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Grooscript greach

  1. grooscript @grooscript Jorge Franco
  2. About me Developer, I love it Lazy in english at school Living in Madrid Working at Osoco Grooscript developer @jfrancoleza
  3. The players
  4. Web developer Leave your comfort zone Move to the client side
  5. Doesn’t run! on browsers
  6. Do something! No excuses You can do a library, resolve issues, create a plugin, give feedback, help other projects, … ! You will learn a lot
  7. The wire
  8. Groovy to Javascript converter Groovy 2 to Javascript ECMAScript 5 Open source project, Apache 2 license Library with Groovy and GPars dependencies No special Javascript objects or functions Converted code requires grooscript.js to run Different conversion options Grails plugin, npm package, gradle plugin What is grooscript?
  9. File.groovy File.js Conversion! Options grooscript.js Convert Groovy files
  10. Groovy code
  11. Javascript result
  12. Javascript Groovy Java MoreJavascriptfriendly Types, inheritance, java 8, … metaClass ListsClosures Operators Dsl’s ExpandoMaps beans methodMissing Mixins Categories
  13. Limitations Groovy / Java not fully supported Working in groovy-core No good support for inheritance No methods with same name Basic support in metaClass No packages, no classes with same name No metainfo, expandoMetaClass, class info Only AST transformations applied in semantic phase No complex Java / Groovy types … see documentation for more info on
  14. Directly convert code
  15. Conversion options convertDependencies - boolean - default false classPath - List<String> or String - default null - Ex: ‘src/groovy’ customization - Closure - default null mainContextScope - List<String> - default null initialText / finalText - String - default null recursive - boolean - default false
  16. Convert dependencies option Car.groovy Wheel.groovy Car.js convert == option wheel code included
  17. Main context scope Customization • Requires Groovy 2.1, the closure is passed to withConfig(conf) • More info in • Sometimes you don’t know where to find a variable • When conversion is done, some variables come from other contexts • grooscript.js sometimes tries to find missed variables with eval • Node.js eval not working same way that browsers do • You can define variables or function names with this option • Ex. [‘$’, ‘myAwesomeFunction’, ‘myMissedVariable’]
  18. Feature: Annotations @GsNotConvert @GsNative
  19. Feature: Daemon
  20. >phantomjs myTest.js Inject grooscript.js and jquery Use Groovy script abilities I want to be Groovier @AST Please code in Groovy!
  21. Mandatory Screen capture Before start test More console info Accept basic parameters Works fine in GroovyTestCase Not so well in Spock Have to define Phantom.js path Feature: PhantomJsTest
  22. Example
  23. Feature: builder grooscript-builder.js
  24. Demo websockets with Vert.x
  25. v 0.4
  26. Grooscript Vert.x Plugin Convert Groovy code to Javascript Run conversion daemon Websockets Eventbus bridge New port open Events in the client Auto reload pages Both are optional v 1.3.1 Requires Java 1.7
  27. Differences?Renders on server Renders on the client Conversions are cached with cache plugin Grooscript tags auto - import js files needed
  28. Grails port 8080 Vert.x port 8085 Browser gsp eventBus http websockets Config.groovy BootStrap.groovy Chat sample main.gsp
  29. More eventsBuilder Where Listen events Render on load Send event message = println Execute on event message Don’t use ${} in grooscript tags Strong dependency Resources plugin Can put code in a .groovy file
  30. Domain classes in the client* *Experimental, it requires Groovy 2.1 (grails 2.3) • validate, clientValidations ** • hasErrors • count • list * without params • get • save * without params • delete
  31. Domain classes connected with the server* *Experimental, it requires Groovy 2.1 (grails 2.3) • list • get • save • delete
  32. PhantomJs Tests* *Not working in Grails 2.3, need improvements New test phase phantomjs Tests in test/phantomjs More features
  33. features, features… next release 0.5 Change resources plugin dependencies to Require.js Improve domain options PhantomJs tests improvements Move to websockets with Spring 4 in 2.4 and many more… Remote domain class to grails REST support
  34. v 0.2
  35. Gradle plugin Add in your build.gradle
  36. Create more conversion tasks: Converted files destination Require.js setup file Files to be converted Bind id’s to presenter properties
  37. Demo springboot REST - Require.js - Grooscript Gradle Plugin - H2
  39. Last demo :) Node.js is very fast!
  40. Final topics
  41. Coming next months… grooscript 0.5 gradle plugin 0.3 Improve Groovy support (Java 8 too) and Javascript friendly Add jQuery and binder utilities Do tests also with Node.js Wait function in PhantomJs tests Remove binder and integrates with web frameworks website Back to dynamic, online conversions and robots! Improve documentation
  42. Why would I use grooscript? • Create small modules to use in your views • You can continue developing in Groovy • Can use dsl’s, typeCheck, AST’s,… in the browser • You have all the java tools and IDE’s • You can work with new Javascript tools from Groovy • Don’t repeat code in two languages • Single development environment • Create your own architecture in Groovy • Don’t learn another “to Javascript” tool
  43. Thank you! All people reading this 680 motivation clicks Jetbrains for IntelliJ IDEA v13 open source license Special thanks to René, @glaforge and @marioggar Community, I love your feedback Please… Version 0.4.4, time to improve Questions?
  44. Beer time!