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Ntt data vertex open2 test overview presentation


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Ntt data vertex open2 test overview presentation

  1. 1. NTT Vertex SoftwareOpen2Test Overview April 2011 consulting. technology. global
  2. 2. Agenda• Test Automation World – Challenges & Open2Test• Open2Test Framework  Evolution  Open2Test Building Blocks  Open2Test Framework Features  Open2Test Differentiators  Open2Test Architecture  Open2Test - Roadmap• Major clients using the framework• Open2Test Support• Why Open2Test Designer• Open2Test Designer - Snapshot Page 2 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  3. 3. Test Automation World - Challenges & Open2TestImpact area Challenges Open2Test feature Ready to use, Fail safe framework Time-to-Market, Reliability & FasterBusiness Minimum of 40%-50% script creation ROI effort reduction Standard set of English like keywords Expensive to train and cross train across Tools & Technologies and thus resources across tools require minimal training Expensive to change to another toolExpenses of choice Open2Test is Tool & Techno agnostic Expensive to rewrite automation thereby compatible across tools and scripts if a change of tool or technologies technology is desired Open2Test is independent of the Tools & Ability to reuse resources across technology and thus enabling easyResources test automation tools deployment of resources across tools & technologies Fail safe, well used and enterprise grade Need for individual frameworkTechnology framework which is application creation for each of the product lines independent too Page 3 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  4. 4. Open2Test Framework - Evolution SecondFirst Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation Fifth Generation Generation Fn V Fn IV Ready to use III tool- agnostic and techno- agnostic, data II Framework and driven framework Scripting using a with business window-centric objects and test I approach with data pooled Scripting using a separately test data pooled window-centric separately Capture/playback approach with with scripting test data pooled provides increased separately Capture/playback capability but at the KEANE ENABLERS only. This is ‘out of cost of increased the box’ automation overhead • Rapid script development from any of the tools • Decrease in maintenance effort available on the • Portable automation solutions market • Increased efficiency Page 4 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  5. 5. O2T Building Blocks Components UI ElementsCONCEPT UI ElementsAction Function Keyword Component Components UI Elements Click Button Enabled Exist Text Framework code developed for technology (web .NET, Java) & for tool (QTP, Test Partner) Frameworks developed keeping keyword naming conventions intact Guidelines developed to seamlessly integrate multiple frameworks Easy to extend – add User defined keywords without developer coding Page 5 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  6. 6. Open2Test Framework Features• Keyword driven approach • Open2Test can read data increases reusability Test data from• Allows users to build management •flat files (.xls), reusable business •DB components. • Identify and baseline test data • Dynamic generated data can be captured using variables Reusability • Data mining as a part 3rd party UI Controls of pre-conditions • Solutions with • Increase in limited reusability complexity • Open2Test can be requires more easily customized (e.g. Infragistics, (new Keywords) development and Flex) maintenance efforts • Guidelines to • Sound technical skills customize is Key available Solution Portability Challenges Change Management • Changes in flows triggers rework • Change in application • Solution should platform or testing support Descriptive • Open2Test scripts are tool makes scripts programming easy to maintain End to End Testing obsolete • Scripting supports both Object Repository • All applications are mode and descriptive interconnected programming approach • Standardized finite set • Multiple technologies (table objects) of keywords (.NET, Web, Java) • Tool independent • Frameworks for keyword terminology multiple platforms can be easily integrated • Frameworks built across multiple tools • Innovez has built frameworks for all leading technologies Page 6 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  7. 7. Open2Test DifferentiatorsUniqueness DescriptionTool-agnostic Test Scripts created by using Open2Test are reusable across various popular test automation tools, thereby enabling the customers/users to switch from one automation tool to another.Techno-agnostic Test Scripts created by using Open2Test are reusable across various popular development technologies, thereby giving the customers/users a flexibility to migrate their application from one technology to another, like windows to web, with a good reusability of their existing Open2Test keyword test scripts.Open source As thought leader is the industry, NTT Keane has released its innovation ‘Open2Test’ as a open source which enables customers to get a global solution and also free from any IP rights.Easy to use Open2Test enables even the business users to take part in the Test Automation activities. Therefore there can be more focus on testing than building a framework.Easy maintenance Single Framework code enables easy maintenanceSupport Consists of 400 keywords and supports 120+ objects covering all available popular controls that are used in the applications Page 7 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  8. 8. Open2Test Architecture Driver Script Automation Test ScriptTest Management Tool Object Map Test Automation Tool Keyword Processor Test Data Data Global Variables Reporting Test Reports Error Logs Defect Exception Reports Notification Page 8 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  9. 9. Open2Test - RoadmapTool/ Oracle Power Web Windows Java .Net SAP Delphi Mainframe FlexTechnology Apps builderQuick Test Released Released Released Released Released - H1, 2011 Released Released H1, 2011ProfessionalRational Robot 2011 2011 - - - 2011 - - - -Selenium Released - - - - - - - - -Test Partner Released 2011 2011 Released - - - - - -Silk Test H1, 2011 2011 Released 2011 - - - - - -RationalFunctional H2, 2011 2011 2011 - - - - - - -Testere-Tester Released - - - - - - - - -OpenScript Released - - - - - - H2, 2011 - - Note: 1. The tools & technology for a phase might be revisited based on demand and/or popularity 2. The Open2Test .NET framework for QTP now comes with an enhancement to support Syncfusion controls Page 9 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  10. 10. Major Clients Using the Framework Industry Technology ToolMedia & Communication Java / J2EE QTP 9.5Media & Communication Unix 4GL Screens / Java / J2EE QTP 9.5 & WinRunner 8.2Media & Communication .Net / Web / Window / Java Test Partner 6.1 Manufacturing SAP QTP 9.2 Financial Services ASP / ASP.Net / NXVIEW (Mainframe) Rational Robot 7.0 Banking & Insurance Web Selenium HealthCare Java SilkTest Corporate IT Web QTP Page 10 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  11. 11. Open2Test Support• No maintenance or support costs to customers• Support to queries are raised by sending a mail to• Innovez team • consists of resources who contribute for various initiatives on top of their project work • provides support for queries raised by the open source community • maintains the site • releases the framework for various tools and technologies based on roadmap Page 11 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  12. 12. Why Open2Test Designer• It is expensive to automate test cases• It takes a lot of time to automate test cases• There are too many test cases that need to be automated• Open2Test Designer is a new approach to creating test automation. It leverages meta-data to learn and adapt to each customer context and automatically create test cases and scenarios Page 12 of 13 consulting. technology. global
  13. 13. Open2Test Designer - Snapshot Open2Test Designer - SnapshotChallenges Strict time lines and more automation coverage needs Productivity demands Increased review effort because of fresh engineers Spelling mistakes and improper object usage • Record scenarios using the Transform • Execute Open2Test Scripts test automation tool • Converts recorded scripts to Open2Test keyword scripts • Assisted keyword scripting • Keyword validation Record ExecuteSolution Benefits An UI based tool developed in-house Zero or very minimal review effort Object Repository import No object repository related execution errors One click translation of test script to Open2Test keywords Easy to reflect the object repository changes IDE assisted Open2Test keyword scripts modifications Over 50% additional productivity over Open2Test Page 13 of 13 consulting. technology. global