Brochure the essentials for partnering with quiterian eng


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Quiterian partnership

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Brochure the essentials for partnering with quiterian eng

  1. 1. Quiterian Business Partner Network Fast track for Business Objects, Cognos and SPSS VARsThe essentials for partnering with Quiterian5 keys towards differentiation, business opportunities, profitability and growth ......................................1. Quiterian: Visual Data Mining “ Quiterian and its Dynamic Data Web product (...) to complement traditional BI Effectively a large-scale data discovery offering, its core valueA differentiated offering, with proven value and quick ROI. proposition is easing the use of data mining and statistical analysis, and thus making these capabilities more broadly available ” Self-service, advanced and predictive analytics. Immediate business insights from large raw data sets. Rita L. Sallam, James Richardson, John Hagerty, Bill Hostmann. Intuitive and agile data mining techniques for business users. “Statistical and Predictive Analytics” (research notes), Shorter time cycles than traditional BI. Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms January 27, 2011 ......................................2. Commitment with our partners’ business Sales & Marketing support 4. Benefits: Less costs, more sales, less risks Lead generation activities and relevant events sponsoring. Maximize the value of your current customers base: Customized communications plan to promote the strategic alliance and to generate awareness. Enhance the value of your customers portfolio. Goal-focused contents to replicate business cases. Gain additional incomes from the sale of licenses with no extra customer acquisition cost. Technical support Increase the business volume of PS. Staff training (business, consultant, systems programmer). New business opportunities: Quiterian Campus for e-learning. Support and continuous monitoring. Develop a more competitive portfolio with customers from all business industries (health, telecoms, retail,...) Take advantage of Quiterian’s know how and our +150 specific business solutions (SBS).3. Approach to our partners’ role High margin over license and maintenance (on-premise). PS for high value and differentiated business services. 5. Transparency and openness PS for implementation and future enhancements. We never compete with our partners. Any agreement on terms and conditions is made on both sides. We keep a restricted number of partners per area/sector to try Online resources. Click on the name of each to avoid overlaps between them. document for extra information. u +150 Specific Business Solutions Catalogue Ask for the whole Partnership Program at u BI Professional Services u The value of partnering with Quiterian