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MIS project


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MIS Project

Published in: Business
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MIS project

  1. 1. MIS Project Jose Ariel Lopez Treminio
  2. 2. Blogs Related to Technology
  3. 3. Techno Blog ▪ In my opinion this blog is really interesting and important for people who want to learn more about computers. I believe that the importance of this blog is that it has valuable information for elders and people that lack of computer skills. In this blog people might find reviews about the current trends on the web as well tutorials to solve their problems with computers. In addition, in this blog people might find information not only about computers but also about smartphones,TV’s and everything related to electronics.
  4. 4. 2DayBlog
  5. 5. 2DayBlog ▪ The main goal of this blog Is to make reviews about computers, smartphones, tablets, audio and all kind of computer gadgets. Every day there is a new review about a different gadget. I believe that this blog is really important for prospective buyers that want to make sure that they will buy something that is worth it.
  7. 7. JCYBERINUX ▪ This blog focuses on reviews of application software. It is intended to help software developers, and it has valuable information about new software. I think that the main importance of this blog is that it compares and contrasts software one another. At the end on each post people might realize about the strengths and weaknesses of software.
  8. 8. Blogs Related to finance
  9. 9. Duct Tape Marketing ▪ The importance of this blog is that it helps entrepreneurs to choose the best marketing strategy for their companies.The DuctTape Marketing blog has received numerous awards and recognition from mainstream media, including being listed on “Best of the Web” list and referred to in and US News andWorld Report.
  10. 10. The Simple Dollar
  11. 11. The Simple Dollar ▪ This is a blog that help people to handle their personal finances . It is really easy to understand that is why people can take advantage of using their tips and advices to handle their finances. It might even work for large companies that are having problem with finance.
  12. 12. Get Rich Slowly
  13. 13. Get Rich Slowly ▪ This site does not teach people how to get rich in one night. Instead, it challenges individuals to take a look at the totality of their lives life and how it relates to their finances now and in the future. One of the most interesting features of this blog is that it is updated everyday. It tells the story of a man that really likes to invest
  14. 14. Blogs Related to Entertainment
  15. 15. Cranky Gamer ▪ This is the typical site for gamers. Here videogames lovers might find reviews and discussions of the latest trends related to videogames. The Cranky Gamer is your one-stop shop for video gaming news and views. Along with the occasional inserts of photos and videos, this blog's simple design enables it to load fast on your browser. From PC gaming to the Nintendo Wii, from the Xbox 360 to the PlayStation 3, this blog has it all covered.
  16. 16. THE OFFSIDE
  17. 17. THE OFFSIDE ▪ The off side is a that takes a humorous, irreverent and occasionally insightful look at club football from leagues around the world. It does not only focus on the performance of players but also on the funny things that happen to them.
  18. 18. Soccer Blog
  19. 19. Soccer Blog ▪ This is a blog that is updated daily because it covers all the news about soccer. Here soccer lovers might find match reviews and analysis. Written by the fans, for the fans, there is no better place to get your Soccer fix from. is one of the world's leading Soccer blog.
  20. 20. Web-based collaboration tools
  21. 21. MAIN UTILITIES •OnlineConnection For me this is really important because it avoids using usb memories that can be damaged or loss. I feel safe with my information in google s docs because I am a pretty sure that it will not get lost or damaged. Nowadays, everything that I need is an internet connection to have my documents ready and available. •Sharing Feature For me this is the best feature of google docs.When people does not have time to work together google docs allows them to work online. I have used this several time with my teammates in college. Even for this project i used google docs. •Auto-Saving Feature This is really helpful because it allows to save all changes immediately.The most amazing part is that people does not have to save anything because google do it. Everything is saved in cloudWhen you are done just close the tab or the browser and that is it.
  22. 22. Written Report About Google Docs ▪ Google docs is an amazing tool that allows online collaboration. It is also more safe to use than an usb because it does not get lost or damaged. In comparison to other word processors like Microsoft Word it lacks of many editing features. However, its applicability compensates all of this. Another disadvantage is that it requires an internet connection to work. Nevertheless, with the advances in technology I believe that a lot of people have access to internet connections. In addition, to have access to Google docs people must have a Gmail account.This is an advantage because Google accounts allow users to connect all their documents with Google drive, gmail ,Google plus and so on.
  23. 23. Blogs ▪ Blogs are web logs that are updated on a regular basis by their author.They can contain information related to a specific topic. In some cases blogs are used as daily diaries about people's personal lives, political views, or even as social commentaries.The truth of the matter is that blogs can be shaped into whatever, the author, want them to be. ▪ It was really interesting for me to learn about the different types of blogs that exist.There is one blog for everybody!!!
  24. 24. My Blog ▪ I created my blog based on my dreams and expectations. I hope to use it frequently so that I can share and learn MORE with others ▪
  25. 25. My Blog
  26. 26. My First Comment
  27. 27. My Linkedin Account
  28. 28. My Linkedin Account ▪ I believe that linkedin offers an unique way to connect people that share the same knowledge and skills. Also, it allows individuals to diversify their contacts. One of the most interesting things of linkedin is the group feature which allows people to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests. In addition, this feature allows people to create a reputation by sharing knowledge with others. ▪ Moreover, the Jobs feature offers a variety of job opportunities that fit with users professional skills and likes.The information is very detailed, and it might give users all the information about the job vacancies. Another interesting feature of linkedin is that it allows users to follow job vacancies available in their favorites companies.The advantage of this is that the following feature gives users all the new information about their favorites companies.
  29. 29. It Really Interesting!!!