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How to use evernote


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tutorials on how to use Evernote

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How to use evernote

  1. How to use Jose Noel C. Rodriguez
  2. Go to : …And press “enter”
  3. Click : Create Account
  4. Fill out this form and click “Register”
  5. Check your email for confirmation from “Evernote”
  6. Click : Confirm Registration
  7. Click : Download Evernote
  8. Click : Get Evernote for Windows
  9. Click : Save File…then wait until downloading is finished
  10. In the downloads window of yourBrowser, double click “Evernote”
  11. Click : Run until the installation is completed
  12. Look for the short-cut icon on your desktop… double click Evernote
  13. To create a notebook, click File… then click New Notebook in the menu
  14. There are two (2) different types ofNotebook you can create in EvernoteLocal Notebook –is only stored on yourhard drive and not shared with the cloudSynchronized Notebook – is a notebookthat you are willing to share with the cloud
  15. Type the name of your Notebook and click the type of notebook you’re creating …then, click OK
  16. Every notebook you have created willappear in the left Notebooks column
  17. How to create a Note, A Webcam Note, And an Audio Note
  18. To create a note : Click the specific note, …then click New Note 2 1
  19. Type in your note title first…. Then, start writing your content 1 2
  20. To create a Webcam Note, click File, then click New Webcam Note
  21. In the webcam window, click Take Snapshot
  22. Then click – Save to Evernote
  23. Your Webcam note is now saved in your evernote account
  24. To create Audio Note, click File, then click New Audio Note
  25. Click Record and start recording your voice / audio note
  26. Click Save to end your recording
  27. Your Audio Note is now saved in your Evernote Account
  28. Now let’s learn how we canavail and enjoy Evernote’s quick webpage saving or clipping feature.
  29. In Firefox browser- search for Evernote Web ClipperYou can use other browser, it would end up pretty much the same
  30. Click Evernote Web Clipper : Add-ons for Firefox
  31. Click : +Add to Firefox
  32. Click : Install Now
  33. Click : Restart Now
  34. Click : Get the Web Clipper
  35. Click : + Add to Firefox again
  36. The Evernote Logo is now appearing in the upper right side corner
  37. We are now ready to use the Evernote’s webpage saving feature.Let’s start by opening anyone of your favorite webpages.
  38. Click the Evernote Icon to the corner right of your webpage to save to your Evernote Account
  39. Then click : Clip Full Page
  40. Click : Yes
  41. You will get an Evernote Window of the webpage that you want to save
  42. Click : the notebook icon on the upper right side of your windowThen, click the specific notebook you wish to save this webpage
  43. You will see a message “Updating Client Database” at the lower right side Wait for a few minutes until it is completely saved in your Evernote account
  44. To confirm this, you can go to yourEvernote Notebook where you saved it
  45. Another amazing feature of Evernote is saving photos orimages from any webpage or computer files to your Evernote Account
  46. To do this, click the images from the webpage and drag them to your Evernote Page
  47. The photos you clicked & dragged are now saved in your Evernote account
  48. If you are using otherbrowsers like Chrome Google or Comebird, you can install the Evernote web clipper by searching for it using your desired browser…
  49. …By clicking the rightwebpage that would enable you to through the proper procedure of downloadingand installing Evernote Web Clipper in your browser
  50. The End This tutorial was created by Jose Noel C. RodriguezTo help beginners learn the basic use & features of EVERNOTE A Note taking & Archiving Software Jose Noel C. Rodriguez