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Brochure quiterian DDWeb


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Quiterian Analytics - Product Brochure

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Brochure quiterian DDWeb

  1. 1. To be more competitive and efficientThe fastest and easiest Data Miningand Predictive AnalysisQuiterian helps companies to be more competitive: Getting more value from data sooner Anticipating the future in order to react earlier Empowering users while reducing IT costs
  2. 2. 1. 2.Quick data load. Exploration at once, without limits. Logical and physical audit.iLoader is the ETL (extraction, transformation and loading Once uploaded, the source data in the analytical envi-of data) high speed (minimum 10Gb/hora) that incor- ronment, they are available for analysis without limits, porates data from various sources in any format (Oracle, without cubes nor preparations. The first step is to ex-MSSQL, xls, txt, ODBC, OLEDB, etc.) to Database column- plore, navigate through the various tables, fields, values based analytics to analyze large volumes of data providing and identify the inconsistencies of the relational modela thousand times faster performance than traditional RDB. (number of links between tables, duplicate, orphan re- cords), out of range values, null, value distribution, maxi-Data available at the time mum, minimum, statistical, etc.Upload speed close to a million records per minute. Secure access The only limit is the administrator. Access Log. Ideal to ensure Personal Data Protection Acts. Source data Analytical DB ETL External sources Without cubes • No aggregates • No metadata The user can enrich the data model instantly (decoding, expressions, ranges, etc..).Dynamic Data Web• The innovative 2.0 business intelligence platform that, based on Data Mining and Predictive Analysis techniques, allows users to anticipate in order to react earlier and empowers them, reducing IT’s costs and workload.• Additional to traditional BI systems
  3. 3. 3. 4. Dynamic Analysis, interactive, Publication and distribution of no waiting. Predictive Analysis results. Dynamic Reporting and and Data Mining Techniques. Dashboard in minutes. Users who know business may cross any data instantly It allows easily sharing and rapid test results, create indi- to obtain immediate answers that allow them to get va- cators (KPIs), dashboards, and publish them on the fly for lue from data soon. Without being a specialist, by your- a group of users. Authorised people have in their folder self, you can find hidden relationships, opportunities, on the new reports that can interact dynamically, print, threats, profiles, trends, different geographical areas export, etc. (mapping), groups or clusters, etc.. interactively, selec- ting, saving, going back, comparing, exporting the re- With the new module DDWeb Office, you can make sult, ... obtaining relevant knowledge for day to day and massive exports on Microsoft Office Excel templates and increasing your capability to anticipate. distribute reports automatically to the relevant people within the organization. With the new module I-Workflow, you can set workflows that can be automated, and improve the efficiency of processes and the competitiveness of organizations. Security and confidentiality Users will access only the authorized reports and the con- tents allowed to leave trace of all actions performed. DDWeb includes advanced Data Mining and The fastest way to build a scorecard on the fly, Predictive Analysis techniques for a more based on the data, no cubes, no aggregates. accurate business knowledge and in order to Anticipate, Optimize and Automate. New modules:Campaigns Manager, Sending e-mail and SMS, Web Analytics and iWorkflow Leading organizations from various sectors already use DDWeb: Health • Marketing • Transportation • Security - Police • Retail • Banking and Finance • Pharmacy • Public Administration • Telecommunications • Utilities Learn about various industry-specific and business solutions at
  4. 4. Quick start Common methodology of implementation. Days The Dynamic Analysis DDWeb system is Average length implanted in a short period of time. Installation, data loading, auditing, analytical model. 3 A typical project lasts less than a month. * Standard Project User training 2 No cubes needed. IT Training for administration and loadings 2 Data is being loaded and are available for analysis. Users must Accompanying users in first analysis 1-5 know the business and data model. Accompanying IT in regular loadings automation 1 Added value professional Services (Data Quality, security, * Deadline usually based on experience in dozens of complex projects N marketing, campaigns management, epidemiology, fraud, etc.) average. The duration of this first phase depends on the complexity and diversity sources. The minimum requirements for a regular installation: Engine server Applications server • CPU: Pentium IV 1,5MHz • CPU: Pentium IV 1,5MHz DDW Application DDW Engine • Disk space: 1GB free + space for BD • Available disk space: 1GB (depending on volume) • RAM memory: 1GB • RAM memory: 1,5GB • Target network • Target network Client Multibrowser • CPU: Pentium IV 1,5MHz • RAM memory: 512MB • Target network DB Backend Analytic DB Main technical features • Cutting-edge technology, web application, developed with technology. NET client access to technology engine and JavaScript, XHTML and AJAX. • Multilayer architecture based on SOA standards, cross browser accessible. • Customer Rico (rich client) for Dynamic Data Analysis with xtra user interface user friendly and customizable item per customer. • Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Turkish, Polish. • Supports all major web browsers (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). • New graphics, export possibilities for analyzing data and sharing between users. • High performance analytical database. Speed x1000 times faster than the RDB. • Volumes (records): International Bank> 4x109, mobile operators:> 2x109, Retailer> 1.2 x109, Travel> 2x109. • High Scalability: load balancing and flexibility for data management and prevention of bottlenecks. • Advanced Security: LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integrated ACL (Access Control List) for access to functions and data (objects, records, securities), Law on the Protection of Personal Data (definition of sensitivity of data, access log, restrictions, etc), restricted access keys and key expiration policy, credentials, temporary access security policy of least privilege (denied by default), share permissions system for saving reports, record access logs and audit access, control of concurrent sessions and termination of sessions, etc..EUROPE HEADQUARTER - QUITERIAN BARCELONA USA HEADQUARTER - QUITERIAN MIAMI C/ Frederic Mompou 5, Edif. Euro 3, Planta 3ª 2655 LeJeune Road, Suite 810 E-08960 Sant Just Desvern (España) Coral Gables, FL 33134 +34 93 371 44 70 1-305-442-4890