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Jorge Gomez Resume 2016


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Jorge Gomez Resume 2016

  1. 1. Jorge L. Gomez 4402 Martins Way Apt. D Orlando, Fl. 32808 (973) 856 - 2896 OBJECIVE Knowledgeable manufacturing technician with strong leadership, analytical and time management abilities. Experienced in synthesizing pilot trial batches and equipment maintenance. Well-versed in streamlining and optimizing manufacturing processes to ensure customer needs are exceeded. SKILLS  Understand all of OSHA Hazard Material Procedures and FDA’s Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).  Effective communicator: verbal and written skills  Fluent in conversational English and Spanish  Efficient in handling multiple priorities and meeting deadlines  Knowledge of basic principles of management including planning, organizing and leading.  Proficient in business computer applications to include: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software and web browsers. WORK EXPERIENCE Xymogen Nutraceutical, Orlando, FL 2015 - Present Manufacturing Technician  Receiving and handling of bulk materials  Dispensed, weighed, and verifying raw materials on a pick ticket  Adherence to written procedures and Standard Operations Procedures (SOP)  Maintained a safe work environment  Ensured raw material containers are labeled correctly  Blending raw material as detailed from manufacturing record  On the spot problem resolution skills  Responsible for keeping the area cleaned and sanitized after every batch  Discharged finished products to move it forward onto the next step in the process  Deliver Sample from Manufacturing plant to the Lab for testing KIK Custom Products, Houston, TX 2012- 2014 Process Batch Technician  Carefully follow detailed procedures to complete the batching/Processing process  Complete necessary documentation in an accurate, neat, and clear manner  Safety handling of various chemicals used in the process.  Properly operate and maintain equipment in the batching/processing area  Pull batch sample for approval by Quality Assurance  Perform changeover process: clean tanks and flush lines  Follow guidelines for proper disposal of waste material  Comply with all Hazard Material Procedures (OSHA)  Understand and follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines
  2. 2.  Knowledgeable of production line parameters and Performance  Adherence to company’s SOP, Quality guidelines, and Facility procedures  Testing sample for physical and chemical properties for adherence to quality specifications including raw materials and finished products  Generated and shipped samples for external analytical testing  Responsible for maintaining the Batch Retainment Program  Responsible for keeping the department organized and cleaned  Assist in internal investigations, root cause analysis, projects, and corrective actions Novartis Pharmaceutical, East Hanover, NJ 2008 – 2012 Process Technician  Synthesize pilot plant batches using jacketed batch reactors  Perform vacuum and atmospheric distillations, and centrifugations  Responsible to produce intermediates and drug substance in the pilot plant  Follow written plant master procedures, SOPs, and cGMPs  Responsible for Milling, Micronizing, and sampling of raw materials  Maintain a clean and sanitized environment after every process  Transport the sample to drug supply management  Adhere to SOP and safety regulations on how to setup, operate troubleshoot, and clean equipment. Novartis Pharmaceutical, Suffern, NY 1992-2008 Pharmaceutical Operator  Weighed raw materials for granulation  Prepared granulation mixture with active drug substance for capsule and tablet machine  Followed procedure according to cGMP, SOP guidelines  Responsible for preparing the equipment of various machine: Roller Compactor, Tote Blender, PK Blender, Fluid bed dryer, Frewitt, Collette Gral, Quadro mill, and Oscillator  Performed LOD on dry products  Supported Production When needed as a materials handler Sandoz Chemicals Corporation, Fairlawn, NJ 1983-1992 Chemical Operator  Managed multiple equipment: Centrifuge, Fonda filters, Tumble dryer, Paddle dryer, Filter press, Ultrafiltration Unit  Learned equipment and Computer based control system (CBCS) efficiently  Knowledgeable in Process scale up, Infrastructure, and chemical equipment  Knowledgeable with drum batches, liquid batches, and tank wagons Paterson Adult Learning Center, Diploma, Paterson, NJ 1977 COMPUTER SKILLS  Software: Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, QuickBooks.  Networking: Cisco, Linksys,  Programming: Java, WinRAR, Adobe  Operating Systems: Window 8, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, Linux REFERENCE FURNISHED UPON REQUEST