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How to Get Hired - for Graduates: Developing a Mindset for Success


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In this slideshare we'll look at the importance of mindset when it comes to job hunting. Job hunting can be quite a frustrating process. It takes graduates 3 to 9 months on average to land a job. Your mindset - how you approach the stresses and strains along the way - have a big impact on what you'll achieve and how you'll experience these months.

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How to Get Hired - for Graduates: Developing a Mindset for Success

  1. 1. How to Get Hired. - For Graduates
  2. 2. Developing a Mindset for Success
  3. 3. You need something to deal with the stresses and strains. What can help you, is the way you approach the process of job hunting: your mindset. Your mindset can either help or counteract you during your job hunting. Most graduates need three to nine months to find a job. In this process, it is very important to stay motivated if you want to achieve your goal.
  4. 4. your resilience to setbacks your self-esteem your ability to face challenges The kind of mindset you have is very important; it influences a lot of aspects of your life, for example:
  5. 5. the growth mindset and the fixed mindset What does the most recent mindset research teach us? This research is largely the work of Carol Dweck of Stanford University. She made the distinction between two kinds of mindsets:
  6. 6. Within an individual either the growth mindset or the fixed mindset is dominant. And the type of mindset that is dominant affects an individual’s learning and motivation.
  7. 7. The following clip nicely summarizes the difference between the Growth Mindset & Fixed Mindset.
  8. 8. So how does this mindset research relate to your job search!?
  9. 9. As we know, nowadays it is hard for graduates to get a job. Consequently you will get rejected a few times. How you perceive this failure influences what you will achieve. imagine you applied for a job you really liked and you got rejected.
  10. 10. With a fixed mindset you will conclude you are not good enough for the position. You will start to feel worthless and you want to avoid any further failure. You feel resistance to apply again… and you stop learning altogether.
  11. 11. When you have a growth mindset, you look at job hunting as a skill that you can improve. When you get rejected, you won’t take it very personal.
  12. 12. Of course you don’t like the rejection, but you try to learn from it, you’ll ask for feedback on why exactly you were not the right candidate. You will apply what you learned next time. Instead of feeling down, you focus on growth and improvement.
  13. 13. So be prepared to go through the application process time after time, eventually, after a few rejections, you will succeed. Don’t take rejections too personal, even the best candidates can be rejected for a position, simply because there’s so much choice for recruiters. Embrace this challenge and decide to learn as much as you can.
  14. 14. Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J. Marine “
  15. 15. So, what can you practically do now you have watched this slideshare?
  16. 16. The key is to be aware of how you perceive the job hunt process you’re in, week after week. Believing job hunting is a skill you can improve will ultimately land you a job much faster. The first thing you can do is check what your dominant mindset is on Becoming aware of your dominant style is a great first step. When you’re aware of how you perceive your job search, you will be able to change this.
  17. 17. Research shows you can change from a fixed- to a growth mindset.
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