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VoLTE Service Monitoring - VoLTE Voice Call including passive signalling data analysis

Andrew Chisholm shows some real results where active tests are enriched with passive signalling data to more quickly and accurately provide root cause analysis of service outages.

This thread is a great opportunity to give some details of a key capability we are very proud of. We enrich active results with relevant passive data. Our approach turns the big data problem around; as soon as we detect a network or service outage we pinpoint with root cause all the way to the core network element. We think this will be very interesting to help fix service and network problems much more quickly.

Our approach is to use active testing as the true voice of the customer and to use these results as a key into the huge quantities of passive data waiting to be exploited. This gives us a very efficient way to include only relevant information and determine root causes.

For example, during a VoLTE to VoLTE call, our active testing might determine there is an issue during audio exchange. With the addition of passive signalling data collected from the most relevant network interfaces, we might determine from the S11 interface that bearer update procedures have not been requested from the SGW to MME and from that, the root cause can be reported. In fact, you can see in this short 4 minute video an example of this working for real.

We are rightly proud of this and we are looking forward to a busy time delivering.

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VoLTE Service Monitoring - VoLTE Voice Call including passive signalling data analysis

  1. 1. 1 The challenges of VoLTE Service Monitoring LTE rollouts supported by TEMS around the world Ensure QoE Understand Scenarios Join Webinar  Currently no accepted standard for measurement, monitoring VoLTE Services  Ascom has defined a formal definition, implementation strategy to help Operations  Covers issues related to EPC, IMS, Application Service  We will describe this solution in a number of short articles Join Webinar Subscribe More Blog Articles Understand Test Scenarios VoLTE Service Monitoring Challenges TEMS™ VoLTE Service Monitoring: VoLTE Voice Call including passive signalling data analysis
  2. 2. The Agent: Software and Hardware layers TMM SW agent TMM HW agent Test Suites IMDN CPIM SMSoIP L3 Radio USSDoIP L3 Radio FEMTOCELL L3 Radio SIP Procedures SIP OMA DM provision XCAP HTTP TLS IMS Procedures RTP AMR H.264 MSRP MEDIA Procedures GSMA IR.92 (VoLTE) GSMA IR.94 (Video over LTE) OMA SIMPLE OMA CPM VoWiFi GSMA RCS FEMTOCELL Procedures COM SERVER (TMM) TEMS Monitor Master LTE ProceduresSRVCC LAN adapter 2G/3G Modem 4G Modem Test Cases API Layer Service Layer Network Layer Protocol Layer Access Layer PCC Procs. Gx App Diameter Base Device/Client Simulation IPSec Our Agents implement all these SW layers on top of a HW interface layer. By using an LTE modem to simulate a Smartphone we get optimum control, flexibility & low level access – and a proven architecture refined by thousands of hours of testing.
  3. 3. Emulated Interface Internal Interface Media Path
  4. 4. TEMS Tracker: VoLTE to VoLTE calls Element Service Metrics for MO and MT Ascom TEMS Monitor Master Active Agent • Call setup preconditions • Call setup resources confirmation • Call setup alerting • Call setup answer • Audio exchange • Call release • Call setup time • Audio POLQA score • Audio average jitter • Audio maximum jitter • Audio minimum bit rate • Audio average bit rate • Audio maximum bit rate • Audio packet loss rate 3rd Party Passive Probe • Collect signalling related S11, Gm, Gx and Rx network interfaces • Call trace TEMS Tracker Analysis of signalling collected by Passive Probing system • Call Routing (User1, PCSCF1, PCRF1, PGW1, MME1) • MO and MT S11 LTE Tunnel Info • S11 GTP Failure Cause Code • S11 GTPv2 Qos info • Gx Auth Info • Gx Diameter Failure Cause Code • L1 and L2 audio SDP Info • L1 and L2 SIP Failure Cause Code • L1 and L2 SIP Reason Header • src audio RTP Info • dst audio RTP Info • S11 GTPv2 Procedures • Create Bearer • Update Bearer • Delete Bearer • Gx Diameter Procedures • Auth • Re-Auth • Credit Control • L1 and L2 Call Start Time • L1 and L2 Call Ringing/Progress Tim • L1 and L2 Call Answer Time • L1 and L2 Call Answer Confirm Time • L1 and L2 Call End Tim Ascom TEMS Monitor Master IT Agent • Subscriber profile within HSS database • Subscriber profile within PCRF database Analysis of Active Agent + Passive Signalling + Subscriber profile information • Automated Root Cause of Failure Analysis • Automated Service and Quality Degradation Analysis Copyright 2016, Ascom Network Testing Ltd 8
  5. 5. The VoLTE Voice Call test case The Test Case Dashboard • Service availability over time – when did the problem start? • Service availability per step – where did the problem start? Copyright 2016, Ascom Network Testing Ltd Displays recent results for the selected (VoLTE Voice Call) test case: • Quality Metrics over time – how well is the service operating? • VoLTE to VoLTE service status by region on a world map 10
  6. 6. The VoLTE Voice Call test case The Test Run Details dashboard The Test Run Details dashboard displays details of a single test, including: Copyright 2016, Ascom Network Testing Ltd • Subscriber details: network operator, MSISDN, IMS and bearer • Dependencies: the test cases run to support this test run: - LTE Attach, - IMS Entry Point Discovery, - IMS Registration and - IMS Subscription to Events • Links: to Radio Trace, IP Trace, and Audio files to download • Messages: information collected during this test run from a Passive Probe or CDR related to this scenario. Such as Audio Information, Call Routing, S11GTPv2 procedures, S11GTPv2-Route, S11GTPv2-QoS, S11GTPv2-Tunnel Info, … • Root cause of failure: if there was an issue, an analysis of all the collected information designed to help identify what caused it. • Test Case Flow: a diagram of the test case steps, showing the message flow and status of each step. See Signal Flow 11
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  8. 8. VoLTE Service Monitoring – Related documents TEMS VoLTE Service Monitoring solution: 1. A New Standard & the Test Cases Overview 2. Solution architecture & the VoLTE Voice Call test case 3. VoLTE Voice Call including passive signalling data analysis Copyright 2016, Ascom Network Testing Ltd 16