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M10 service management


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Published in: Technology, Business
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M10 service management

  1. 1. IntroductionMaster Class 10Service Management – InfrastructureManagementJosep Bardallo
  2. 2. 2NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagement04 / 12 / 2012Josep BardalloHow to Control and improve Services ?• Use of Best Practices• CobiT (Governance, Control and Audit forInformation and Related Technology ControlObjectives for IT)• ISO 27000 series• ITIL (IT infrastructure library)• ISO 20000 (Service management)• Measure & improvement …
  3. 3. 3NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagement04 / 12 / 2012Josep BardalloService Management Philosophy• Alignment with the organization’s current and futureneeds and those of its clients• Improvement of the quality of the services provided(continuous improvement)• Reduction of the long term of cost of the services
  4. 4. 4NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagement04 / 12 / 2012Josep BardalloITIL• Best practices that explain how an organization canmake better use of ICT resources (and manage).
  5. 5. 5NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagement04 / 12 / 2012Josep BardalloITIL Model
  6. 6. 6NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagement04 / 12 / 2012Josep BardalloITIL key points• Service management it’s a process• ITIL best practices define the processes (in 5 books)• 4 “P” : People, Products, Process, Partners• Users (use service) and clients (“pay” service and SLA)
  7. 7. 7NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagementITIL v3 Processes04 / 12 / 2012Josep Bardallo
  8. 8. 8NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagementService operations04 / 12 / 2012Josep Bardallo• Coordinate and carry-out day-to-day activities andprocesses to deliver and manage service at agreedlevels• Ongoing management of the technology that is used todeliver & support services
  9. 9. 9NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagementService Desk04 / 12 / 2012Josep Bardallo• Functional unit that act as a central contact pointbetween the user and IT Service management• Objective: Restore service to users as soon as possible• Manages Incident and Request Management processes
  10. 10. 10NetworkingServices&infr.//MasterinICTStrategicManagementIncident Management Workflow04 / 12 / 2012Josep Bardallo