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Advanticsys corporate presentation


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ADVANTICSYS is an ICT company specialized in wireless sensor networks and remote monitoring systems. We provide m2m applications for smart water management, solar and wind generation plants as well as smart cities environmental services.
With customers in more than 35 countries and an affiliated company in Chile, we provide a worldwide horizontal view to different market needs: agriculture, energy, environment, water...

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Advanticsys corporate presentation

  1. 1. Technology and Added Value ADVANTICSYS Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Founded in 2009 by Engineers with over 10 years experience 16 highly qualified employees Continuous and sustainable annual growth Plans for expansion into new geographical markets Customers in 35 countries Since 2012, affiliated company established in Chile Strong R&D investment in collaborative and internal projects Agreements with relevant research stakeholders worldwide Small company with large assets
  3. 3. Europe A global strategy Spain 38% Rest of EU 49% 87% Latam 8% 5%RoW We have customers all over the world… … from headquarters in Spain and Chile
  4. 4. We create monitoring & control products and solutions that improve processes and services in areas such as energy, agriculture and environment in a global marketplace. We strive every day to put our technology to work for private companies and public institutions around the world in order to make this planet a more livable and more sustainable. And in everything we do, we apply our values ​​of respect and honesty through a commitment to teamwork and a high degree of responsibility to our customers. A Day-By-Day mission
  5. 5. We want to be a world reference in the field of monitoring and control to support our growth strategy and differentiation on our values: • Teamwork, promoting and supporting a homogeneous and multidisciplinary team, assuming that the greatest asset of a company are its employees. • Excellence in service, meeting our commitments and we take responsibility for all our decisions and actions, based on high standards of excellence to our customers. • Innovation, continuously improving our products and solutions and working with global technology partners researching breakthrough technologies with the ultimate goal of providing a unique and differentiated value to our customers. The vision of a values-based business
  6. 6. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS GATEWAYS/DATALOGGERS/CONTROLLERS DATA MANAGEMENTDEVICE MANAGEMENT BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SENSING AND ACTUATION DEVICES PLATFORM A flexible and robust architecture Device Configuration APPLICATION Device Monitoring Device synchronization Firmware update Protocol Adaptor Complex Event Processing Data mining Process mining Reporting Customizable user interface Analog Sensors Wireless sensors Modbus TCP over GPRS/Ethernet 802.15.4 Gateways Message parsing Data collection Data validation Agriculture Oil&Gas Water Smart Grid Meters Digital sensors
  7. 7. Concordia Monitoring web platform MPC Controllers Modbus Gateways and Dataloggers Wireless sensor networks We cover the entire value chain Our customers can choose to purchase each component separately or integrated into a complete solution Our model is adapted to market needs by providing three product segments This model allows us to work with both integrators and consulting firms and end customers
  8. 8. MPC Controllers MPC Controllers are powerful devices with the widest range of interfaces supported, including the common ones (GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, M-Bus, Modbus), specialized ones (Data/Req, current loop, IEC60870-5-104:2000), and a special transparent mode for the transmission of almost any communication protocol. They also can include analog inputs (current, voltage, R or PT100 temperatures sensors), digital inputs (logging of alarms and events, limit switches, push buttons...) and digital outputs (for remote control).
  9. 9. Wireless Modbus bridge The main role of the DM-124 is to act as a IEEE 802.15.4 wireless bridge inside traditional wired RS485 Modbus RTU installations, providing the limited point-to-point RS485 networks with the versatility and ease of installation of wireless sensor networks. • Wireless communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) • Auto configurable • Modbus RTU wireless transmission • 230 VAC power input • Easy connection (Modbus A- and B+ terminals) • Configurable pulse counter, with 3 operating modes: Dry-contact, Open-collector, S0 type (gas and water counters) • Coordinator node - Modbus Bridge within ADVANTICSYS Wireless Sensor Networks
  10. 10. DM-124 – Theory of Operation
  11. 11. DM-124 – Theory of Operation
  12. 12. Wireless Sensors - IAQM The IAQM-THCO2 is a IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor compatible with DM-124 Modbus networks. Its main role is to measure indoor air quality, specifically the temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels. The IAQM-THCO2 is auto configurable, which means that it adds itself seamlessly to an existing DM-124 network, acting as another link node. Once installed, a DM-124, or more precisely the controller connected to it must interrogate the IAQM-THCO2 for its data, in the same way as the rest of Modbus devices.
