Success Story in the Telecoms IndustryHow to increase 20% the responses to a marketing campaignin second and third wavesCu...
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Customer success story telecoms eng


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Customer success story in telecoms. Marketing campaigns efficiency

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Customer success story telecoms eng

  1. 1. Success Story in the Telecoms IndustryHow to increase 20% the responses to a marketing campaignin second and third wavesCustomer backgroundLeading company* in the telecommunications industry that provides its more than 15 million customers a complete portfolio of voice, data and internet-based services. It belongs to aninternational group with offices in more than 30 countries and with more than 300 million customers worldwide.Situation More than 6 million customers and more than 8 million telephone numbers to be analysed. Data and voice consumption over corporate and personal phone numbers (6 months). Historic and online marketing campaigns, contact information, statistical models. More than 1 TBs data, 14 DBs, 160 tables. More than 4 billon calls to be analysed.Detected needs Analysis of Tbs data in a unique and integrated way, identifying patterns, trends and implicit information. Building customer loyalty and improvement of customers retention and acquisition rates. Soon detection of business opportunities and faster and more trusted decision making. *Unrevealed due to customers data protection policy. 1
  2. 2. Solution ResultsImplementation of the Analytical CRM: Contact optimization in multiple-wave campaigns. 20% improvement of responses during second and third campaign waves. Integration of miscellaneous data: customers base, call center inbound and outbound, Integrated campaign management with instant results and adjustments on the fly. campaigns, web analytics, rates, invoicing, other lines. Soon identification of cross and up selling opportunities. Definition of tailor-made metrics that respond to the users’ business needs. Detection of customer loss of value and churn prevention. Segments matrix: new customers, active customers, inactive customers according to their value or behavior, in order to activate these segments. Rates simulation enabling a profitability comparison in online campaigns, before their launching. Analysis of responses to direct marketing campaigns: customer behavior before, during and after the campaign, depending on various metrics (consumption time, calls 6-month activity analysis performed by the Business Intelligence Area: frequency, calls price,...) Customers profile to offer them customized products. Customers data and voice consumption Sales analysis per campaign, total cost, ROI, additional sales per customer, cost Services evolution (sms, mms, data vs. voice, etc.) per customer, recovered customers, lost customers, optimal pricing analysis, etc. Evolution in the use of available services (games, streaming, tv, video, browsing,…) Customers micro-segmentation and scoring of customers who are prone to purchase. Profile of customers who abandon and more accurate segmentation in loyalty campaigns.Benefits Improvement of customers retention rates. Implementing the analytical CRM through More effectiveness in marketing campaigns. Improvement of customers acquisition rates. Quiterian DDWeb enabled business users to improve Prevention of customers attrition. 20% effectiveness in marketing campaigns. Control over all marketing campaigns. Costs and losses got reduced and, additionally, they could improve the Costs and losses reduction. customers retention and acquisition rates, while both the ROI and the Enhancement of average expense per customer (ARPU). average expense per customer got boosted. Bigger ROI. Improvement of customer experience. As a result, a more loyal and valuable customers portfolio was built. Increase of customers value and loyalty.Quiterian develops, markets and supports Visual Data Mining software that complements traditional BI and that analyses large volumes of raw data at record-breaking speeds. Quiterian includes advanced analytics andpredictive techniques and works on Big Data (at least 4TB). The simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform enables any business user to make use of it independently from the IT or data mining teams.Beyond traditional and predefined BI and visualization-based tools that focus on corporate and dynamic reporting, Quiterian DDWeb was featured in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for BI platforms 2011’ for “easing the use of DataMining and Statistical Analysis, and thus making these capabilities more broadly available.” Taking advanced and predictive analytical techniques as basis, Quiterian designs specific business solutions that are customized toeach one of its customers, regardless of their operating sector (including financials, insurance, ecommerce, utilities, retail, public transportation, logistics), delivering strategic value, competitiveness and efficiency to their users.Among its customers are leading companies in the telecommunications industry, such as Vodafone, Orange, Movistar or Clearwire.US headquarters is located in Miami, FL. The company has major offices in Los Angeles (CA), Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Lisbon and Mexico City. In 2010, Quiterian commenced an international expansion, broadeningtheir reach through the development of the Quiterian Business Partner Network. 2