Namma metro - social media plan


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A project done as a part of my certificate course - Integrated Digital Marketing

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Namma metro - social media plan

  1. 1. social media marketing plan
  2. 2. CommunicationObjective“ Attract young Bangaloreans to use Namma Metro”
  3. 3. SToP over ! Segmentation People who travel in Bangalore People who People who don’t own a own a vehicle vehicle Prefer to travel Uses other Using auto by own vehicle means also, for Using bus rickshaw / cab all times convenience Targeting Positioning Green, smooth and effortless ride across the city, packaged with technology & modernity, seasoned to match local flavour.
  4. 4. LISTEN Social mentionsStreaming topics Namma Metro Travelling in Bangalore Bangalore traffic Bangalore photography Cab goers in Bangalore Low floor buses Bangalore Influential blogs .. (blog level research) Rickshaw driver menace Bangalore  Banglued Green Bangalore  Bangalore buzz  Bangalore –city blog  Bangalore belly  Bangalore metblogs  Namma metro tales  Namma metro photo blog
  5. 5. PREPARE Social Media Strategy Framework PR & Marketing 4 R’s of Customer Service Sales social media marketing  Recognition  Reward  Relationship  Retain
  6. 6. Targeting Social Media to Your Business Goals Business Drivers GoalsFinancial Revenue • 10% increase in online ticket sales Expenses •Limit ad spent to $13000 for a 60 days Leads campaignCustomers Customer experience/satisfaction • Build relationship and retain customers Customer service/support •Address maximum customer issues Building community • 25000 facebook fans • 1500 twitter followersBrand Awareness • Positioning Namma Metro as a youth Thought leadership oriented brand Innovation
  7. 7. Measuring in Conjunction with Marketing Goals Tool Purpose and Strategy Rank PriorityBlog Thought leadership, depth, 2 engagement, linking & guest postsTwitter Headlines, engage, sales, 3 solve service issues, competitor insightWebsite Customer care, facilitating 4 ticket salesFacebook Social, friendly, link to 1 website and blog, videoYouTube Amazing stories, brand 5 awareness
  8. 8. ENGAGEnamma metro - photography competition Facebook (ask fans to register for event) Twitter (micro blogs about the event) Blogs (posts best pics daily, selected by panel) Youtube (videos of namma metro as well as event promotion) Website (host event, enable online ticketing platform)
  9. 9. MEASUREFacebook ( Awareness, drive traffic to Blog (Customer support, satisfaction, website, relationship) thought leadership, insights) # of Fans of members in your group  Total # of posts or average page views per post Percentage of items shared on Facebook  Traffic overall or per post by services like Google Analytics Percentage of traffic driven to website  Subscriber counts via an RSS Facebook fan page analytics  Comment counts per post (measures engagement)Twitter (Thought leadership, brand awareness) Youtube (brand awareness) # of followers  # of views # of retweets of all links  # of shares # of people who respond (@) to questions, polls, etc.  # of comments Percentage of traffic driven to website Became a trending topic or not Website (Monetization)  Revenue generated through online ticket sales
  10. 10. BUDGETTING Total Campaign Budget - $13,000 Facebook Ads - $10,000 Blog content (paid) - $1,000 Website & App development - $2,000