  13. 13. Wireless Sensors - MFG The multipurpose Wireless Gas Detector MFG is a IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor compatible with DM-124 Modbus networks. It can measure one single gas among the following:
  14. 14. Wireless Sensors – MFO The Wireless Air Quality Monitoring Station MFO is a IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor compatible with DM-124 Modbus networks. It can measure six different gases among the following:
  15. 15. Concordia Cloud Solution
  16. 16. Concordia Cloud Solution Common core, customized user interface. Keeping a robust and common core for any application, a fully customized user interface is provided for each market needs Data analysis. You will be able to access historic or current measurements in data (tables) and graphical mode, but also compare signals,show trends,and calculate means and deviations. Reports. Export relevant data periodically to your desired easy-to-handle format(PDF, Excel, Plain text). Just choose the period, the format and the data you want and Concordia will do the rest. Easy. You will never need to refer to the user manual, Concordia interface is intentionally simple and intuitive. Tailor-made SCADA or Views will enhance user experience. Scalable database. Our developers spend a lot of time optimizing the database to be as fast and secure as it can be. API access is also available under request. Third party data integration. Weather data/forecasts, geolocation of devices and even social networks can be seamlessly integrated into Concordia database. Cloud and Local versions available. Concordia can be either hosted in your own server through a licency software delivery model or in the Cloud through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
  17. 17. & Solutions tailored to customer needs Agriculture Smart Water Smart Grid Oil & Gas A single, flexible and robust ecosystem meeting different needs from each vertical market
  18. 18. Monitoring solutions for efficient management of the grid and its components • Wind turbines and Solar PV plants monitoring • Remote management of power substations • Measurement of electricity consumption in commercial and residential buildings A comprehensive solution for future electricity grid &
  19. 19. Solar PV plants remote monitoring & Irradiance and wind sensors Digital Input security alarm PV strings monitoring RS485 Energy counters IEC102 Power analizers MODBUS Inverter production communications Presence sensor Inverters room Temperature and Humidity sensor Digital output to activate panel washing
  20. 20. Solar PV plants remote monitoring &
  21. 21. Self-supply renewables monitoring &
  22. 22. Remote management of power substations &
  23. 23. Remote management of power substations &
  24. 24. Energy management in buildings & Presence detectors Humidity sensors 4..20mA Heat meters M-Bus Digital output To remote switch Climate control Water and gas consumptions Energy counters Power analizers Modbus Temperature Sensors PT100
  25. 25. Energy management in buildings &
  26. 26. Monitoring solutions for efficient management of the water distribution network and its components • Monitoring quality and water level in river basins and treatment plants • Remote management of irrigation in parks and gardens • Measuring water consumption in commercial and residential buildings We provide intelligence throughout the distribution chain &
  27. 27. Water monitoring in river basins &
  28. 28. Monitoring and automation solutions for agriculture • Monitoring and control of greenhouse climate, including growth systems based on LED lamps • Water flow monitoring in irrigation canals • Measuring overall atmospheric and specific plant conditions, including soil moisture, leaf wetness, etc. A comprehensive solution to improve productivity in the agriculture sector &
  29. 29. Monitoring and control of greenhouse climate conditions & Basic kit including: • PAR Sensors • Temp, Hum and CO2 measurement • Concordia® software tool
  30. 30. Monitoring and control of greenhouse climate conditions & Following customer requirements, the system can be easily upgraded ending up in the following features: • Lighting control/dimming manual or scheduled programming (using our UCM-316 or MPC-134) • Integration of PAR sensors (Apogee SQ225) • Wireless monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and CO2 (using our IAQM-THCO2) • Integration of additional sensors (pH, external weather stations, etc.) • Integration of information provided by third parties (e.g. environmental agencies) • Integration with automated control systems (Modbus compatibility -> it can integrate irrigation, HVAC or any other subsystem) • Energy use monitoring (using the same MPC devices) • Real time monitoring through the use of Concordia® software platform. Two types of licenses: • Concordia LC -> local hosted for one single installation (10 MPC devices max.)local and/or remote) • Concordia -> local or remotely hosted for multiple installations (same software for all the locations)
  31. 31. Customers worldwide & Chile National Institute for Agriculture Korea “Plant factory”
  32. 32. Precision agriculture & Real-time field conditions monitoring Irrigation control and water level monitoring in canals
  33. 33. Gas monitoring solutions for industrial and urban environments • Monitoring gas levels in petrochemical plants • Odor detection in inhabited areas close to industrial parks • On-line air quality monitoring Our solutions at the service of air quality improvement &
  34. 34. Gas monitoring &