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  1. 1. JORGE VARONA DUQUE 3ºC World Heritage since 1987
  2. 2. The Cerrado
  3. 3. Although Brasilia is the capital from Brazil isn´t quite popular as the main economic activity and turisim takes place in the costal area of it The city of Brasilia is more like a political zone as the main objetive The city grows along the lake Paranoá
  4. 4. The city is divided into diferent parts The turist part of the city where the newest places are Although suburbs arent quite big exist and are located in here where the buildings of the 50´are The most economic part of the city where banks and malls are
  5. 5. 1500-1822 1822
  6. 6. 1956 OSCAR NEIMEYER & LUCÍO COSTA under the directions of the president KUBITSCHEK decided to move the capital of BRAZIL from RIO DE JANEIRO.
  7. 7. Brasilia don´t have need of green places very neer to it is the Cerrado But all the country is suffering very hardly the effects of polution
  8. 8.  Turistic webs  Unesco World Heritage  Informador MX  El mundo.america