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  1. 1. JORGE EMILIO ABRAMIAN, PE 1. PERSONAL INFORMATION    Nationality Date of Birth Languages : Argentina : March 2, 1958 : Fluent in Spanish & English, Italian & Armenian 2. EDUCATION    M.Eng., Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering Department, University of Florida, USA, 1991 Port Engineering, Graduate School of Port Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, 1984 Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, 1981 3. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Mr. Abramian’s experience is related to transportation, ports, navigation, and coastal engineering. Upon graduation as Civil Engineer (major in Transportation), he graduated from the School of Port Engineering, Buenos Aires, and got a Master degree from the School of Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, Florida, US. His international work experience includes projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, USA, Italy, etc. Also, he acquired experience working with international financial institutions such as UN, IDB, World Bank, and GTZ. Although he worked mostly as a consultant, his experience also accounts for government positions and teaching. Among the most relevant managerial positions he held are: President of the TAG “Control of Navigation and Environmental Protection” of the Interamerican Committee of Ports (OAS); Secretary of the Department of Transportation, School of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires; Coordinator of the Port Modernization Program, Undersecretary of Ports and Waterways, Argentina; and Director of the Master Plan of the Port of Buenos Aires. 4. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: PORT & WATERWAYS o o o REHABILITATION AND MODERNIZATION OF THE SOUTH QUAY, PORT OF SAN NICOLAS (2013). Repair project of the berth damaged by the impact of barges and used as a transfer station to Panamax and Handy vessels both for grains and minerals. It included remote video inspection under the berth, soil investigation, concrete and rebars sampling and testing, hydrographic and topographic surveys, structural modeling, study and evaluation of alternative designs, detail engineering. Responsibility: Director. ENGINEERING EVALUATION OF THE DREDGING PROJECT OF THE ACCESS CHANNEL TO THE NEW GAS TERMINAL OF PUNTA SAYAGO, URUGUAY (2013). Peer review and evaluation of the widening of the Port of Montevideo access channel and the new access channel. Included wave, geotechnical, navigation, simulation, and traffic studies. It also included dredging methods and costs and contractor’s offer evaluations advising to the international financial institution CAF. Responsibility: Expert DETAIL ENGINEERING AND PROCEDURES FOR THE UNDERWATER INTAKE, TERMAS DE RÍO HONDO (2012-) – This project involved the laying of a 1350m pipeline on a trench dredged on the bottom of the Termas de Rio Hondo lake. It included the dredging project, excavation, sheetpiling, diver work, design of floating pontoons, procedures to launch, join and sink the pipes, amongst others. Responsibility: Director JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 1
  2. 2. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o YPF TERMINAL AT CHACABUCO REHABILITATION AND ENHANCEMENT, SANTA FE (2012-) – Analysis of alternatives to better the mooring of Panamax and Handy vessels and design of mooring dolphins, fenders, trestles, and sheetpiling. Responsibility: Director YPF TERMINAL AT BARRANQUERAS MODERNIZATION, CHACO (2012-) – Analysis of alternatives to better the mooring of barge convoys and design of mooring dolphins, fenders, trestles, and modification of working platform. Responsibility: Director ENGINEERING EVALUATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION METHODS AND EXECUTION OF THE RECONSTRUCTION AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE OIL TERMINAL ARROYO SECO, SANTA FE, ARGENTINA (2012) – Ex post evaluation of construction schedule, project, contracting, permit and execution processes to evaluate future optimizations of the client procedures. Responsibility: Expert ARGENTINA AND URUGUAY PORT AND WATERWAYS INFRASTRUCTURE ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF THE CURRENT STATUS (2012) – Inventory of port facilities and evaluation of their capacity and maintenance. Responsibility: Expert SITE SELECTION AND PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING FOR THE PORT OF GOYA-LAVALLE, CORRIENTES (2011) – Site investigation, evaluation of port services demand, and preliminary design of a new container and bulk cargo inland port for the Province of Corrientes, Argentina. The study included the evaluation of pros and cons of three alternative sites based on the transportation costs, land requirements, hydrodynamics and navigation conditions, shoreline stability, etc. Responsibility: Director ENGINEERING ANALYSIS OF THE FAILURE OF PORT OF IBICUY (2011) – Structural and soil stability verifications of the sheetpiling and the pile-supported berth that failed under the pressure of ship forces and iron stacks. Responsibility: Director RADIATION PORTAL MONITORS INSTALLATION AT THE PORT OF BUENOS AIRES AND DOCK SUD (2011) – Design and construction of 20 RPM foundations and lanes at the four container terminals. Responsibility: Local Project Manager and Construction Manager. ARGENTINE PORT INFRASTRUCTURE NEEDS, ARGENTINA (2011) – Evaluation of the existing national port infrastructure (private and state owned), future needs, and modernization requirements. Responsibility: Expert BUENOS AIRES URBAN PORT STRATEGIES (2011) – Evaluation of existing conflicts, future requirements and statement of strategies and actions to overcome traffic congestions, environmental problems, expansion needs, developers pressure, and neighbors negative perceptions. Responsibility: Expert DETAILED ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES FOR THE REHABILITATION OF THE DRY DOCK, NAVAL BASE PUERTO BELGRANO, PUNTA ALTA, (2011-) – Design of procedures and structures including service bridges, discharge tunnels, etc. Responsibility: Expert consultant EVALUATION AND ENGINEERING OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW DRAINAGE SYSTEM FOR THE YPF BERTHS, PORT OF LA PLATA, (2010-2011) – Simultaneous and continuous registration of watertable and river levels to assess accurate hydraulics differences, subsurface flow modeling, structural verification of the berths, design of drainage system using horizontal drilling to lower the watertable. Responsibility: Director. