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Welcome to The Bowman Agency, a full-service independent insurance agency serving Slidell, New Orleans, and the surrounding areas in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coasts. Since Wayne Bowman first opened the doors in 1958 you could depend on a Slidell Auto Insurance policy, Homeowners, Louisiana Workers Compensation, Surety Bonds or an array of business products and services for one or a thousand employees. The Bowman Agency is here to help you protect your home, family, and business.

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  • Maximize your employees experience by implementing our Performance management and employee reward and recognition programs in conjunction with our Essential management training
  • Optimize profits with BPS. We assist control costs by reducing time spent on paperwork. Reduce turnover and offer comprehensive HR programs that lead to better employee/employer communication and we offer legal assitance with Unemployment and WC claims
  • You can depend on our Experience.. Founded in 200 we have revolutionized the PEO industry and are currently focused on companies who have between 5 and 5,000 and curently have more than 30,000 worksite employees
  • The Bowman Agency

    1. 1. The Bowman Agency<br />
    2. 2. Who is TBA?<br />We are a comprehensive, full service Insurance Agency, Bonding Agent, Professional Employer Organization and HR Broker, assisting businesses implement effective employment management practices by finding the best suited policies and products available.<br />
    3. 3. Business Challenges<br />The top five critical factors forBusiness Owners in 2011:<br /><ul><li>Cutting cost and Liabilities
    4. 4. Retaining quality workers
    5. 5. Hiring dependable labor
    6. 6. Reducing Internal Administration
    7. 7. Increasing productivity, or doing more with less…</li></li></ul><li>Business Challenge Addressed<br />At TBA, we believe business growth and long-term success require access to experienced professionals and effective Insurance programs, employment management tools and services and we have access to a wide array of these services.<br />
    8. 8. Our Relationships:<br />Liability Management <br />Employee management<br />MAXIMIZE<br />
    9. 9. Our Relationships:<br />Cost control<br />Time Savings on Paperwork<br />Professional Compliance<br />Turnover<br />Professional HR<br />Better Employer/Employee communication<br />Up to date info on employer related labor law changes<br />Legal assistance with SUTA and WC claims<br />OPTIMIZE<br />
    10. 10. Our Agency:<br />Founded in 1958<br />Focused on 5 to 5,000 employees<br />Access to the best carriers in the country<br />EXPERIENCE<br />
    11. 11. Business Needs<br />Repeatedly, clients tell us they need:<br />Assistance in reducing overhead<br />To grow the business and spend less time on Administration in the Business<br />Employee Management assistance<br />To provide the best benefits they can afford<br />
    12. 12. Business Administration<br />Payroll + Payroll Administration<br />Tools<br />Web-based HRMS access<br /> For Administrators:<br /> Account information<br /> Employee data Reports<br />For Employees:<br /> Personal information<br /> Payroll history<br />Services<br />Administrative processing<br /><ul><li>Payroll processing
    13. 13. W-2 preparation and delivery
    14. 14. Tax processing and payment
    15. 15. Paid time off processing
    16. 16. Time and attendance service</li></ul>Unemployment claims support<br />
    17. 17. Payroll Reports<br /><ul><li>Billing by Department
    18. 18. Paid time off cost projection
    19. 19. GL reconciliation reports
    20. 20. Payment register
    21. 21. Payroll worksheets
    22. 22. Transaction history
    23. 23. Pay/deduction usage
    24. 24. Retirement reporting </li></ul>Online access for viewing, printing, downloading<br />
    25. 25. Time and Attendance<br /><ul><li>Web-based time submittal
    26. 26. Automated tracking of employee attendance
    27. 27. Real-time management reporting
    28. 28. Automated interfaces with Time Management, Payroll and Accounting Programs
    29. 29. Increased accuracy
    30. 30. Saves time, increases productivity</li></li></ul><li>Benefits Management<br />Benefits Administration<br />Tools<br />Web-based HRMS access<br />For Administrators:<br /><ul><li>Annual Benefits Enrollment
    31. 31. Reports</li></ul>For Employees:<br />Benefits information<br />Services<br />Benefit and insurance plan options<br />Retirement plans<br />Workers’ compensationEmployee Placement<br />
    32. 32. Risk Management<br />Procedures/Risk Management<br />Services<br /><ul><li>Policy and procedure audit
    33. 33. Risk assessment
    34. 34. Labor law posters
    35. 35. Employment practices liability insurance
    36. 36. Employee relations consultations
    37. 37. Separation counseling procedures
    38. 38. Employee handbook
    39. 39. HR forms library</li></li></ul><li>Risk Assessment<br /><ul><li>Conducted by industry certified Risk Consultant
    40. 40. Help improve safety, reduce employee injuries</li></ul> Identify exposure<br /> Review existing safety programs<br /> Provide examples of hazard-specific programs<br /> Provide management training<br /><ul><li>Nationwide Access to Risk Consultants
    41. 41. OSHA guidance
    42. 42. Reduce exposure</li></li></ul><li>Benefit Options<br /><ul><li>Medical
    43. 43. Dental
    44. 44. Vision
    45. 45. Life insurance
    46. 46. Accidental death & dismemberment
    47. 47. Short- and Long-Term Disability
    48. 48. Health Savings and Medical Savings accounts
    49. 49. COBRA</li></li></ul><li>Retirement Plan Options<br /><ul><li>Retirement savings options
    50. 50. 401(k)
    51. 51. SEP
    52. 52. IRA
    53. 53. 403(b)
    54. 54. Account access
    55. 55. Onsite Enrollment
    56. 56. Plan compliance
    57. 57. Administration
    58. 58. Fiduciary responsibility</li></li></ul><li>Workers’ Compensation Insurance(For PEO clients only)<br /><ul><li>Claims management
    59. 59. Local Representation
    60. 60. Central claim reporting center
    61. 61. Serious accident investigations and aggressive back to work program
    62. 62. Fraud investigations
    63. 63. Subrogation opportunities
    64. 64. Easy access to WC certificates
    65. 65. 20%-40% Savings Typical for most companies</li></li></ul><li>Labor Law Posters<br /><ul><li>Federal labor law posters provided</li></ul> State-specific posters available <br /><ul><li>Directions and assistance for display
    66. 66. Updated posters as laws change
    67. 67. Reduce risk of fines</li></li></ul><li>New Hire Forms <br /> Up-to-date, attorney-reviewed forms<br /><ul><li>Federal forms
    68. 68. Authorizations and consent forms</li></ul> Direct deposit, background check, drug screening, etc.<br /><ul><li>Employee application and data forms
    69. 69. Drug-free workplace acknowledgement
    70. 70. Guidelines for form retention</li></li></ul><li>Save Money on the “Have To” things like Workers Comp and HR<br />Net Savings on PEO WC Premium typically average between 20%-40% and there will never be Annual Audits or Premium Deposits<br /> If you currently outsource payroll TBAcan eliminate at least 50% of that cost without any loss of service.<br />These relationship generate savings by virtue of “Economies of Scale<br />
    71. 71. National Presence<br />By harnessing the power of our Local and National Resources, Professional Relationships and Premium Dollars we work for our clients so you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it! <br />
    72. 72. It’s time for you to find out how much TBA can do for you… Call or Click Today<br />800-955-0953<br /><br />