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City switch case study arup_final

  1. 1. Adjustment of movementsensorsEstimation of costs, savings andpayback periodsIdentification of opportunities tofurther educate staff of existingdemand-based lighting controls,so for example air conditioning isoperated in meeting rooms on aneeds-basis only.Arup’s lighting solutions testingcontinues but for the short-term it’sclear that putting the effort intomonitoring and looking how staffinteract with and use the space is justas important as the application oftechnical solutions.The role of ongoing monitoringA Tridium system provides ongoingmonitoring through Arup’s lightingsub-metering system. Enabled by aNIAGARA energy managementframework, the Tridium buildingautomation system softwareCase Study Arup BrisbaneTechnological innovation at a landmark fit-outconstructionSignatory statusDate joined CitySwitch April 2009Tenancy size 5,600 sqmNABERS Commitment ratingWebsite www.arup.comKey outcomesNABERS Energy ratingKey initiatives undertakenOffice fit-out, behavioural change initiatives, sub-metering, lighting retrofit, equipment upgrades,real time energy monitoringArup is the creative force at the heart ofmany of the world’s most prominentprojects in the built environment. From92 offices in 37 countries, the firm’s10,000 planners, designers, engineersand consultants deliver innovativeprojects across the world with creativityand passion.The fit-out journey beginsA commitment to sustainability combinedwith a preference for a highly interactiveteam-based work environment inspiredArup’s Brisbane office fit-out in 2009.The resulting open plan layout hascreated a light-filled and contemporaryspace and the fit-out incorporates arange of sustainable features in itsdesign and choice of furniture andfittings. The space is very interactive,with a staircase connecting all floors,features a number of breakout spaces,plants and visible greenery, usercontrolled blinds on all facades andgood natural light.As part of this fit-out, Arup rolled outplant and equipment upgrades,commenced a lighting retrofit,embodied energy efficiency into policyand implemented a number ofinnovative staff engagementprograms.Lighting retro-fit: first stepsFirst steps of the lighting retrofitincluded an Energy Audit to identifypractical measures to improveenergy efficiency.Based on the outcomes of theaudit, a trial was undertaken to testvarious lighting technologies withinthe working office to determinewhat systems would be mostsuitable for use in the future.Key actions as a result of thelighting trial so far include:Correction of daylight balancingissues of perimeter lights
  2. 2. CitySwitch Green Office is a national program working in partnership with Australia’s leading commercial office tenants to improve theirenergy efficiency, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change.Bringing staff along thejourneyThe impact of various projectswas significantly increased bycombining technical solutions withsuccessful staff engagement.Complimentary to the Realtimedata visualisation system, one ofArup’s innovative educationprograms was the “Biggest EnergyLoser” competition where officefloors competed with each other toreduce energy consumption.An active environmental volunteerteam also coordinates variousinitiatives within the office such asthe ‘Be an energy hero’ postercampaign.Arup leads in innovativeapproach to energy efficiencyThe energy efficiency journeycontinues however in the meantimetheir efforts were recognised inDecember 2011 when the Brisbanetenancy was awarded the‘CitySwitch National Signatory of theYear’.“In addition to walking the talk,Arup has really stood out his yearfor market innovation.Leveraging existing technologyto generate real time data is noeasy task. We commend them forlooking into the future andcreating practical solutions formaking the invisible visible.”CitySwitch National Award judgesData visualisation: communicatingenergy savingsGet involvedArup is part of a national network ofbusinesses that, through CitySwitch, areplaying an important part in reducing thecarbon emissions of our cities anddemonstrating a high level ofenvironmental leadership and action.Join CitySwitch and get support andrecognition to drive your businessefficiency through sustainability:“To be the first BrisbaneSignatory to have won thenational title is an achievementwe are exceptionally proud of.This outcome is a reflection ofall our staff and theircommitment to understandingand reducing their day-to-dayenergy consumption in theoffice. It is also a testament toour sustainability andbuildings specialists whomade a significantcontribution towardsachieving our NABERS Energytenancy rating.”Martin EnglandActing Brisbane Office LeaderArupenables the integration of variousautomation and control systemsinto one interface and facilitates notonly integrated monitoring, butultimately active intelligent buildingcontrol from one desktop.Arup are currently at phase one ofthe data integration, havingconnected all power and lightingsub-meter data to the system aswell as a data monitoring thatreports back on which PCs are lefton at night time or over theweekend.Engaging staff with technology:real-time data visualisationDeveloped internally by Arup, anOffice Realtime display takes indata feeds from various sourcesincluding the Tridiumsystem, invoice and procurementdata and office equipment.The system allows staff to directlysee their energy, water, paperconsumption and ‘switch-off’ trendsplus the screen displays publictransport and pool-car usageinformation.The system ensures:a correlation between individualactions and overall outcomesthat ongoing progress is trackedand compared over time andacross interstate officesthat this progress is analysedeach month to identify whatmeasures can be undertaken toensure increased energy andwater efficiency.