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF LAND RECLAMATION PROJECT, PORT OF BUENOS AIRES (2010) – Construction procedures, use of demolition debris, design of revetment, verification of a service bridge. Consultant STRATEGIC URBAN AND PORT DEVELOPMENT IN BUENOS AIRES (2010) –Strategic analysis for the long term development of the port and city that considered the individual development plans of the region ports, future demand, and comparison to other city ports around the world. Responsibility: Expert FORECASTING OF CONTAINER TRAFFIC IN THE RIO DE LA PLATA REGION (2010) – To feed a feasibility study for the construction and operations of a logistic facility and a train system that would distribute the containers to the port of Buenos Aires, Dock Sud, and La Plata. Responsibility: Expert ENGINEERING SUPERVISION AND REVIEW OF THE BARRANQUERAS PORT MASTER PLAN DEVELOPMENT (2010). Responsibility: Expert EXPERT WITNESS, PIAPSA BERTH FAILURE (2010) - Responsibility: Expert appointed by judge ENGINEERING DESIGN OF THE REHABILITATION OF BERTHS AT PORT OF LA PLATA (2010). Included the field and lab work (tunneling to sample soil underneath the berth, dive inspections, soil sampling, and berth JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 2
  3. 3. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o geometry survey) and the design and construction specs for over 1500 m of gravity walls built in 1908. Responsibility: Director. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF BOLLARDS CHANGE, PORT OF LA PLATA (2010) – In situ evaluation, construction procedures to construct while tanker ships are operating. Expert. PORT OF VILLA CONSTITUTION MASTER PLAN, SANTA FE (2009-2010) – The port accounts for a grain silo unit and loading facility, a general cargo fluvial facility, underused areas, highway and rail access. Responsibility: Director. DETAILED ENGINEERING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION ASSISTANCE FOR THE SAN JULIAN PORT REHABILITATION PROJECT – SANTA CRUZ, (2007-2009) – Included the design of a port shed, administration building, concrete trestle repair, and berth reconstruction. In situ assistance during construction. Responsibility: Director MASTER PLAN OF THE PORT OF BUENOS AIRES, EVALUATION AND UPDATE (2008-2009) – It is the update of the Master Plan prepared for Buenos Aires, the largest container port of Argentina and the fourth in Latin America. Responsibility: Director DETAILED ENGINEERING DESIGN OF THE SHORTENING OF THE PUERTO DE BUENOS AIRES BREAKWATER (2008) – The project aimed to enlarge the mouth of the port access to augment the safety of ship maneouvers. Responsibility: Expert CREWING OF THE BARGE FLEET FOR THE EXPANSION PROJECT OF A MINING COMPANY (2008) – Due to the large crewing requirements to man over 300 barges and 18 tugboats, an intense program was conducted to hire and train people who could meet the Hidrovia Paraguay-Parana regulations. Responsibilities: Manager STRATEGIC STUDY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE RIO DE LA PLATA PORT SYSTEM (2008)- Trends and projections of the number of containers to be expected in the Rio de la Plata, and analysis of potential port sites and Greenfield investments. FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A FERTILIZERS PORT FACILITY ON THE PARANA RIVER (2008) – Responsibility: Expert STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE DREDGING OF THE ACCESS CHANNELS OF THE PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES (2007) – Field sampling, current surveys, and environmental parameters, dredging parameters, dredging market study, design of navigation channels, and contracting requirements. Responsibility: Expert DESIGN OF THE DREDGED MATERIAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR THE PORT OF MONTEVIDEO (2007) – Responsibility: Expert MONITORING OF THE SOUTH CHANNEL DREDGING (2007) – Responsibility: Director DREDGING OF SOUTH CHANNEL, PORT OF DOCK SUD (2005) – Environmental management plan, dredged material management plan for highly contaminated sediments. Responsibility: Director. SUPERVISION OF THE PORT OF SANTA FE RELOCATION STUDY (2005) – Responsibility: Expert PORT OF BUENOS AIRES MASTER PLAN (2004-2005) – Responsibility: Director STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PORT OF SANTA FE (2004-2005). Responsibility: Expert ENGINEERING DESIGN OF THE FISHING PORT OF GRAL. LAVALLE (2004) – Responsibility: Expert PORT MODERNIZATION PROGRAM, ARGENTINA (2000-2002) — General coordination of a U$S 204.000.000 program partially funded by the Inter American Development Bank. This four-year long program included several projects: bilge water treatment plant construction, enhancement of road and railway access of the Port of Buenos Aires, spill control equipment purchase, comprehensive database organization, MARPOL compliance, Quequen breakwater construction, Rawson breakwater construction, Concepcion del Uruguay new wharf construction, etc. Responsibility: General Coordinator and construction auditing. UNDERSECRETARY OF PORTS AND WATERWAYS (2000-2002) — Included the coordination and advisory tasks in several areas such as:  Interamerican Committee of Ports (Organization of American States)  Interjurisdictional Committee for Dredging and Dredged Material Management  Auditing of the Paraguay-Parana Waterway Concession  Advisor of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Paraguay-Parana Waterway ENGINEERING DESIGN OF THE MULTIPURPOSE PORT TERMINAL PUERTO LAURELES, FRAY BENTOS, URUGUAY (2002) — Port Layout, engineering design of wharf and revetments, access channel, structures, JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 3
