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Good morning america...A brief postlude for 9 11


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In the aftermath of September 11, just as I was watching the news I was (that I thought) inspired by the events. I was sad by what was happening at that fateful moment and so I began to write...This is my "Postlude to September 11". Just in case, English is my "second language"!

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Good morning america...A brief postlude for 9 11

  1. 1. A Brief Postlude for September 11 Jose Payano September 11, 2001 *This piece was written just after the events so, some citations might not be up-to-date. __________________________________________ Just by happenstance, I found heavenly touched with the quixotic muse which, inspiration is.... and my thoughts filled up with the sorrow that stems from the horrific September 11 events....I am crying silently inside. I saw people jumping, felt families crying their husbands, children feeling deep insight they never (ever) would see their father or mother again... What's the postlude? The issue that I bring to surface, after looking with an eagle-eye view to all these past events, is that may be those invaluable 3,700+ lives lost in the crumbling walls of WTC one and two and the planes that crashed in, didn't die for nothing, after all. I think, as many other have written, these abject people have triggered something like a sluggish lion. Before, as one of the articles in "Le Monde" pointed out criticizing Mr. Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" work, the richest nations thought that they had entered in another wave of unstoppable growth era.... where the "Market" was the only rule: Where there were winners and losers and "The winners take it all". If the Palestinians went to war with Israel or the Afghans were fighting the Iranians, it has nothing to do with the G7 unless some of their capital interests were touched...The oil routes for example.
  2. 2. After these events people realized that may be all of these rampant developments and wealth is an untenable truth in the face of the millions of people dying without food or shelter in some other parts of the world... What if US and the other G7 members would put those precise features that have made them powerful and rich to service and help those with less dowry? Perhaps, instead of building weapons we should be building houses; instead of being so greedy, we could devote a little part of our income to someone else with less luck living in a farfetched place; instead of building a star-war multi-billion satellite network to protect from external attacks we should be providing schools and means of living some where else...What a world would that be? Would you care to imagine it? Wouldn’t those actions reverse the feelings in the fountainheads of the hatred incubated in some foreign cultures against occident and specifically the US? I don't question the value of the "Mars Pathfinder", with all the analytic and technological breakthroughs these kind of endeavors produce....But what a different world this would be if the billions of dollar that are poured in these projects and the intelligence and the so-called "Human Race" would be devoted to eradicate poverty instead of looking stones in Mars? What a different man would we be if we all cared for others? I have this prescience that the time has come.... I am not talking here of a capricious pinch and hope
  3. 3. not to be sophomoric (as I suspect I'm being with all the issues involved)...Let us give this world a chance. Did someone say, "The perfect God is all Human Beings put together?". What I am talking is about a culture or subculture on the planet, a heroic transformation where we are a posse to bring the quintessence of the human being...To love each other and help. How is it that we have arrived here...How is it a human want to kill another human being...Why this hatred ambiance? Are we lost? Are we behaving as angels or Satan-enamored deaden slaves? Hope these simple words from the inspired heart: Raised by poetical feelings and heavenly muses, would help us all redeem ourselves rethinking the ways and means we are using to live together. By José Payano September, 2001 This piece was an inspired writing after looking at the horror of planes full of people being used as “missiles” against the USA in September 11, 2001. 809-243-5468 (Office). 829-420-2273 (Mobile)