Customer analytics. Turn big data into big value


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Customer Analytics. Turn Big Data into Big Value. A complete solution for Big Data Analytics

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Customer analytics. Turn big data into big value

  1. 1. Customer AnalyticsTurn Big Data into Big Value
  2. 2. 2Customer AnalyticsBIRT Analytics lets you capture the value of Big Data thatspeeds right by most enterprises. It analyzes massivevolumes of data coming in from multiple sources andformats, and turns them into clear, highly granularinformation, so you can understand your customersneeds and desires, segment accordingly and sell the rightproducts and services to the right customers.Your data should effectively inform your customerrelationship strategy. BIRT Analytics’ data discovery andmining tools let you quickly drill down into data to identifypatterns and hidden relationships, profile top buyers andaccurately forecast trends and profits.Easy-to-use advanced and predictive analytics toolsoptimize your marketing efforts, allowing you to identifymore cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, take actionto prevent potential churn, give immediate attentionto incoming leads, and effectively nurture your entirecustomer pipeline.Intuitive tools make working with data fast and easyfor your entire team. Every table, diagram, tree andmap is dynamic and recalculates instantly as you dragand drop data, and you can export your findings tographic presentations in seconds. Everyone in yourorganization gets a clear window into your data’s valuewithout no IT team dependence, so efficiency improvesacross your organization.BIRT Analytics lets you clearly visualize and understandcustomer information as soon as it comes in, so youquickly pinpoint customer needs, adapt productroadmaps and inform business strategy that’s based onreal customer knowledge.It integrates all types of information, from survey resultsto Tweets, to numeric purchasing data and campaignresponse rates, and even external data like demographics,market data or weather factors, so you get the mostcomprehensive understanding of everything that mightaffect sales. The result is an ability to really know yourcustomers, to respond them and to offer them the rightproducts and services.We’d like to introduce you to the tools and techniques thatmake BIRT Analytics the best customer analytics solutionfor companies with big data challenges that need to getthe most value out of their data in the shortest period oftime with the least amount of effort.“Before BIRT Analytics, extracting and analyzinginformation took considerable amount of ourtechnical experts’ time, and as a consequence we werenot providing the top service.BIRT Analytics has given our marketers autonomy andflexibility. They now get detailed customer knowledge,see behavior patterns and make movementpredictions quickly and easily.”Francisco Magarite, CIO at Inversis BankAll Your Data Integrated in Just One Place
  3. 3. 3Customer AnalyticsContents1. Data Sources 42. Data Exploration & Visualization 53. Data Enrichment & Data Cleansing 74. Analytics & Data Mining 85. Gallery 116. Segmentation & Data Selection 127. Campaign Workflow 138. iWorkflow: Process Automation 159. Import / Export 1610. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases A. Churn Analysis 17 B. Cross-Selling 18 C. Forecasting 19 D. Efficient Campaigns 20 E. Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) 21 F. Social Media 22 G. Web Analytics 24
  4. 4. 4Customer AnalyticsERP AdserverDemographicseMailingSocial MediaOther Data Sources1. Data SourcesBIRT Analytics integrates data from virtually any source into a single platformto give you a comprehensive, easy-to-analyze view of all your customers.CRMWebsite
  5. 5. 5Customer Analytics2. Data Exploration & VisualizationBIRT Analytics gives you a full range of exploration and visualizationtools so you can see and interact with your data in a variety of ways.All of your findings can be easily exported to Excel and other applications.Data TreeProvides a graphic view of the categoriesbeing explored. You can view all data, searchfor specific data and organize information foreasy analysis.Data QualityView details on the selected table, objector segment, including individual records,a summary, discrete values, graphics, statisticsor numeric frequencies.RepresentationsSee clear graphical representations of thefields being explored.
  6. 6. 6Customer Analytics2. Data Exploration & VisualizationFrequency RepresentationYou can summarize a field by categories and alsosee the percentage of the total value that eachcategory accounts for within the field.Values ChartsView all values of the field being explored andall the individual categories and records thateach one contains. You can search and selectvalues by just clicking on them.StatisticsUsed when exploring numeric fields. Anexhaustive range of statistical values is availableto you, including maximum, median, minimum,mode, sum, standard deviation and more.