  4. 4. o o o o o o o o o o o o o firefighting system, lighting, sewage, stormwater system, etc. Responsibility: Director. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF BERTHING FACILITIES FOR BARGES, MALVINAS, PERU (2001) — Evaluation and site selection for the construction of two berths for construction material handling. Design of the berthing facility. Responsibility: Director. DREDGING AND DREDGED MATERIAL MANAGEMENT OF CANAL SUR, RESERVA ECOLOGICA, BUENOS AIRES, (2000) — Assessment of different methodologies available to dredge highly contaminated sediments (oil and heavy metals). Responsibility: Director. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF BILGE WATER AND SLOP TREATMENT FACILITIES IN THE PORTS OF USHUAIA, MADRYN AND CONCEPCIÓN DEL URUGUAY ARGENTINA (2000) — Evaluation of the reception need services and engineering design of three treatment plants. IDB. Responsibility: Director ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL FEASIBILITY OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DEEP WATER MINERAL TERMINAL, ARGENTINA (1999) — Analysis of the transportation system and the maritime transportation costs to assess the feasibility of a new transportation costs based on an artificial island to be used as a hub and feeder vessels. Responsibility: Expert. PORT TRAINING PROGRAM, ARGENTINA (1999) —It included the evaluation of training needs in 24 Argentine ports (sea and inland). It also included surveys related to available training, designing of a comprehensive training program, and the definition of the contents of proposed courses. IDB. Responsibility: QC/QA FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF INLAND PORTS, ARGENTINA (1999) — It included the analysis of the transportation system within the region (road, rail, truck), potential capturing of cargoes in favor of navigation, estimates of port infrastructure enhancement, operation costs, etc. to assess economic and technical feasibility of the construction of five port terminals along the Parana and Paraguay river. Responsibility: Expert ENGINEERING DESIGN OF QUEENS HARBOR JETTIES AND ENTRANCE CHANNEL DESIGN, FLORIDA, USA (1998) — Design of the sheetpiling, piling, scour protection, etc. at the entrance of this recreation harbor. It included the review of the physical data (waves, winds, currents). Responsibility: Expert BUENOS AIRES-MONTEVIDEO GAS-LINE, ANALYSIS OF UNDERWATER CROSSING CONSTRUCTION METHODS, ARGENTINA-URUGUAY (1997) — Research and analysis of feasible techniques for laying the pipeline across the Rio de la Plata. The analysis considered depth of foundation, soil conditions, wave and current climate, navigation interference, etc. This study constituted a section of the Novagas (and partners) technical proposal presented to the Uruguay Government. Responsibility: Expert. EVALUATION OF DREDGING AND DREDGED MATERIAL DISPOSAL OPERATIONS INTERFERENCE WITH NAVIGATION AND PORT OPERATIONS – PORT OF BUENOS AIRES EXTENSION PROGRAM, ARGENTINA (1997) — Land reclamation project which will give the port a new access channel and 600 acres for port operations. It included the evaluation of the current and future operations to indicate potential interference. Therefore, it included the analysis of cargo trends, port traffic, fleet composition, ship and truck delays, etc. Responsibility: Expert INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORTATION AND HIDROVIA PARAGUAY-PARANÁ TRAINING MANUAL (1997) - Preparation of a course and course material for the Trainmar training program. GTZ. Responsibility: Course Developer ENGINEERING DESIGN OF FOWEY ROCKS LIGHTHOUSE RESTORATION, MIAMI, FLORIDA (1994) — Architectural, structural, and operational evaluation of a 100-yr-old lighthouse placed on a coral reef 10 mi offshore Key Biscayne. The project included underwater inspection, design of mooring and fender system, structural elements, specifications for construction and construction procedures. The construction procedures had to be environmentally sound to avoid impact in the pricey natural ecosystems. Responsibility: Project Manager. PALMAS DEL MAR BREAKWATER EVALUATION, PUERTO RICO (1994) - Condition evaluation of a rubble mound and caisson breakwater severely damaged by Hurricane Frederic. The study included in situ evaluation of cross sections, armor stones, planform geometry, scour holes, caisson condition, and to prepare recommendations for its repair. Responsibility: Coastal Structure Expert ENGINEERING DESIGN OF SHAVE BRIDGE BOAT LAUNCH FACILITY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (1994) - Design of a small craft launching ramp, turning basin, and pier. Responsibility: Port Structure Expert JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 4
  5. 5. o o o o o o o o o BALDHEAD SHOAL CHANNEL ROCK DREDGING PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA (1993)- Evaluation of limestone dredging operation executed by a cutter-head dredge. Tasks included on-board data acquisition (core samples, low and high frequency surveys, motors and pump performance parameters), theoretical analysis (non-dimensional analyses, physics of cutting,), determination of performance indicators, and economic and technical comparison with drilling and blasting alternative. Responsibility: Project Leader. ST. AUGUSTINE PORT, WATERWAYS AND BEACH DISTRICT MASTER PLAN: PHASE I, ST. JONHS COUNTY, FLORIDA (1993) - Identification of navigation, beach, and coastal resources of the District. Determination of traffic patterns and user profiles. Identification of needs, formulation of objectives, and evaluation of potential projects. Identification of projects to preserve and enhance city's historical inheritance, tourism and local fishing. Responsibility: Project Leader. IMPROVEMENT OF THE PARANA AND PARAGUAY RIVERS NAVIGATION CONDITIONS, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1989) - Comprehensive engineering study of 1,200 km of existing navigation channel to improve channel maintenance and navigational safety. Work included the identification and evaluation of alternatives, cost estimation, and feasibility assessment for such engineering works as shore protection, dredging, port facilities, floating units, and machinery. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF EL MORO SA CEREAL TERMINAL PORT, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1988) - Layout and design of deep water port terminal for large vessels located 2 km offshore. Included layout of port landside structures, buildings, and marine structures; the design of fender systems, breakwater, dolphins, and other pile supported structures; circulation of vessels and cargo analyses; and data acquisition. ENGINEERING DESIGN UNIBAN BANANAS TERMINAL, URABA, COLOMBIA (1988) - Layout and preliminary design of banana and general cargo terminal located in the Uraba Gulf in Colombia. Work included the study of cargo handling and storage requirements (bananas, coffee, chemicals, general cargo and containers), vessel characteristics and navigation conditions, and evaluation of structural alternatives. DEVELOPMENT OF THE ARGENTINE PORT INSTITUTIONS, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1986) Evaluation of agency administration and operation of port facilities and maritime commerce. Efforts focused on identification of problems and the development of procedures required to improve utilization of personnel and equipment. Funded by the World Bank. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF GUANABANY BERTHING FACILITY, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1985) - In responsible charge of layout and design of berthing facility for 1000-ton barges located in the delta of the Parana River. Included plan layout and design specifications for anchorage points and mooring system. ENGINEERING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT OF NAUTICO ESCOBAR DRY STORAGE FACILITY, ESCOBAR, ARGENTINA (1985) - In responsible charge of design and construction of a concrete dry storage facility for small sailboats. COST STRUCTURE OF THE ARGENTINEAN PORTS, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1987) - Study of the expressed and tacit costs a maritime line would incur while operating in Argentina ports. The study would integrate a feasibility study for the El Moro S.A. Cereal Terminal venture. 5. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: COASTAL & HYDRAULICS o o o o o OPTIMIZATION OF NAVIGATION CHANNELS, PORT OF SAN PEDRO (2011) – Hydrodynamics and sediment modeling of the complex system of the Parana River, San Pedro River, San Pedro Lake, and Don Pablo Channel. RMA2 coupled with SED2D were used to model the system. Responsibility: Director ENGINEERING DESIGN OF THE MODIFICATIONS OF THE BUENOS AIRES ACCESS CHANNEL (2006) – Wave modeling coupling STWAVE y REFDIF, preliminary design of the breakwater shortening. Responsibility: Director MODELING OF PORT BASIN AGITATION AT BUENOS AIRES (2006) - Responsibility: Director RISK OF CONTAMINANT DISPERSION FROM THE REPSOL REFINERY AT LA PLATA DUE TO TIDAL AND CURRENT INFLUENCE (2004) – Responsibilities: Expert LITTORAL PROCESSES IN PLAYA KAISER (2004) – Analysis of beach evolution and erosion and accretion patterns near Puerto Madryn and prediction of the beach behaviour due to a marina breakwater to be built. Involved modeling with GENESIS. Responsibility: Expert JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 5
  6. 6. o o o o o o o o o o o o o ENGINEERING DESIGN OF AN ARTIFICIAL CHANNEL AT GEOCENTER, OLBIA, ITALY (2003) – Involved the design of a 600 m artificial channel collecting the runoff of the Cabbu Abbas basin. the system was modeled using SWMM (hydrology and hydraulics). Consultant. LITTORAL PROCESSES IN PLAYA UNION, RAWSON, ARGENTINA (2003) – Analysis of beach evolution and erosion and accretion patterns occurred to this beach influenced by the recent extension/construction of a breakwater and the mouth of the river Chubut. Crosshore and longshore processes were evaluated and preliminary design of protective structures performed. Responsibility: Main Consultant. WAVE CLIMATE HINDCASTING AT MADRYN. (2001) – Evaluation of the wind waves (oceanic and local) using mathematical modeling (WISWAVE, STWAVE, and REF-DIF). Responsibility: Coordinator. WAVE TRANSFORMATION WITHIN THE SURF ZONE, BUENOS AIRES (2000) — Evaluation of the transformation of wind waves approaching the shore of Buenos Aires to define criteria for revetment designs. Responsibility: Director. BEACH EROSION AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF THE PORT OF QUEQUEN BREAKWATER EXTENSION, ARGENTINA (1996) — It included the preparation of a baseline condition, impact, and mitigation program report considering all social, physical, and biological aspects. The analyses included the use of a shoreline evolution model (GENESIS) and the consideration of the increased erosion north of the port affecting buildings and roads. The evaluation considered conditions during and after construction. Different techniques were proposed for sand bypassing to mitigate increased erosion. Responsibility: Project Manager. LITTORAL PROCESSES AT PORT OF RAWSON, ARGENTINA (1997) — Analysis of littoral drift and erosion conditions at adjacent beaches due to the influence of the proposed breakwater. Based on existing information and the use of three numerical models (RCPWAVE, GENESIS, SBEACH) the planform and crosshore evolution of the beach was assessed and recommendations were given regarding the breakwater design. Special conditions of the project included presence of pebbles, reefs, and the particular challenging littoral planform, which features the Rawson River mouth. Responsibility: Expert in Littoral Processes. