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  1. MY FAVORITE SPORT SOCCER Description (what is it) Sport that is practiced between two teams of eleven players that try to introduce a ball into the opponent's goal by propelling it with the feet, the head or any part of the body except the hands and arms; in each team there is a goalkeeper, who can touch the ball with his hands, although only inside the area; The team that scores the most goals during the 90 minutes that the match lasts wins.
  2. TIME AND PLACE TO PLAY THE SPORT (WHERE AND WHEN) I play at ten in the morning with my friends. At three in the afternoon I'm going to train on the Terere field. On Sundays I play according to the schedule in Atacapi with my Colonso team. ¿Who can play the sports? We can all participate in soccer because it is the sport of crowds.
  3. Equipment The clothing that is necessary to play soccer: T-shirt, shorts, socks, soccer shoes, shin guards, ball and stadium. ¿Is it a team sport?What do the teams do If it is a team sport with 11 players on the court, who obey the coach's tactics and strategies. Rules The play field The ball The, number of players, players team. Referee, linesmen, match, duration line, kick ball in, play or out of, play goal, scored Offside faults, free shots penalty, throw-in goa,l kick corner kick
  4. How to win Win with the help of the whole team, based on training and effort in each game. Benefits Improves aerobic capacity. Improves cardiovascular health. Reduces body fat and improves muscle tone. .Build muscle strength. Increases the strength of the bones. Teaches coordination. Promotes teamwork and sharing. Increases the cognitive function of the brain.
  5. Interesting Facts Game between two teams of eleven players each, whose objective is to get a ball into the opponent's goal that cannot be touched with hands or arms, except by the goalkeeper in his goal area. Contact Detalls It is practiced all over the world as a fun or professional mode