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  1. 1. Projects 1986 - 1989  Designed and built a machine for applying “retainer clips” on car door panels for the automotive industry  Designed and built a walkway platform spanning 31 feet across 2 buildings  Designed and built a test apparatus for analyzing the flow characteristics of polyurethane foam 1989 -1993  Conversion of a CV (continuous vulcanization) line from a steam cure system to a dry cure system at a cost of $2.3M 1993 - 1999  Installation of a new in-line Teflon extrusion line  Redesigned and built an extrusion profile cross-head for telecommunication cables  Decommissioned several production lines  Installation of several high speed wire pairing and cabling machines  Installation and commissioning of a $400K SAMP copper wire drawing machine
  2. 2. Projects2003 - 2009  Purchased and installed x-ray eccentricity gauges for feedback control of extruder rpm  Decommissioned the Nexans Canada plant in Vanier Quebec  Replaced several production line control panels with MMI touch screen control panels.  Decommissioned several production lines  Installed a new production line; intermediate wire drawing  Converted a copper wire drawing line to an aluminum wire drawing line  Replaced a 15 x 50 steam cure room with a larger and more efficient room  Relocated maintenance department  Rebuilt the main entrance and parking lot for the Vanier plant 2010 - 2013  Decommissioned the Corbec plant in Charlesbourg, Quebec  Managed, negotiated, engineered, and designed the installation of a new galvanizing plant in St. Augustin de Desmaures  Responsible for the purchase and installation of a high tech security system  Reorganized the entire office space, laboratory, plant floor and maintenance Corbec plant in Charlesbourg, Quebec
  3. 3. Continuous Improvement  Reduced scrap rate from 16% to 5% over a 4 year period with the implementation of WTFT ( waste task force teams)  Reduced start-up and shut down scrap on CV line by more than 50% (350m to 130m and 100m to 42m)  Reduced over consumption of PVC, PE and XLPE material by 10 to 15% on extrusion lines with the installation of Sikora eccentricity gauges  Reduced down-time by 30% on 6” extrusion line by installing 2nd pay-off and take-up (10min/reel chg x 15 reel chg /shift)  Improved overall product quality with on the run reel changes  Implemented 5S in the maintenance department  Carried out SMED on wire strander and cabler  Implemented a KanBan system for AC and Teck Cables  Reduced color change scrap by approximately 50%  Reduced non-conformances by more than 50% (flashes and de-zincs; increased caustic solution temperature)  Participated in the implementation of TMC (Theoretical Minimum Cost)  Reduced Zn consumption by 20%
  4. 4. Engineering and Maintenance  Introduced periodic vibration analysis of critical equipment  Introduced periodic gear box oil analysis  Introduced annual infrared inspections of electrical panel  Implemented a Red/Green tagging system for damaged equipment and tools  Computerized work order system, spare parts inventory and machine down-time history  Negotiated a VMI system (vendor management inventory) with major parts supplier  Maintained overall building integrity  Addressed all environmental issues and requirements as per government regulations  Insured that all ISO procedures and regulations were being respected  Replaced large DC motors with more efficient AC motors  Replaced 400watt mercury plant lighting with T6 florescent lighting system  Reduced labor costs by out sourcing certain equipment repairs ( lift tucks)  Implemented a data acquisition system on 17 production lines  Ensured the overall security of the plant  Prepared and issued EMP(Environmental Management Plan) report  Conducted an Arc Flash analysis of manufacturing facility  Prepared and implemented SOPs
  5. 5. Management Skills  Carried out employee performance evaluations 2 times a year  Prepared and presented monthly department performance reports  Applied disciplinary measures when necessary  Worked with the union collective agreement  Carried out monthly department meetings  Prepared yearly department objectives in accordance with the overall plant objectives  Managed professionals, supervisors, unionized personnel, mechanics, electricians, technicians, contractors, unionized employees and department managers  Managed production budgets, maintenance budgets, CI budgets, project budgets  Prepared monthly budget reports  Initiated and implemented productivity improvement work teams  Held daily production meetings  President of the H&S committee  Prepared and issued yearly environmental reports for head office in Paris  Implemented KPIs and performance dashboard  Prepared weekly labour reports (time cards and pays)  Managed human resources (hired salaried employees, absenteeism, training)  Part of the management team  Internal ISO auditor