  7. 7. 7Customer AnalyticsAggregatesGroup information from different tables andcross them to understand relationships. Youmight, for example, group information aboutorders placed in a table that contains customerdata to find out how many orders a particularcustomer has placed.DecodesDecode information in your new fields, transformcodes into descriptions, group different recordsinto a single category value and normalize names.Numeric RangesCreate new fields that convert continuouslydistributed variables into categorical variables.Numeric ranges divide a numerical variable intointervals.ExpressionsGenerate new fields that are calculatedaccording to functions and operations foundin other fields of the database.Quantile RangesGenerate new fields that convert continuouslydistributed variables into categorical variables.Quantile ranges create intervals that contain thesame number of records in each one.ParametricCreate a new column consisting of query-basedvalues. Normalize and remap existing columns.Queries can be formulated with values or fieldsbelonging to any table in the database, as longas the tables are linked correctly.3. Data Enrichment & Data CleansingBIRT Analytics does not limit you to cubes or predefined analyses. Youcan organize your data and cross information in unlimited ways, withoutdepending on your IT team for help. These tools allow you to view yourdata in full granularity and with total flexibility.
  8. 8. 8Customer AnalyticsVenn Diagram– Discovering HiddenRelationshipsCombine multiple segments to discover connections,relationships or differences. Explore customers thathave bought different categories of products andeasily identify cross-selling opportunities.Data Profiling– Identify CustomerAttributesSelect records from your data tree and generatecustomer profiles that indicate common featuresand behaviors. Use customer profiles to informeffective sales and marketing strategy.Forecasting – Time Series AnalysisForecasting enables you to adapt to changes,trends and seasonal patterns. You can accuratelypredict monthly sales volume or anticipate to thenumber of orders expected in any given month.4. Analytics & Data MiningBIRT Analytics puts advanced and predictive analytics techniques at yourfingertips, making it easy for you to gain insight into customer behavior andbe able to make business decisions based on real data in much less time.
  9. 9. 9Customer AnalyticsCustomer AnalyticsAssociation Rules – Cause/ Effect – BasketAnalysisThis technique detects relationship or affinitypatterns across data and generates a set of rules.It automatically selects the rules that are mostuseful to key business insights: What productsdo customers purchase simultaneously andwhen? Which customers are not buying andwhy? What new cross-selling opportunities exist?Decision Tree – Classify and Predict BehaviorBIRT Analytics has a dynamic classificationalgorithm that expands its knowledge and capacityas new classification rules are introduced. It learnsas rules are applied across the entire database sothat future classifications are fast and accurate.Classification helps you do things like selectthe right products to recommend to particularcustomers and predict potential churn.Mapping – Identify Geographical Zones
Mapping uses color-coding to indicate customerbehavior as it changes across geographicregions. A map divided into polygons thatrepresent geographic regions shows you whereyour churners are concentrated or where specificproducts sell the most.Clustering – Group More EffectivelyClustering helps you identify segments andhomogeneous groups so that precise offeringsand messaging can be defined. It also helpsyou group web visitors or prospects by specificattributes so you can more easily and accuratelytrack customers and understand behaviors.