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF SUBMARINE WATER INTAKE AND RELATED WORKS DESIGN, ROSARITO POWER PLANT, MÉXICO. (1997) — The project consisted in the design of the cooling water intake system necessary to enhance the existing plant operated by the Comision Federal de Electricidad. The project included the analyses of hydrodynamic forces due to waves, currents and tides. Also, it included design of the foundation of the intake structure as well as the structure itself and the submarine pipeline. All these project elements were subject to forces and force induced scour. The work considered the warm water discharge plume and its impacts on the environment. Responsibility: Expert in Littoral Processes. ST. AUGUSTINE INLET MANAGEMENT PLAN, LITERATURE REVIEW, ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA (1994) - Identification and review of existent literature and information to be used in a comprehensive inlet management plan. Responsibility: Project Manager. JACKSONVILLE PORT AUTHORITY, DAMES POINT MARINE TERMINAL, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA (1994)- Design of automobile wharf, break load wharf, determination of design wave, computation of wave forces on structures, determination of scour on mooring dolphins and pier pilings, study of dredged material disposal alternatives. Responsibility: Project Manager. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT OF GULF PINES EMERGENCY PROTECTION, SANIBEL ISLAND, FLORIDA (1993) - Estimation of beach and dune scour, design of revetment, permitting, preparation of bid documents, and construction supervision. Responsibility: Project Manager. OCEAN VILLAGE DUNE EVALUATION, AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA (1993) - Analysis of dune erosion to determine most appropriate site to build structures. Responsibility: Littoral Processes Specialist SALT RUN HYDROGRAPHIC STUDY, ST. JONHS COUNTY, FLORIDA (1993) - Hydrographic survey and analysis to determine the natural channel. Design of aids to navigation system. Evaluation of dredging alternatives. Tasks included field data collection, marker design, marker location, channel design, computation of volumes required to deepen the existing channels according to the proposed alternatives, preparation of bid documentation, and construction supervision. Responsibility: Project Leader. PONCE DE LEON INLET MANAGEMENT PLAN, VOLUSIA CO., FLORIDA (1992) - Study of inlet impact on adjacent beaches. Influence of artificial beach fills on channel maintenance. Responsibilities: as coastal engineer, establish the amount of sand that would be carried into the channel by waves and storms, advise about JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 6
  7. 7. o o o o o o o o o o construction alternatives to lessen channel clogging. FLORIDA CRUSHED STONE HYDROGRAPHIC STUDY, EDGEWATER, FLORIDA (1992) - Hydrographic survey and flushing analysis of a 300-ft seawall extension and barge mooring basin facility. Tasks included field data acquisition, analysis of tidal flow patterns and currents, and flushing time computation. Responsibility: Coastal Engineer VILANO BRIDGE REPLACEMENT SCOUR ANALYSIS, ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA (1992) - Estimation of long-term contraction and local scour at piers and abutment of the proposed Vilano Bridge replacement. Tasks included determination of tidal influence, storm surge, and application of computer models and standards. Responsibility: Coastal Engineer SUMMER BEACH DUNE ANALYSIS, AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA (1992) - Analysis of the scour at the toe of a seawall under 100-year storm conditions. Determination of the erosion profile and local scour due to breaking waves. Suggested seawall and toe protection designs. Responsibility: Coastal Engineer DUNES PARK CONDO DUNE EVALUATION, AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA (1992) - Analysis of dune erosion to determine site and foundation alternatives of a condominium at the rapidly eroding Amelia Island shoreline. Responsibility: Littoral Processes Specialist HYDRODYNAMIC STUDY OF PONCE DE LEON INLET, VOLUSIA CO., FLORIDA (1992) -The project included mathematical modeling of the inlet system and the design of improvements to lessen the navigational channels maintenance needs. Responsibilities: as coastal engineer, preliminary design of coastal protection alternatives (groin system, revetments, extension of jetties). GULF SHORES BEACH EROSION STUDY, SANIBEL ISLAND, FLORIDA (1991) - Analysis of littoral processes and calculation of sediment budget. Evaluation of alternative solutions. Design of offshore breakwater and beach nourishment alternatives. Analyses of non-traditional revetment and erosion control methods. Responsibility: Coastal Engineer RATIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR EVALUATING THE POTENTIAL OF SANDS FOR NOURISHMENT PROJECTS, GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA (1991) - Development of a computer model for the prediction of beach equilibrium profile geometry following nourishment with well-graded sand. Comparison with field and experimental data. Responsibility: Research assistant under Dr. Robert Dean direction. HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEYS - Several hydrographic and beach surveys, sand sampling, and current measurement in St. Lucie, Flagler Beach, St. Petersburg, Perdido Key, and Jupiter Island. STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION OF A JACK-UP PLATFORM, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1988) - Structural verification of a small soil-exploration jack-up platform subject to strong currents, winds and waves. Tasks included verification of the limiting working conditions (tide, depth, waves, and wind), calculation of the resistance of each element, and the verification of the overall stability. ENHANCEMENT OF THE MONTEVIDEO PORT, MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY (1987) - Wave forecasting and evaluation of the initial conditions for sediment motion. 6. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: TRANSPORTATION o o o o o ROPECON EVALUATION (2011) – Analysis of this innovative mean of transportation using a belt conveyor suspended on cables to transfer minerals over 10 km of hilly terrain. Responsibility: expert DUE DILLIGENCE, RAILWAY STATIONS OF FERROSUR (2010) – Analyses of current railway operations, inspection of facilities, and identification of potential environmental issues. Responsibility: expert TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE SURVEYS, SAN JUAN, (2007-2012) – A total of six surveys and evaluation of the transportation infrastructure to access El Pachon copper mine. The traffic studies included level of services, seasonality, and traffic composition. Responsibility: Coordinator FERTILIZER PLANT LOCATION EVALUATION (2006) – Analyses based on the cost differencials to transport fertilizers from the plant to overseas destinations using barge convoys, train, trucks and ocean vessels, assessing also others factors like availability and reliability of each alternative. TRAFFIC SURVEYS AT SAN PATRICIO DEL CHAÑAR, NEUQUÉN (2006) – Surveys with classification of vehicles and occupancy to assess the interferentes between the local traffic and the traffic generated by the Potasio Rio Colardo mining Project. Coordinator. JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 7
  8. 8. o POTASIUM TRANSPORTATION (2004-2006) – FOR THE MINING PROJECT EVALUATED THE TRAFFIC CONDITIONS AND THE TRANSPORT OF THE PRODUCT BY B-DOUBLE TRUCKS, TRAINS AND PORT HANDLING. Responsibility: o o o Transportation expert INTERFERENCES BETWEEN TRAINS AND URBAN TRAFFIC DUE TO THE POTASIUM MINING PROJECT (2005) – Included traffic surveys and an assessment of the train operations. Responsibility: Transportation expert ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT OF TRANSPORTATION COSTS FOR THE HANDLING OF CELLULOSE, BUENOS AIRES, (2001) — Assessment of the transportation alternatives of this product that is necessary for the selection of the location of the industrial plant. The location influences the cost and, therefore, transportation alternatives to Brazilian and Argentine ports by train, truck and barging were compared based on costs, reliability, availability, etc. Responsibility: Expert. LAND ACCESS FOR THE EXTENSION OF THE PORT OF BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1998) - Evaluation of the changes in traffic patterns of light and heavy vehicles and trains. Traffic trends. Analysis of loading/unloading operations from/to ships and trucks. Traffic model, traffic survey, noise levels, vibration, visual impacts, air quality, economic impacts, public health issues, etc. Responsibility: Director. 7. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS RELATED TO PORTS AND WATERWAYS o o o o o o o o o o o o ENVIRONMENTAL EVALUATION OD THE MARTÍN GARCÍA NAVIGATION CHANNEL (2012). Evaluation of the compliance of the environmental studies and results of the monitoring program conducted by the company in charge of the concession. Responsibility: Expert ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE DREDGING OF THE BAHIA BLANCA ACCESS CHANNEL (2012). Preparation of this EMP for the dredging contractor of this 60 miles channel. Responsibility: Expert EIA OF THE RIO URUGUAY NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (2012) – This study was part of the dredging project to improve navigation pursued by the Bi-national Committee CARU. Responsibility: Coordinator EIA FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW CONTAINER TERMINAL AT SAN PEDRO PORT (2011). Responsibility: Expert ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, MAGALLANES STRAIT GASLINE (2009-2010) – Pipeline was set on the sea bottom. Nearshore, trenches were dredged to bury the pipe. On the coastline, the pipeline crossed a penguin nesting area. The services included reporting, preparing recommendations and construction procedures to minimize environmental impacts. Responsibility: Expert EIA OF THE PROJECT TO ADAPT A BERTH FOR GAS SHIPS, BAHIA BLANCA (2008) – The Project aim was to inject 8 MM m3 of gas to the main gas network through the import of liquid gas. The 270m long ship would be fed by gas ships every 10 days. Responsibility: Project review and description, navigation and port operation risk analyses. LOGISTICS AND COORDINATION OF THE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT PLAN OF URBAN SOLID AND INDUSTRIAL WASTES OF THE METROPOLITAN AREA OF ROSARIO (2005-2007) – Responsibility: Coordinator. SURVEY METHODOLOGY FOR THE ACQUISITION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PARAMETERS FOR THE DREDGING OF THE RIO SALADO, PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES (2004). Responsibility: Expert EIA OF THE RE-DEVELOPMENT OF PUERTO MADERO, BUENOS AIRES, (2000) — It included the assessment of impacts on transportation patterns to be affected by this project situated in an island connected by five narrow bridges. It also included social and biological aspects. Responsibility: Director EIA OF THE DREDGING AND ENHANCEMENT OF PUERTO ROCCA, ARGENTINA (2000). EIA of this project which included the dredging of the basin and the enlargement of the berth. The work included sampling, the design of the Environmental Management and Contingency Plan. Responsibility: QC/QA. EIA MARINA PORT DORA, VA GESSELL (2000) — Development of design criteria and environmental impact assessment of this marina to be built on an open seashore. Different alternatives were preliminary evaluated as well as the urban development. Responsibility: Director INVENTORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION NEEDS, ARGENTINA (1999) — Analyzed and proposed JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 8
