Fifth Grade Lesson Study Cycle Report


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Main Idea and Detail Lesson Study Cycle Report for Fifth Grade with Pre and Post Assessment Data

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  • Fifth Grade Lesson Study Cycle Report

    1. 1. 5TH GRADE LESSON STUDY CYCLE:MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS (RC 2.3) Day 1 Facilitators: J. Espinosa & G. Gero Day 2 Facilitator: J. Espinosa January 18th -February 20th, 2013
    2. 2. Day 1: Lesson Study Cycle Planning
    3. 3. What Is Lesson Study?Lesson study is a process Japanese teachersengage in to continually improve the qualityof the experiences they provide for theirstudents. Lesson Study From Presentation by G. Gero, Ph D. Candidate at Claremont Graduate University 5
    4. 4. The Steps in Lesson StudyLesson study involves teachers comingtogether to work on three main activities: Identifying a lesson study goal to focus on Conducting a small number of “study lessons” that explore this goal Reflecting about the process (including producing written reports) From Presentation by G. Gero, Ph D. Candidate at Claremont Graduate University 6
    5. 5. Lesson Study: A Cyclical Process II. Observing the Research Lesson in Action I. Collaboratively III. Analyzing Planning the the Research Research Lesson Research Lesson Theme: Long- Term Goals for Students IV. Revising the V. Sharing the Research Lesson Research Lesson From Presentation by G. Gero, Ph D. Candidate at Claremont Graduate University
    6. 6. 5th Grade Research ThemeFor students to develop intrinsic motivation forlearning with consciousness about “quality”.
    7. 7. Fifth Grade Main Idea UbD Unit
    8. 8. Research Lesson (Observed Lesson)
    9. 9. Day 2: Lesson Study Observation, Debrief, and Revision
    10. 10. Observing the Research Lesson
    11. 11. Discussion of Observed Research Lesson
    12. 12. Pre and Post Assessment Results
    13. 13. Aggregate Data for Lesson Study
    14. 14. Class 1 Data for Lesson Study
    15. 15. Class 2 Data for Lesson Study
    16. 16. Class 3 Data for Lesson Study
    17. 17. Class 4 Data for Lesson Study