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Jose Mallabo on the future of PR


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Jose Mallabo on the future of PR

  1. 1. The Future of PR January  2013  
  2. 2. DATA: FUTURe OF PR 2  
  3. 3. WAS: MeDiA MYOPIA 3   Business and Trade Press Consumer-Facing Media Focus: Customer Success/Consumer Experience Target: Marketing and Sales How companies are utilizing “Engagement Marketing” to reach their customers & differentiate their Brand The Role Company is playing in defining the web 2.0 Focus: Consumer Experience/Customer Success Target: Viral Consumer, female online consumer How “Engagement Marketing” is helping consumers accomplish their online goals. Fueling a transition to the 2nd Generation of the Web
  4. 4. NOW: MULTICHANNEL 4   LinkedIn   Group   of  CMOs   Blog/ Site   Events   and   Webinars   TwiGer   Analysts   Earned   Media   Live   stream   events   Surround  CMO’s  with   content  on  how  to  use  live   streaming   Group  hosted  by  CMO  as   a  peer  to  peer  group   discussing  effecNve  use   of  video  in  markeNng   Replicate  for   adverNsing,  PR   and  markeNng   agencies  at  center   Apply  markeNng   automaNon  
  5. 5. “PR” IN “eNTRePReNeUR” 5   ! 20+  years  of  consumer/corporate/crisis/privacy/financial  and  M&A   PR  experience  in-­‐house  and  agency   ! Top  Ner  media  relaNons  experience  at  eBay  Inc.,  LinkedIn,  Ketchum     ! Local  print  and  broadcast  experience  at  eBay  Classifieds  Group,   Ketchum   ! Digital,  social  media,  markeNng  automaNon  at  GSI  Commerce,   LinkedIn,  eBay  Inc.,  Ketchum  w/Kodak   ! Global  and  internaNonal  agency  management   ! Founder  and  CEO  of  Tweetalicious   ! Built  Mosaic  MVP  –  product  market  fit  w/PR   ! Board  of  advisors  from  Nordstrom,  Skype,  Fashion                                                                       InsNtute  of  Technology,  and  
  6. 6. VALUE to YOU 6   ! Understand  how  fast  growing  companies  and  brands  are  organized   around  the  new  model  for  PR     ! Heavy  spokesperson  experience   ! Crisis  communicaNons  experience   ! Experience  building  and  leading  small  &  large  teams  –  US  and   internaNonal   ! Product  and  program  level  knowledge  of  social  –  through    LinkedIn  and   Mosaic   ! An  integrated,  brand  communicaNons  approach  to  PR  through   ! Lots  of  failures  and  successes  you  can  learn  from   ! Entrepreneurs  approach  to  innovaNon  and  drive  growth:  Fail  fast.  Test,  fix,   expand  targets  
  7. 7. Future is now 7  
  8. 8. TAKING ON HP + AD FirM 8   ! Kodak InkJet printer: Center of the corporate turnaround ! Skunk  works  program  from  CMO/CEO  and  1  Ketchum  person  to  start   ! Team  to  50+  world  wide   ! Massive  integrated  program:  online,  adverNsing,  tech  PR,  consumer  PR,  POS,   employee  communicaNons,  IR  and  corporate   ! How  I  won  the  business  for  the  SF  office?   •  Proved  with  data  that  YouTube/online  influenced  reporters  and  coverage   •  Took  ~$1  million  from  Ogilvy  for    Phase  I:  Online     •  PR/Ketchum  led  messaging  and  strategy  from  there  
  9. 9. PR: BRAND FOR TALeNT 9  
  10. 10. DRIVE ENGAGEMENT 10  
  11. 11. Product MArket fit 11  
  12. 12. Why is this IMPORTANT? 12   Is  this  really  PR?  
  13. 13. PR in LiNKeDiN BOD 13   Reid SKiP LeSLie JeFF DAViD MiCHAeL STANLeY
  14. 14. DAY 1: 15,000 UPDATES 14   ! Day  2:  30,000  updated  profiles  –  just  India   ! Press  coverage:  5  million+  impressions   ! Repeated  it  globally  in  every  country