4. Analytics & Data Mining
  10. 10. 10Customer AnalyticsPivot Tables – Correlate Values andBuild Reports on the FlyPivot tables let you cross fields freely while thesystem instantly recalculates. Tables and chartschange as values are dragged and dropped, butinformation can be captured in reports at anytime. Pivot tables can give you a clear picture ofthings like the net profit for each campaign orthe most-sold product by customer profile.Pareto’s – 80-20 RuleBIRT Analytics makes it easy to test Pareto’s80-20 principle on your data. It lets you see thefinancial dimension of customer performanceand measure the efficiency of your business.Evolution – Draw Dimensional CorrelationsDimensional correlations present the evolutionof values over time by crossing differentvariables and scenarios. You can see, for example,the evolution of a particular product or range ofproducts during a specific time period.4. Analytics & Data Mining
  11. 11. 11Customer AnalyticsGallery views are designed from scratch inminutes. Each one can be set up to analyzea group of indicators that reveal key businessinsights. Use these measurement graphics tomake sense of complex information at a glance.You can present your progress on all keyvariables defined in your customer strategy ina single view.CylinderCylinder volume changes according to thevalue selected.FunnelDisplays multiple data segments in coloredbands to allow for quick comparison ofsegments.SpeedometerShows you where your data falls withinparameters you define, which might be specificobjectives you have established.EqualizerColor-based bar indicator that shows you howdata fall within established parameters so youcan quickly spot any deviations.Color LEDSpheres that change color depending onwhether they are greater than, equal to or lessthan an established baseline.5. GalleryThe BIRT Analytics gallery displays indicators that help you toview, present, publish and distribute information. They are easy tocreate and can include results that come from analysis, data model,organizational needs and other sources.
  12. 12. 12Customer AnalyticsVisual Segmentation
Drag and drop interaction with your data letsyou classify your database, assign discretevalues, generate new customer groups, combinesegments, filter them by category, and otheractions that give you complete control andvisibility of your data.Complex Segmentation Simplified
BIRT Analytics’intuitive interface enables fastadvanced segmentation across your entiredatabase. Complex and parametric queriesare easy to build from its dynamic graphicalinterface.6. Segmentation & Data SelectionBIRT Analytics allows you to graphically view and interact with records orgroups of records. It’s the most intuitive way to gain quick insight from yourdata. You can extract records and apply complex conditions in seconds.Graphic segmentation even allows you to merge and correlate data fromtables that are not directly linked.
  13. 13. 13Customer AnalyticsComprehensive Campaign Management
BIRT Analytics makes campaign creation andmanagement easy. You can schedule actions,grant specific user permissions per stage, andbetter define your target and overall campaignstrategy. You get total control over your recordsand can perform every necessary campaignaction, from random sampling to Robinsonexclusions to applying marketing codes.Stage-Based Workflow Management
Campaign Workflow lets you define and orderactions for every campaign stage, determinewhich team members will have access to thecampaign, and assign actions to different usersthroughout each stage.7. Campaign WorkflowCampaign Workflow is BIRT Analytics’integrated end-to-end marketingcampaign management module. It gives you comprehensive visibilityof all customers, suppliers and staff, so you can analyze responsesbetter and make the right decisions.
  14. 14. 14Customer AnalyticsCampaign Progress Visibility
View your campaign as a timeline to quicklysee progress and identify incomplete actions.Campaign Results Evaluation
Immediately identify micro-segments thatrepresent high response rates in order to modifyyour campaign on the fly for better overallresults. Easily analyze campaign results in detailto discover hidden patterns and trends andknow exactly how to improve future campaigns.7. Campaign Workflow
  15. 15. 15Customer Analytics8. iWorkflow: Process AutomationAutomate your workflow to stay on top of every process andcollaborate more efficiently. Set up notifications to automaticallyassign incoming leads to regions, inform agents as soon as new leadsenter, alert the sales director when no new leads enter the CRM in a24 hour period or when purchases drop below a defined level.iWorkflow gets the whole sales pipeline running smoothly.Workflow Definition
Set up actions and user roles. When an action istriggered by an event, date or value, processesare executed. Team members participate in theprocess per their assigned roles, as one actionflows to the next.Task Scheduling
The task planner allows you to define actionsthat you want triggered by specific events,and to delegate these actions across yourorganization according to established securitycriteria.
  16. 16. 16Customer Analytics9. Import / ExportThis functionality allows you to build a strong data model by loadingand linking unlimited additional information from external sources inorder to gain deeper customer insight.ImportEnrich your analytical database by importing anykind of flat file containing external informationsuch as demographics or market data.ExportCreate new tables from data that can be eitherused as temporary bases of analysis or exportedto a CSV text file.
