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Ascent Corporate Brochure


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Ascent Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. ISO 9001: 2000CERTIFIED Shares your Vision in pursuit of Excellence Isaiah J Mathiaas B.Sc., M.S. (IT), FICWA, FCS, FIV, CAIIB, PGDBA, PGDMA, AAAI (Lond.), CFE, MBIM (Lond.), MAIIE (Georgia, USA) President Tel: +971 4 3515967, Fax: +971 4 3515968, Mob: +971 50 2892912 E-mail:, Website:, Post Box No: 13334 Dubai, UAE Office No: Tel: +971 4 3975838, Fax: +971 4 3975845 SINGAPORE - USA - UAE - KSA - INDIA
  2. 2. ● Have you ever thought of what would be the ideal condition of your business that leads to Excellence?● Have you ever asked why your business is not running optimally, the way you would like it to be?● Do you know if you are reaching the full potentials of your business, Efficient & Profitable, Highly Leveraged & Geared?The above are questions that every businessman asks. Most businesses today are not reaching theirpotential in terms of Profitability, Quality and Sustainability.At Ascent Management Consultants, our busi-ness is to help you find answers to your questionsand solutions to your business problems and turnthem into opportunities.Who are we?Established in 1988, Ascent Management Con-sultants is one of the leading International Man-agement Consultants providing Organizational,Financial and Management solutions. We are anISO 9001: 2000 certified company and operatingacross the Globe through our Branches and Af-filiates with good presence in the major part of The Ascent Consulting GroupMiddle East. Ascent Management ConsultantsWe are part of the Ascent Consulting Group which In today’s increasingly complex business and In-has Expert teams and Domain specializations ca- dustrial Scenario, Management Consulting hastering to its valued clientele through a Single Stop become a core business activity and used acrossTotal Business Solutions Approach supported with the globe as a catalyst for Improved Business Per-a unique and tested methodology. formance and Measurement.Our methodology ensures Global Bench marking Ascent Management Consultants helps leadingagainst International Best practices adhering to enterprises from the industrial and service sectorsagreed time and delivery commitments, ensuring develop, build and operating solid businesses de-its clients reap the benefit on enhancing market livering growth through sustained shareholders’share, increasing profitability, reducing wasteful value .These organizations were then enabled toexpenditures with overall Productivity Improve- redefine, redesign and remodel their businessesment. Ascent’s capabilities and intellectual capital structure systems and controls improving opera-are enhanced by its domain specialist, geographic tional efficiency and seizing opportunities createdrange, and hands-on approach. For 18years, Ascent by the market through its inherent changes.Management Consultants has worked with lead-ers of major industries in Chemicals, Pharmaceu- Ascent has created its niche position in the mar-ticals, Communications, IT, Technology, Consumer ket through its own valued clientele who are be-Goods, Financial Services, Health Care, Media and ing serviced in Corporate Strategy, Advertising,Entertainment, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail Marketing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Pro-and Transportation. cess /Cost Performance Management, Operations Research and Supply Chain, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions, Business Process Out- sourcing (BPO) and Business Excellence Models “We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” – Lee Iacocca
  3. 3. THE ASCENT GROUP’S INTEGRATED SERVICE APPROACH ASCENT MANAGEMENT ASCENT MIDDLE ASCENT AUDITING ASCENT VALUERS ASCENT ISI SIX SIGMA CONSULTANTS EAST ASSOCIATES & SURVEYORS CONSULTANTS Corporate Valuation of Six Sigma Private Equity Audit Strategy Business Consultancy Marketing & Valuation of Six Sigma Hedge Funds Attestation Advertising Fixed Assets Training Programs Total Quality Valuation of Executive Overview Asset Management Governance Management Current Assets of Six Sigma Cost & Performance Initial Public Valuation of Six Sigma Finance Management Offerings Intangibles Yellow Belt Business Process Mergers & Property Six Sigma Projects Management