Into Character”
  35. 35. ACT CONFIDENT An Expert In Your Field On Top Of Your Game Able To Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound
  36. 36. “Act” Like This - And You Win Confident & Relaxed Technically Competent Emotionally Mature
  37. 37. “Act” Like This - And You Lose Arrogant Desperate Like A Know It All Passive or Boring
  38. 38. The Interview Begins Here’s How To Excel
  39. 39. You’re On! Lights. Action. Take charge subtly make eye contact Smile
  40. 40. Interview Questions
  41. 41. Did You Know You Can Predict Every Question You Will Be Asked On The Interview
  42. 42. The First Question You Probably Will Be Asked Tell Me About Yourself
  43. 43. Tell Me About Yourself Here’s What The Interviewer Is Thinking Please Don’t Bore Me To Death WOW ME
  44. 44. Tell Me About Yourself Here’s How To “Wow The Interviewer”
  45. 45. Start small Then go BIG
  46. 46. Here’s How To “Start Small” Begin On A Personal Note Tell The Interviewer Some Personal Details About Yourself
  47. 47. This Makes The Interviewer Relax and Relate To You
  48. 48. Next … Begin To … DEFINE YOURSELF
  49. 49. Summarize Your … Education Level Total Years Of Experience Your Skills & Competencies
  50. 50. Then Go Big … Tell Them … What You Excel In The Value You Created
  51. 51. WHEN DESCRIBING “WHAT YOU EXCEL IN” Describe Specific Skills Such As …
  52. 52. • Digital Marketing • Cost Accounting • Satisfying Customers • Turning Managers Into Leaders • Generating Sales • Solving Problems • Hiring Great People • Teaching Special Needs Children • Lean Manufacturing • Etc. Etc. Etc.
  53. 53. Tell Them “The Value You Created” QUANTIFY YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS Grew sales $350,000 Cut costs by 25% Improved market share 20% Successfully completed 20 projects Acquired over 3,000 new customers Educated and motivated over 600 students
  54. 54. Next … Go Even … BIGGER… TELL THEM HOW YOU COULD HELP THEM Dominate Their Market Blow Away The Competition Get New Customers Create Technological Leadership Set New Standards Of Excellence Etc, Etc, Etc
  55. 55. When You Define Yourself As A Top Business Person You Capture Their Interest AND Set The Tone For The Rest Of The Interview
  56. 56. Questions About Your Work History
  57. 57. Your WORK HISTORY Don’t Just Tell Them What You Did Tell Them What You ACCOMPLISHED
  58. 58. Accomplishments Are
  59. 59. Results That Add Value To A Business Grew revenues Cut costs Turned around a bad situation Led organizational change Acquired more customers Educated Countless Students
  60. 60. Tell Stories About Your Work History Everyone Loves A Great Story Have 3 Stories Ready To Wow Your Audience
  61. 61. When Telling Stories Bottom Line Your Stories Always start with your conclusion Describe What The Situation/Problem Was Describe What You Did About It Describe The Results You Achieved
  62. 62. How Would You Answer This Question? Describe Your Management Skills
  63. 63. Effective Management Consists Of … Achieving Business Results Managing People & Teams
  64. 64. Achieving Business Results Means … You See The Problem or Goal You See The Solution You Set Goals To Achieve The Objective YOU GET TO RESULTS
  65. 65. Managing People Consists Of … 1. Developing A Team 2. Building Consensus 3. Managing Performance & Conflict
  66. 66. Always Show That You … Demand High Levels Of Performance (And do not settle for mediocrity) Are Willing To Make Tough Decisions (Including letting underperformers go)
  67. 67. In Other Words When Making Tough Decisions Don’t Be A Pussycat When You Need To Be A Doberman
  68. 68. How Will You Explain? Being Out of Work Gaps in Employment Lateral Moves Being Fired
  69. 69. Keep In Mind None of This Matters If … You are not insecure about it You don’t over explain it You are confident in your competency You speak with conviction
  70. 70. Your Communication Skills If You Do Not Speak Well YOU ARE DOOMED
  71. 71. Here Are Some Skills That Will Make Your Speaking Powerful & Dynamic
  72. 72. Use Sound Bites
  73. 73. Sound Bites Are Clear & Simple Statements “I know how to grow a business” “I know how to get results” “I’m ready to step up to the next level” “I’ve always been a top producer and I’m not going to stop now”
  74. 74. Here’s What’s Powerful About Sound Bites PEOPLE REMEMBER THEM
  75. 75. Politicians Use Sound Bites “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” “Ask not what your country can do for you …” “I’m going to build a wall – and have Mexico pay for it”
  76. 76. Madison Avenue Uses Soundbites Just Do It! Have It your Way Fly The Friendly Skies Melts In your mouth, not in your hand
  77. 77. Hollywood Uses Sound Bytes You Can’t Handle The truth Frankly Scarlett, I Don’t Give A Damn I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse
  78. 78. You Should Too It Makes What You Say Magnetic It Makes What You Say Memorable
  79. 79. By The Way It’s Not Just What You Say It’s How You Say It And How You Look When You Say It
  80. 80. How Do You Look When You Speak
  81. 81. Your Body Language Says You Are Confident Or Screams Shyness & Stress
  82. 82. This Is What The Interviewer Sees And You Don’t
  83. 83. By The Way Being Competent And Confident Is Worthless If Your Attitude Sucks
  84. 84. The Ultimate Interview Question
  85. 85. Why Should We Hire You?