  17. 17. 17Customer Analytics1. Using a Venn diagram you canidentify customers that were previously activebut are currently less responsive or completelyunresponsive.2. Extrapolate the characteristics ofthese inactive customers to all current customersusing a Decision Tree, which creates a new tablein your database.3. The resulting database classificationenables you to identify those likely to churn soyou can modify marketing and sales campaignsaccordingly.In this section we show you exactly how BIRT Analytics techniques andfunctionalities help you with specific sales and marketing challenges.When you have the capacity to understand customer behavior you canforecast more accurately, strategize more effectively and improve yourevery sales and marketing effort.10. Instant Advanced Analytics CasesA) Churn Analysis
  18. 18. 18Customer Analytics1. Use drag and drop functionalityto cross data and identify customers who arebuying certain categories of products or are notbuying at all.2. Add new segments to uncoveradditional cross-sell opportunities.3. In a single click you will be able toidentify customers that represent potential salesopportunities and customize campaigns thatoffer them exactly the product or service theyare most likely to buy.B) Cross-Selling10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  19. 19. 19Customer Analytics1. Easily calculate the projection of atime series by dragging and dropping the tablethat contains historical information.2. Perform a pre-calculation todetermine if the available data is likely toproduce a reliable projection.3. The system will calculate basedon the number of projections selected whileadjusting for seasonal fluctuations.C) Forecasting10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  20. 20. 20Customer Analytics1. The Decision Tree uses a C 4.5algorithm to quickly get information about aspecific group (attributes that people who buysoftware have in common, for example) andapply it to another group (customers who haveonly purchased hardware).2. It then takes the results of thiscalculation and performs a more precisecustomer segmentation for the group.D) Efficient Campaigns10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  21. 21. 21Customer Analytics1. Use an RFM analysis to accuratelyforecast sales over a period of months so youcan identify possible decreases in sales andstrategize to prevent them from occurring.2. Start by identifying the percentage ofyour customers that are active and purchasingconsistently.3. Apply a decision tree algorithm tofind out the best target out of non active ones.Inferring the RFM Classification to you potentialtarget.E) Recency, Frecuency, MonetaryValue (RFM)10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  22. 22. 22Customer Analytics1. You can use BIRT Analytics tocompare your Twitter success to that of yourcustomers by extracting data from Twitter andtracking accounts with defined keywords.2. You’ll be able to see how manypeople are following your accounts and those ofyour competitors, broken down by day.3. The information is available in a chartthat displays at-a-glance updates.F) Social Media:Twitter Followers10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  23. 23. 23Customer Analytics1. Find out from which operatingsystems and sources people are engaging withyour social media accounts.2. Use sentiment analysis and get amatrix of influencers that impact your accounts.3. Find out which accounts are mostactive, by hour or by language.Social Media: Other Analyses10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  24. 24. 24Customer Analytics1. Gauge the effectiveness of youronline marketing campaigns by starting with aVenn diagram.2. Cross the number of total websitevisits with the segment to which you sent thecampaign. Cross in the number of websitevisits associated with the campaign. If a largerpercentage of website visits is unrelated to yourcampaign, you can conclude that you needimprove segmentation for the next campaign.3. Campaign results can also be viewedby geographical region.G) Web Analytics10. Instant Advanced Analytics Cases
  25. 25. 25Customer AnalyticsBIRT Analytics turns your Big Data challenges into big value opportunities. It integra-tes all your data sources into one intuitive tool. It even allows you to cross in externaldata that takes into account seasonal variables, market changes, demographic fac-tors or anything that might impact sales.Your entire company benefits from a comprehensive analytics solution that givesnon-technical users a range of easy-to-use graphical tools so they can quickly gaininsight from complex data. They will analyze, segment, profile and forecast accura-tely with no dependence on your IT team.BIRT Analytics is the one data solution that truly gets the most out of your data.It gives your company total visibility of information coming in by the second andmakes it easy to roll out sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and customer loyaltystrategies that work.Want to know how BIRT Analytics can address your specific customer analyticschallenges and help you get the most value out of your data?E-mail us at and we’ll schedule an appointment ata time that’s convenient for you.Test drive BIRT Analytics completely free for 30 days.Sign up today at Corporation951 Mariners Island BoulevardSan Mateo, CA 94404Tel: (+ 1)