Acquisitions Management Green Belt Operations Research Six Sigma Financial Services Process Innovation Quantity Surveying & Supply Chain Black Belt Enterprise Resource DFSS Supplement IT Solutions Planning to DMAIC Black Belt Business Process Risk Management Lean Six Sigma Outsourcing Business Excellence Sigma Innovation Business Setup Models & TRIZAscent Auditing Associates Ascent Middle East Ascent Middle East is a Boutique Investment Funding andWe are a team of Auditing and Risk Professionals with decades Financial Advisory Center where investors could seek assis-of experience in industry, banks and service sectors providing tance in their investments. Ascent also manages their fundstop of the line improvements in structures, systems and inter- ensuring significant yields. Through Private Equity Ascent hasnal controls supporting organizations towards good gover- networked with a large number high Net worth Individualsnance and risk management as well as Corporates who as part of their Investments place funds on Projects meeting their prescribed criteria and inWith the post 2000 experience of corporate debacles in most de- long run developing a value chain in Industrial Development.veloped markets, the Global Economy has been focusing on Good Ascent Middle East, a member of Hedge Funds Association, isGovernance, Structured Board Management and Restructuring of part of the estimated $1.3 trillion industry and growing everyCapital Markets thereby protecting Shareholders’ Interest. year, with approximately 9000 active hedge funds.Hedge fund strategies tend to hedge against downturns in the marketsUniform Accounting Conventions and Practices across the being traded.Globe through International Accounting Standards and Gen-erally Accepted Accounting Practices are turning the globalcorporate world into structured, legally compliant and Over-sight Boards duly assisted by good audit firms.In support of this international changing trend and bringinguniformity in Internal Control, Good Governance and Protect-ing Share Holder’s Interests through Improved Disclosure andin Compliance to International Accounting Standards/ Inter-national Financial Reporting Standards, Ascent Auditing As-sociates renders the following services: Auditing Attestation,Governance, Finance, Projects, Process Innovation, IT Solutions,Risk Management and Business Setup.
  4. 4. ”An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack WelchThrough its global partnership, Ascent Middle East is able toaccess strategic buyers, merger candidates and financial re-sources around the world to deliver exceptional results fortheir clients. Whether selling your company, divesting a divi-sion, or planning to acquire one, look to us to help you navi-gate through the complexities and realize your business ob-jectives. Ascent Middle East can help you in Private Equity,Hedge Funds, Asset Management, IPO’s, Mergers and Acquisi-tions and Financial Services.Ascent Valuers and SurveyorsWe are a team of Valuation and Surveying Professionals whoappraise the top management on valuation of businesses,large properties, farms and estates with special expertise inthe valuation of Fixed Assets, Current Assets and Intangiblesboth Knowledge Assets (like patents, brands and intellectualproperty) and Organizational Assets (such as Business Mod-els and Designs) that create value using advanced economic,mathematical and statistical tools.In this world of change with every moment of time, valuationof businesses, its assets, its liabilities including intangibles likebrands and goodwill are all becoming Change Oriented withTime Value of Money, highly Knowledge Based in an openBandwidth economy and Technology Driven. The importanceof Value Determination through Improved Methodologiesbecomes significantly relevant to protect all stakeholders of Ascent draws on the technical expertise of its strategic partner,businesses. Ascent Valuers and Surveyors offer the following: the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). The Indian Statistical Insti-Fixed Assets Valuation, Valuation of Business, Valuation of In- tute (ISI) is a premier International Educational, Training andtangibles, Property Management and Quantity Surveying. Consultancy Center of Excellence with decades of experience in this field.Ascent ISI-Six Sigma ConsultantsAscent promotes the use Six Sigma methodology as an ap- Aside from