  86. 86. AND
  87. 87. What Can You Do For Us That Other Candidates Can’t
  89. 89. These Are Terrible Answers Because It’s what everyone else says And They won’t make you STAND OUT Are you f_ _ _ king kidding me?
  90. 90. Before You Answer “Why They Should Hire You” You Must KnowYou Must Know Your Value
  91. 91. Your VALUE Is Always What You Can Do For The Company What You Can Do To Help Them Succeed Drive Revenue Growth Cut costs Satisfy Customers Improve Productivity Solve Problems
  92. 92. Always Emphasize Your Knowledge Skills Achievements and How You Can Make Them Successful
  93. 93. And – Always, Always, Always … Sell The Sizzle I KNOW HOW TO … Create new standards of excellence Turnaround bad situations Achieve new levels of growth Tell Why You Are Unique (This is no time to be modest)
  95. 95. A Review Of What It Takes To Excel In An Interview
  97. 97. Never Go Into An Interview COLD AND UNPREPARED
  98. 98. The Keys To Interview Success Preparation Performance Competency
  99. 99. Always Give Your Best Performance Act The Part Know Your Script Connect Emotionally
  100. 100. ALWAYS DEFINE YOURSELF As A Technical Expert Someone With Incredible Value Someone Perfect For The Job
  101. 101. Never Give Superficial Answers To Interview Questions
  102. 102. PAY ATTENTION TO What You Say How You Say It And How You Look When You Say It
  103. 103. Never Be Dull When You Can Sparkle
  104. 104. Speaking In Soundbites Will Make Your Speaking Sparkle
  105. 105. Never Be Boring It’s The Biggest Interview Sin
  106. 106. Always … Always … Always … Smile Be animated Maintain eye contact
  107. 107. Every Interviewer Looks For … Competence Intelligence Positive Personality Someone Easy To Work With Someone Who Will Help Them Succeed
  110. 110. Want To TRANSFORM Your Interview Skills
  111. 111. And STAND OUT From the Crowd
  112. 112. And Win The Job
  113. 113. Start With A Great Interview Coach
  114. 114. Joe Fallarino SVP Human Resources Executive Coach Business Consultant
  115. 115. Please Accept This Offer Free Coaching Session With Joe Fallarino
  116. 116. Call (516) 459 -5333 Now To Schedule Your Free Session
  117. 117. When You Work With Me You Will Get
  118. 118. Free Resume Critique
  119. 119. Job Search & Networking Assistance
  120. 120. Expert Coaching On Interview Questions
  121. 121. Answers To Questions Like Tell me about yourself? What are your biggest accomplishments? What's your management style? What’s your most significant weakness?
  122. 122. What is the most difficult situation you have faced? Why did you leave your last position? Why should we hire you?
  123. 123. Expert Insights On … Business Strategy Leadership Skills Speaking Skills
  124. 124. Guidance On How to Handle Phone Behavioral Panel Finalist Interviews
  125. 125. Plenty Of Exercises To Make You More Fluent More Captivating More Confident
  126. 126. I’ll Show You How To … Think Like An Owner Speak Like An Executive WIN THE JOB
  127. 127. REMEMBER Going Into An Interview Cold & Unprepared IS FATAL
  128. 128. If You Are Interviewing More AND SUCCEEDING LESS
  130. 130. Working With A Top Business Coach CHANGES EVERYTHING
  131. 131. Interview Coaching I Prepare You To Stand Out and Win
  132. 132. Wishing you the best on your next interview. Joe Fallarino (516) 459 - 5333
  133. 133. Your free coaching session is just a phone call away (516) - 459 – 5333
  134. 134. The Resume and Interview Studio (516) 459 - 5333 When You Want To Stand Out From the Crowd
  135. 135. Call to schedule your Free Coaching Session with Joe Fallarino BECAUSE YOU DESERVE AMAZING (516) 459 – 5333