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Class Action Mexico 2010


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The Official Journal of the Federation published on July 29, 2010 an amendment to article 17 of the Constitution of the United Mexican States to create in Mexico the legal concept of class action lawsuits.

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Class Action Mexico 2010

  1. 1. Class actions in Mexico. The Congress of the Union recently amended the Political Constitution, in order to introduce class actions in the Mexican legal system. On July 29, 2010, the Federal Official Gazette published the amendment to article 17 of the Constitution, which allows the existence of this kind of procedures. Mexican laws were inadequate as to the mechanism for the defense and protection of consumers. This project has been under study for several years. The amendment is already in force, but a term of one year was granted in order to make all necessary adjustments to ordinary laws. Within such term, the Congress of the Union will issue the laws that will regulate class actions. These laws will determine the application matters, judicial procedures and mechanisms to remedy damages. Federal judges will learn in an exclusive manner of these procedures and mechanisms. For more information please contact our partner Jorge de Hoyos Walther at FRANCISCO I. MADERO 883, TERCER PISO BOULEVARD AGUA CALIENTE 4558 MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA, 21100 MÉXICO PLAZA AGUA CALIENTE, PISO 18, SUITE 1804 TEL (686) 552.5555 FAX (686) 552.5757 TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, 22420 MÉXICO WWW.DHA.COM.MX TEL (664) 686.4848 FAX (664) 686.4877