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COSAW Advanced Airport Services is an spanish company . It has developed an innovative system for hand luggage control and verification that represents a new model for the management of airline passenger boarding.

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  2. 2. COSAW ADVANCES AIRPORT SERVICES COSAW Advanced Airport Services is an spanish company located in the Technology Park of Andalusia in Málaga. It has developed an innovative system for hand luggage control and verification that represents a new model for the management of airline passenger boarding. COSAW’s new device provides precise control of hand luggage weight and size by means of a certified processing mechanism that provides an accurate measurement of the features of all hand lug- gage in every flight. Control of hand luggage has become a source of dispute between airlines and passengers lately. The verification process provided by COSAW has been developed to provide a real solution to this real problem. The COSAW device provides innovative technology solutions elimi- nate this dispute before it even happens, while ensuring the airlines: - a new source of revenue - cost savings - a streamlined boarding process - and abundant and comprehensive statistical information on their customers’ travel habits, which is a powerful tool for es- tablishing business and marketing policies tailored to the needs of the passenger. COSAW provides never before seen advantages and features for the airline at zero investment costs.
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES BENEFITS WITH NO INVESTMENT COSTS COSAW provides a service based on a device that has been developed and designed so it brings the airline numerous advantages and features without having to make any invest- ment in its implementation. HAND LUGGAGE CONTROL The luggage is photographed and linked to a unique board- ing card, ensuring unmistakeable return to the owner in case of loss and increasing security. A NEW SOURCE OF REVENUE COSAW’s ability to verify the exact weight and size of any piece of hand luggage generates new revenue streams, since airlines may charge excess weight and size fees using a technically certified device. AGILITY IN THE BOARDING PROCESS Simplicity and ease of use of COSAW allows verification of one piece of luggage in a 10 second process. AIRLINE INTEGRATION COSAW device has the capacity of integrating and sharing real time information with the Airline Departure Control Systems. BUSINESS AND MARKETING INFORMATION The monitoring and verification of hand luggage generates abundant and comprehensive information and statistics on passenger travel habits in regards to luggage, which be- comes a powerful tool for commercial and marketing pur- poses. PAYLOAD ORGANIZATION Control of the weight and size of hand luggage means the airline knows in real time the precise moment in which cabin space and weight have been used up. From this mo- ment on, badges are issued in a color different to the one for allowed pieces, and items will be sent to the aircraft hold from the very gate. This eliminates the fumbling around of hand luggage pieces looking for a space that is no longer available. COST REDUCTION The improvement in the organization of the payload allows for a time reduction in the accommodation of passengers and their luggage. This results in reduced waiting times be- fore take-off and a need for shorter time slots at the airport. The ability to accurately determine the carried payload en- ables a more reliable calculation of the fuel needed for the trip, thus saving costs in excess fuel.
  4. 4. COSAW’s hand luggage control and verification device has been designed to provide the airline with a precise and certified system to measure the exact size and weight of every piece of hand luggage aboard. The technical certification is a significant improvement over current methods of control dimensions through metal cages, which in many cas- es result in deformations, making it impossible to undergo a thorough verification up to the quality standards required by this type of airport services sector. COSAW introduces the control of hand luggage weight, an aspect which until now was not being verified by the airlines. In addition to this, COSAW photographs each piece of hand luggage, au- tomatically linking it to a boarding pass, which unequivocally guarantees traceability.
  5. 5. The main features of the COSAW hand luggage verification and control device are: SIMPLICITY EFFICIENCY The device is designed for ease of use by the passenger Technical optimization for accurate verification 1 2 RESISTANT PRACTICAL Stainless steel build and ultra-resistant paint coating Allows for a quick and easy verification process 3 4
  6. 6. ADDITIONAL DEVICES CAN BE INSTALLED IN OTHER AIRPORT ZONES FOR PASSENGERS CHECK THEIR HAND LUGGAGE BEFORE THE START OF THE BOARDING PROCESS. Insert luggage into the device Scan boarding pass Result of verification displayed (weight and size) Withdrawal of hand luggage and boarding It ensures that the baggage is not modi- fied after verification Provides an orderly boarding process, faster and more effective The duration of the verification process is about 10 seconds, which ensures the ab- sence of delays in the boarding process by placing two devices on each boarding gate The COSAW device is designed to be placed on the boarding gate, channeling the flow of passengers and their hand luggage.
  7. 7. The results of the weight and size checks are stored in the cloud in real time. This can be integrated into the airline’s information system at any given time. COSAW provides the airline with a Control Panel which includes access and processing of the information with high added value. The system is constantly improving and adapting to the needs of the airlines. All data processing is done in real time and it can be queried and ana- lyzed by the airline instantly.
  8. 8. FOR EACH VERIFICATION 1 Passenger (boarding pass) Hand luggage weight Size and weight of hand luggage Photograph of hand luggage Result of verification (weight / dimensions): - OK - NOT OK FOR EACH FLIGHT OR BOARDING 3 Opening time of boarding Number of checks carried out at any given time Hand luggage weight onboard in real time Total weight of hand luggage Percentage of space occupied in overhead cabinets with excess occupancy alerts to divert all hand luggage to the airplane hold FOR EACH FLIGHT 2 Total boarding time Total weight of hand luggage on board Limit of hand luggage on board Statistics: -Percentage of luggage OK / NOT OK in weight and dimensions - Routes with highest average weight - Others
  9. 9. COSAW device is equipped with 3G / GPRS communications Each device communi- cates with a dedicated server Secure transmission to database in real time Storage backup on each device Images encrypted and sent via secure protocol
  10. 10. ONLINE CONTROL PANEL The online control panel is configured as a powerful information manage- ment tool, customizable to the specific needs of the airline. List of flights with complete filtering possi- bilities (flights, dates…) List of verifi- cations and results for each flight All statistics from collected data Export capa- bilities to all common data formats User adminis- tration for each device Maximum al- lowed weight and size selection Personalized penalties for excess weight or size hand luggage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  11. 11. COSAW Advances Airport Services MÁLAGA Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía Pasaje Grahan Bell, 6. Málaga (Spain) PALMA DE MALLORCA C/ Gran Via Asima, 20, Oficina 18 Polígono Son Castelló 07009 Palma de Mallorca (Spain) +34 951 917 200 I +34 951 917 277 +34 661 667 107

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COSAW Advanced Airport Services is an spanish company . It has developed an innovative system for hand luggage control and verification that represents a new model for the management of airline passenger boarding.


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