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Production Company Logos

Initial logo ideas and design

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Production Company Logos

  2. 2. COMPANY TITLESHere I looked at several different production company titles tofind out what styles are most effective and memorable. A lot ofthe company titles like Universal are short and generic to suit allthe different genres of film that the company is making. Fromthis, I have come up with several title ideas for my productioncompany that does not limit me to any specific genre.1. Interlect Studios 4. Movement Productions2. Untitled Productions 5. Cutting Edge Film3. Alternative Studios
  3. 3. BACKDROP IDEASFor my logo I would like to use a piece of beautiful photography,such as a coloured sky or landscape. I think this will help keepmy logo generic and not limit myself to any specific genres orstyles.After looking at different company logos such asUniversal, I think the most effective andmemorable ideas are simple and not specific to any particulartype of films the company could make. Here, Universal uses theimage of a globe to show that it is well rounded company andmakes a range of different productions.
  4. 4. Here are some examples of some beautiful photographs I coulduse for the background of my production company logo.
  5. 5. FEEDBACKWith my title ideas, I put together a vote with my classmatesto find out which was the most popular and effective. 10% 25% This pie chart shows that Interlect Studios Untitled Productions Untitled Productions 35% Alternative Studios 15% Movement Productions is a clear winner! Cutting Edge film 15%
  6. 6. FURTHER FEEDBACKAfter choosing my production company name, I had a secondvote with my classmates to find out which was the mostsuitable background image to go with Untitled Productions. Sunset Glass Blue Sky Snow Bench Orange Sky Balloons Beach Pink Lake 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  7. 7. DEVELOPED IDEASThere were 2 backgrounds that came out on top in my poll soI have decided to develop these two ideas with the UntitledProductions name.