offering Six Sigma Consultancy, Ascent ISI Sixproach which can provide solutions to business related issues Sigma offers Training Programs on Executive Overview of Sixon quality, efficiency and efficacy through its Ascent-ISI Six Sigma, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six SigmaSigma Consultants. The fundamental definition of Six Sigma Black Belt, DFSS Supplement to DMAIC Black Belt and Lean Sixcapability refers to a process where the centre of the process always from the nearest specification limit by six standarddeviations of the process. Therefore, it is a measure of capabil- Our Service Conceptity of the process which in turn implies that we move towards Ascent methodologies transform our clients and make themprocess excellence. globally competitive through benchmarking with interna- tional best practices and standards. We suggest and designAscent provides Six Sigma solutions to manufacturing and improved Business Models in relation to competitors, improv-service sector companies through hand-holding consultancy ing profitability, increasing market share, reducing wasteful ex-engagements from diagnosis, training, implementation up to penditures and enhancing investment opportunities. We ana-the time when benefits are realized. In these engagements lyze our client’s business issues independently and objectively
  5. 5. ASCENT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTSSERVICE CONCEPTUALFRAMEWORK BUSINESS INNOVATION APPLICATION TOOLS KNOWLEDGE DOMAIN BUSINESS M & EXPERTISE EXPERTISE Industry ENTITY Orientation E STARTEGY RETAIL & FMCG SUSTAINABILITY T GLOBAL BEST Application FINANCIAL SERVICES PROFITABILITY PRACTICES FINANCE H Orientation PETROLEUM & GAS CONTINUITY QUALITY O TECHNOLOGY EFFICIENCY STATISTICAL Consultants & D Delivery Orientation PROCESS ENTERTAINMENT EFFECTIVITY QUALITY Associates O CONTROL & CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTIVITY OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY L Customer RESEARCH Orientation HOTEL & TOURISM QUALITY MARKET AUDIT O MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE RESEARCH & SIX SIGMA G INDUSTRY 5P’s SUPPLY CHAIN Orientation DATA BASES EXCELLENCE Y IT & BUSINESS CHEMICALS TECHNOLOGY MODELS KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE & SKILLS MANAGEMENTthrough value addition enabling steps of the engagement 11% - PhDs 11% - Bachelorsprocess ultimately leading to higher levels of operational and 21% - Chartered/Cost Accountantsbusiness excellence. Ascent’s team of consultants adheres to 16% - Engineers 41% - MBA/PGDBAthe following work guidelines in its engagements:Industry Orientation - solutions are based on proven ap-proaches and best practices in the particular industry. Ascentdraws on the experience of our associates specializing in our ASCENT CONSULTANTS AND ASSOCIATESclient’s industry. THROUGH ACADEMICS, IN PERCENTApplications Orientation - we put in considerable amount oftime and effort to the analysis of our clients’ problems to find most all the major business concerns. Ascent also has a Team ofthe best applications, tools, models and approaches to use for Advisers who, handin-hand with the Consultants, advises andits solution. impacts the Quality and Standards on Consultancy ReportingDelivery Orientation - our consultants strictly adhere to through their special strengths acquired and imparted to us inagreed timelines and deliverables. We put great value to the various fields of business, engineering, finance, audit, mar-clients’ time. ket and technology.Customers’ Orientation - At Ascent, our clients come first. Wego out of our way to satisfy our clients to the Customers’ Delight.5P’s Orientation - We cherish on our Ideals, Best Quality Products,Prophetic Modeling with Projections, and Passionate in Timely De-livery conforming to highest levels of Performance at Best Prices.Ascent TeamAscent Management Consultants with its team of top notchConsultants and Experts in their Specialized Domain Areaswhose extensive depth and breadth of experience covers al-
  6. 6. How to contact us?ascent management consultantsTel:+971 4 3515967,Fax:+971 4 3515968,Mob:+971 50 2892912E-mail:, Website:,Post Box No: 13334 Dubai, UAEOffice No: Tel: +971 4 3975838, Fax: +971 4 3975845 Middle East Auditing Associates Valuers & Surveyors Six Sigma ConsultantsISO 9001: 2000CERTIFIEDSINGAPORE - USA - UAE - KSA - INDIA