Market Square


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Fashion Square Mall redevelopment proposal to a walkable civic center.

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Market Square

  1. 1. Rollins CollegeMPCU: Placemaking Sarah Albadri Travis Rey Jose Carlos Ayala Heather Tribou
  2. 2. Fresh - Active - LocalMarket Square is not only a renovation of a failed mall, but a failed way of But most of all it is about the connections. For too long has there beenlife. Fashion Square Mall has, in its current iteration, failed because it has a disconnect from the consumer and the provider. Once a social, central,become too alienated from the communities which surround it. The same and organic part of all cities, the market has now been abstracted andalienation plagues not only malls, but where we work and where we make convoluted into stark, barren malls and a calloused invisible hand to beour homes. Offices erected in plane, disjointed parks and neighborhoods invoked on the evening news. Market Square humanizes and localizes whatgated off from each other; the colorful fabric of civilized life is torn and has been tattered and lost-the sense of connection and belonging thatfaded. Market Square is a revolutionary project that rediscovers the past once defined every city. Belonging that once was found in the center, theand colors it with the future. It is blend of traditional values and human hub, the catalyst of every city: the Market Square.needs with the pioneering spirit of tomorrow. It is unapologetically new,vibrant, exciting, and ready for a generation that is eager to learn fromthe mistakes of the past decade to make a better world.From a unique blend of agriculture and urbanism, Market Square bringspeople together in ways they were not expecting, but know they wanted.A variety of community events can take place in special flex –spacesthat have been carefully constructed and framed by the surroundingbuildings. Small scale local agriculture will give residents a chance tomeet their neighbors and connect themselves by their own sweat to theland and community. Local merchants, both established artisans and start-up entrepreneurs, will find a welcome and easy home in Market Square.Dynamic incubating office space and sidewalk oriented retail will bring anew class of educated young business-people to the area.
  3. 3. Audubon Park Baldwin Park 1/ 4 m ile w al kAudubon Park 1/4 mile wal k 1/4 mile walk 5 Minute Pedestrian Sheds
  4. 4. Fashion Square Mall Current Conditions Analysis Approximatily 89 Total Acres Stormwater covers 5% of site -will need more 4917 Parking Spaces -can have less 756 Square Feet of Retail -needs definition in market Nearby neighborhoods are Audobon and Baldwin Park. Site connects directly with Cady Way Trail -connection can be enhanced Very competitive regional retial market Current Fashion Square Mall entryCurrent Conditions
  5. 5. Audubon Park Baldwin Park 32803 32814Median Age 40.4 Median Age 34.4Median Income $51,300 Median Income $45,6001+2 Person Households 68% 1+2 Person Households 48%Families with Children 23% Families with Children 27%Average Home Price $150,000 Average Home Price $330,000 Demographics
  6. 6. Market Square Mall Phase One Proposal Keep exisitng mall structure Repurpose Sears into a hotel Existing Office Keep parking structure Ex D Park ec riv Define Market Square Gateway ut ew d ar ive ay u lev Urban Increase stormwater retention and make Ce Bo Agriculture re Residential nt i into agricultural peice to tell story of food gu Lake er Ma Overstreet to market Existing Office Parking Residential Pavillion Connect to Baldwin Park with Cady wayWaterhouse Roadway Park Trail ROW. Celebrate connection with pavil- lion on stromwater amenity. Urban Residential Agriculture Cady Way Connector Create neigborhood “main street” along (Multi Modal) Highway 50 at light Residential Bring apartments, live works and town- Urban houses to site. Existing Parking Parking Agriculture Residential Create indoor/outdoor space with exisit- ng mall by adding plazas collonades and Residential windows Existing Mall Create architectural features at key entry Urban points. Agriculture Commercial Keep surface parking at key entries of the Commercial mall Market Residential Main Parking Street Add wayfinding signs State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) Phase I
  7. 7. Market Square Neighborhood Final Build Out Site Data Residential Units 985 Office Square Feet 924,730 Existing Office Retail Square Feet 582,280 Park Ex D Hotel Rooms 284 ec riv Civic Square Feet 7,350 ut ew ive ay d Green Space Acres 16.8 ar Ce evWaterhouse Roadway l u Parking Spaces 3,451 nt Bo er ire Commercial Lake gu Existing Office Ma Overstreet Park Parking Parking Demolish mall structure Residential Pavillion Reporpose Dillards & Toys R Us Commercial Mixed Use Residential Add 2 levels to parking structure Parking Cady Way Connector Define Market Square Gateway Civic Existing Urban Use Market Green to allow views into the Bennett Road Square Parking Agriculture site Mixed Use Residential Create central square on center of site The Gardens with community room Hotel Main Street Increase stormwater retention and make Market into agricultural peice to tell story of food Green to market Parking Parking Market Connect to Baldwin Park with Cady way Commercial Plaza Trail ROW. Celebrate connection with pavil- lion on stromwater amenity. State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) Create neigborhood “main street” along Highway 50 at light Bring office, residential and flex space to site Final Phase