  9. 9. o o o o o alternatives for the management of bilge water, slops, and solid waste in 21 ports of Argentina for MARPOL compliance. The project also included analyses and recommendations for contingency plans and oil spill risk reduction and response. In addition, it included the analysis of navigation and environmental hazards created by sunken ships. The existing aids to navigation and the implementation of VTS systems, the evaluation of the environmental sensitivity of beaches and harbors adjacent to ports, the existing legal and institutional conflicts, and the degree of pollution in ports. Finally, it included  cargo analysis and ship traffic in all 21 ports (seaports and inland ports) and waterways,  description of the fleet characteristics and navigation routes, and  in situ analysis of port operations.  IDB. Responsibility: Director INLAND WATERWAY AND MARITIME TRANSPORTATION OIL CONSUMPTION ESTIMATION, ARGENTINA (1999)— Estimation of the total consumption of oil due to vessels navigating Argentine waters during 1997. The estimate was made to compute the contribution of the maritime industry to green house effects. World Bank. Responsibility: Expert. OILY WATER RECEPTION NEEDS ESTIMATES AT THE ARGENTINE PORTS, ARGENTINA (1999) — Analysis of the fleet operating with Argentine ports to estimate bilge water and slop volumes to be unloaded from vessels. The estimate was made to assess the economical feasibility of the construction of treatment facilities and implementation of reception services. Responsibility: Director EIA OF THE PORT OF BUENOS AIRES EXTENSION PROGRAM, ARGENTINA (1998) — As part of the team, analyzed impacts related to port operation, navigation, dredging, dredged material disposal, etc. Responsibility: Expert EIA AND WASTEWATER AND WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR THE PORT OF QUEQUEN, ARGENTINA, (1998) — Preliminary evaluation of impacts related to berth construction, breakwater shortening, bridge. Evaluation of current procedures for the management of oily waters, wastewater, and solid waste. Analyzed the fleet calling the port, loading/unloading operations, accesses, etc. World Bank. Responsibility: Expert ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE PARAGUAY -PARANA WATERWAY, ARGENTINA-BOLIVIA-BRAZIL-PARAGUAY-URUGUAY (1995-1997) — Personally directed this study in which participated more than 100 professionals working in the five countries where the river Basin lays (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay). The study included analyses of physical, biological and social impacts due to dredging (250 passes), disposal of dredged material, fixed works, rock removal, and blasting along the 3400 km Paraguay-Parana River system. The two-year study included environmental data acquisition hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, satellite imagery processing, archaeological studies, etc. In particular, it included :  Visits, site analysis, and descriptions of 22 inland ports of Hidrovia.  Analysis of intermodal traffic patterns and trends, with emphasis in the connectivity between oceans.  Forecasting of barge traffic within the Hidrovia  Economic impacts related to port and navigation development  Responsibility: Director 8. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: OTHERS o o o ENGINEERING DESIGN OF LEAD POLLUTED SOIL CONTAINMENT SITE, SAN ANTONIO OESTE (2013)– This project involved methods and volume computation of highly polluted soils with lead, transportation alternatives, design of the containment cells, technical specs, construction procedures, EIA, and environmental management plans. Responsibility: Director GIS FOR LAS FLORES GASLINE (2007) EIA OF PROSPECTION PHASE OF COPPER MINE– MENDOZA, (2009) –EIA preparation of an area assigned to Vale do Rio Doce. Responsibility: Expert JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 9
  10. 10. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THE NORTH OF ARGENTINA, (2006) – Multidisciplinary Project to understand the relationship between children health problems and environmental conditions. Responsibility: Expert in infrastructure LA SALADA DAM INSPECTION, BUENOS AIRES (2005). Responsibility: Hydrodynamic expert. ENGINEERING DESIGN OF SEWAGE AND TREATMENT PLANT FOR LIVESTOCK FACILITY, MERCADO DE HACIENDA DE LINIERS (2005). Responsabilidades: Coordinator DESIGN OF A FRESH WATER RESERVOIR AT PORTISCO MARINA, ITALY (2003) – Design of this concrete structure using SAP model – Consultant REVIEW OF THE OLBIA WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT PROJECT, OLBIA, ITALY (2003) — Review of the executive project of this treatment and wastewater conveyance project to serve the City of Olbia, (60.000 people). Responsibility: Consultant. PRELIMINARY DESIGN OF THE BUDONI WASTEWATER CONVEYANCE SYSTEM, OLBIA, ITALY (2003) – Consultant CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION OF THE GOLFO DI ARANCI WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLAN, GOLFO DI ARANCI, ITALY (2003) – Consultant ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS OF CHAPELCO TOURIST PROJECT, NEUQUEN, ARGENTINA (1998) — Evaluated the baseline condition of the skiing resort delineating different programs to manage the scarce water resources. Responsibility: Director ROSARIO-VICTORIA BRIDGE EIA, ARGENTINA (1998-1997) — Baseline conditions, impact analyses, and mitigation recommendations for the construction and operation of this bridge across the Parana River. Importance was given to barrier effects provoked by the dike to be created. Also, it was analyzed social problems related to the new connectivity between a large city and a small town. In particular the analysis included:  Analysis of traffic patterns and trends to assess potential economic impacts  Ship traffic underneath the bridge to assess potential impacts on navigation  Assessment of dredging impacts and guidelines for a dredged material management plan  Responsibility: Project Manager. POLLUTED SEDIMENTS MANAGEMENT SPECIFICATIONS, RIACHUELO-MATANZA BASIN COMMITTEE, ARGENTINA (1997) — Analysis of proposed remediation projects to clean-up the Riachuelo-Matanza basin. Investigation of polluted sediment management alternatives. Design of a strategy for testing and treating soils. IDB. Responsibility: Expert. SAO BORJA-SANTO TOMÉ BRIDGE, MITIGATION PROGRAMS, ARGENTINA-BRAZIL (1997) — Guidelines for the environmental management of the bridge construction and operation. The bridge links Brazil and Argentina. The programs addressed institutional, air and water quality, safety, and soils aspects. Also, they included vegetation, public health, and education recommendations. Completion of work required to interview local authorities of both countries and to inspect the construction site. Responsibility: Expert. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT OF AGRICOM S.A. BUILDING, BUENOS AIRES (1989) - Optimization of final design and management of the construction of the building (2300 m2, 7 floors). CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT OF TECMES S.A. INDUSTRIAL SHED, BUENOS AIRES (1988) - Structural Design and construction management of the shops (100 m2 new construction and 700 m2 of refurnishing). LA MATANZA RIVER REGULATION, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1987) - Design and evaluation of a system of dams to moderate unsteady hydraulic regime of the river. Tasks included the determination of dam top elevation, which had to consider the height of wind-generated waves in the reservoir. Also, work included the verification of the structural stability of dams, walls and pump houses. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT OF HINDOSUR INDUSTRIAL SHED, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1986) - Design and construction of a concrete structure and facilities. In responsible charge. CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN PROJECTS, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1982-1987) - In responsible charge of new construction and/or remodeling and design of more than 15 projects, including wood, steel, and concrete structures of commercial, familiar or industrial facilities. 9. TEACHING EXPERIENCE JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 10
  11. 11. 1985-1988 1988-1990 1990 1998 1998 1998 1998 1999 1999 1999 1999-2001 1999-2001 1999 2000 2000 2001-2002 2000-2002 Technical Secretary, Graduate School of Port Engineering, University of Buenos Aires Instructor of the IPP Course on Port Performance, Argentine Foundation for Maritime Studies. “Course Developer”, Trainmar Program, UNCTAD. Development of the Training Manual “Inland Waterway Transportation”, UNCTADGTZ Development of the “Port Training Program”, IDB. Professor of Port Environmental Management, UB. Translation of the OIT training manual “Construction of Container Ships” Translation of the OIT training manual “Lashing of Cargoes in Container Ships”. Professor of “Inland Waterway Transportation”, UB Professor of “Strategic Planning in Ports”, CENCAPOR Professor of “Environmental Planning”, UFLO Professor of “Analysis and Management of Environmental Projects”, UFLO Professor of “Contingency Plans and Oil Spill Fighting”, UFLO Professor of “Contingency Plans and Oil Spill Fighting”, CENCAPOR Professor of “Design of Marinas and Coastal Structures”, UFLO Secretary of the Department of Transportation, University of Buenos Aires Coordinator of the Port Training Program, component of the Port Modernization Program of Argentina (financed by the IDB). Analyzed needs for training and designed a 25courses program. 10. PUBLICATIONS Abramian, J.E. (2010) “El puerto y la autopista ribereña”, Revista Vial, Consejo Profesional de Ingeniería Civil. Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2010) “Desarrollo del Puerto de Buenos Aires”, Proceedings de la World Engineering Conference, Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2010) “La logística portuaria del Río de la Plata en el 2080”, Proceedings de la World Engineering Conference, Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2010) “Plan Maestro 2035, Desarrollo del Puerto de Villa Constitución”, Ente Administrador del Puerto de Villa Constitución, Informe Técnico, Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2009) “Conflictos Ciudad-Puerto”, Revista del Consejo Profesional de Ingeniería Civil. Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2007) “La Ciudad, el Puerto y los Mitos”, Transporte al Futuro; Año 5, Número 10. Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2005) “Plan Maestro 2030, Desarrollo del Puerto de Buenos Aires”, Transporte al Futuro; Año 4, Número 6. Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. (2005) “La Ciudad, el Puerto y los Mitos”. Proceedings Jornadas de Medioambiente 2005, Facultad de Ingeniería, UBA, Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. y J. Ghiglione (2005), “Plan Maestro 2030, Desarrollo del Puerto de Buenos Aires”, Administración General de Puertos, Informe Técnico. Buenos Aires. Nofal B., J.E. Abramian, M. Reganzani, A. Pellegrini, M. Gomez Aguirre (2005), Lineamientos Estratégicos para el Nuevo Puerto de Santa Fe. Bolsa de Comercio de Santa Fe, Libro, Santa Fe. Abramian, J.E. (2001) – “Sudamérica y las Grandes Vías Navegables”, Revista Espacios Acuáticos, Caracas. Sgut M., J.E. Abramian,, y J. Lentini. (2001) – “Recientes Reformas Portuarias en Latinoamérica y el Caribe”, OEA, Rep. Dominicana. Abramian, J.E. and Lapetina, M.R. (2000) – La Evolución del Transporte Marítimo Internacional y Alternativas para el Desarrollo de la Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná. Congreso de Ingeniería Portuaria, PIANC, Buenos Aires. Lapetina, M.R. and Abramian, J.E. (2000) – In print – Plan de Recepción de Aguas de Sentinas y Slops. Congreso de Ingeniería Portuaria, PIANC, Buenos Aires. Abramian, J.E. and Lapetina, M.R. (1999). Manejo Integral de la Zona Costera: Herramientas de Decisión. Anales JORGE E. ABRAMIAN - 11
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