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  1. 1. When your employees meet with other professionals, they: Using eiKard, your employees build their business connections when meeting customers and other professionals. They leave notes, set the type of leads and their connections declare their interests in your products or services.  You have full visibility of this contact network in a dashboard and can synchronize it with your CRM. How do I put it in place? Set your company profile and add employees information to create their eiKards Equip your employees with eiKard What does it solve? Exchange corporate eiKards through QR-Code, NFC, Bluetooth or email Set interest on products or services, take notes about their connection, and set type of lead e.g. qualified lead What does it solve? Data always up-to-date, unlike business cards Centrally managed and full control The data is reliable, unlike social networks the data is managed by the corporation, and not by the employee Easy to create and deploy Green solution, no paper needed More capacity to store data than you have on paper business cards. Detailed information about company and employee Easy, fast and reliable way of exchanging information New way of lead generation Information always at hand Easy to remember a contact via notes, picture, location, etc... Contacts are always up-to-date No need to maintain a collection of business cards If you loose your phone you can restore all your contacts Improve Networking and Better Understand Your Business Connections
  2. 2. You scan their paper business card. Automatically the business card is converted into an eiKard. You have now the business card in form of an eiKard, a connection is established and the other party receives an SMS with further info. What does it solve? Your company has now the visibility of your employee’s connections, and can: Visualize all connections up to a third level in your dashboard Filter the connections per product interest, lead type, etc. What does it solve? Download connection’s data or synchronize it with CRM: Download the data in your preferred format Synchronize all your connection data with your CRM system What does it solve? No need to enter data manually in your CRM system, saving time and admin effort The corporation has now access to all contacts established by employees. Until now this was not possible with business cards App can be used in all situations Eventually the need for paper business cards becomes redundant It is environmentally friendly Filtering is now easy using the latest information; all contacts are up-to-date Company can instantly access up to third level contacts and build a wider network You will have access to much more information from other corporations and professionals and facilitating new data to develop an appropriate marketing strategy 90% of your business card data never reaches your CRM In short time contact information may be out of date, with eiKard information is always up-to-date Easy CRM integration eiKard platform supports multiple CRM systems Outlook and phonebook is always up-to-date What if the other professionals do not use eiKard? CRM MY TECH