  8. 8. Market Square Neighborhood Block and Denisty Analysis Main axial connects 3 civic sites Acive civic site at corner of 50 and Ma- Ex D Existing Office ec riv Park quire passive civic site at North East of ut ew Site ive ay d ar Ce u lev Low Density Lake nt Bo 2 Stories Overstreet Highest Density at Corner of Maquire and er re 50 and at Highway 50 ui g Existing Office Ma Park Low Density Lowest Density along Maquire in North Medium DensityWaterhouse Roadway 2 Stories 4 Stories East part of the site High Density Blocks tilted off main axis located at cen- Low Density 5 Stories ter of site and aligned respectivly to high- 2 Stories way 50 and Maquire Cady Way Connector Civic Square Medium Density Existing Bennett Road 4 Stories Parking Urban Hotel Agriculture High Density High Density High Density 5 Stories 5 Stories 5 Stories Medium Density High Density 4 Stories 5 Stories Parking Plaza Market High Density High Density Medium Density 5 Stories 5 Stories 4 Stories State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) Block and Density Analysis
  9. 9. Market Square Neighborhood Thoroughfare Analysis Main axial connection connects Southeast to Northeast celebrates bike connection Existing Office Ex D Park Strong Streets ec riv d ar Main Street: connects to 50 ut ew lev ive ay u Avenue: connects to Audobon Park Bo Ce re Via: Frames Market Square Gateway ui nt g Ma er “A ” etWaterhouse Roadway A Streets ” re St St Existing Office Main connectors re ” “A e Buidling fronts always face “B Park t ” St B Streets re e Secondary connectors t Av Building fronts sometimes face en “B” Street ue Cady Way Connector “A” Street ay Smallest ROW rkw (Multi Modal) Pa “B” Street Existing Cadyway Connector “A” Street Parking celebrates bike connections “A” Street “A” Street Main Street “B” Street t ee Str fy “B” Street ” “A odi Via M “A” Street Via State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) State Road 50 (Colonial Drive) Cadyway Connector lane seperation Thoroughfare Analysis
  10. 10. Main Street Parkway “A” Street AvenueStreet Sections
  11. 11. Cady Way ConnectorOne Side On-Street Parking “B” Street “A” and “B” Street Street Sections
  12. 12. Market Main StreetArchitectural Inspiration
  13. 13. Civic Public Realm Architectural Inspiration
  14. 14. Parking Structures Ornaments of IdealArchitectural Inspiration
  15. 15. CommercialPrivate Realm Architectural Inspiration
  16. 16. The future of economic development centers oninnovation in the public way that opens streets, parking,plazas, and green spaces to new and interestingprogramming and market opportunities. In additionto promoting neighborhood pride, this kind ofprogramming supports regional economic developmentand reinforces growing cultural hubs. As Orlandodevelops a more authentic cultural fabric, the area notonly retains its own talent, but draws a creative classthat is eager to explore a new Florida identity.While man-madeenvironments likeDisney and Universalprovide once-a-yearexperiences celebratingfantasy, Florida’s With a celebration of the past is also a revisioning of thenatural environment future.provides seasonal While the architecture of Market Square makes a nod toexperiences that celebrate the ironically car-centric atomic era, the project focusessustenance and the on the ideals of the period, specially the expectationslandscape’s reawakening. and potential of the future. While automobiles and largeProgramming in Market scale technological advances were the promise of theSquare engages the 1950s and 60s, the outlook of the current generationhuman spirit to enjoy its includes a culture of sustainability and celebration ofenvironment, revitalizing life through new and refreshing experiences. These twonot only a sense of place, factors contribute to a new kind of consumerism thatbut time as well. promotes local economies and small businesses. Community Programming
  17. 17. Market Square’s community programming is built on The now infamous Food Truck Bazaar, which previ-this future. Harvest festivals are a major marker of ously made its home in one Fashion Square Mall’sMarket Square’s programming. Events celebrating vacant and far-flung parking lots, will now have aFlorida’s vital growing seasons symbolize and rein- centerpiece position in front of Market Square’sforce the character of the project. Florida favorites like title market berries, strawberries, tomatoes, and oranges willbe the showcase pieces of each seasonal event, ac-companied by local artisan crafts and music. The personality designed into the market and orchard spaces also lend themselves to quasi-public and private events. Market Square will be a particularly good venue for weddings, hosting ceremonies in the pavilion and receptions in either the market or orchard.Once a month Critical Mass rallies will assemble thelocal neighborhoods of Audubon Park and BaldwinPark with downtown Orlando through a strong bikeconnection and culture. Community Programming